Transcript for Joseph Curtis reminiscences and diary, 1839 October-1881 March, 72-75

Tuesday May 30 1848

I started in Company with several others for the valley of the great Salt lake[.] got 6 miles[.] arived at winter quarters the 2nd of June & on the 8th we crossed the Missouriee river [Missouri.] remained untill the 2nd of July when we went out 2 miles & camped

on the 5th the Company numbering something like 60 Waggons started for the pappea

[July] 6th 18 miles the next day to the horn 7 miles

7th Continued our journey

8th we at plat[te] river 9 miles

Sunday 9th kill one of my oxen to lame to March[.] being organized in Companies of tens[.] things move in harmony[.] I put some load in other waggons & put a cow in the place of the ox that die & made out to move

July pased the paunee [Pawnee] village on the 14th

Sat 15th we crossed the lupe [Loupe] fork

23rd sunday 215 miles from winter quarters[.] buffalo deer antilope plenty. meeting at 8 o clock

30 meeting of the camp. Amasa Lyman spake at some length[.] it was concluded to divide the camp into 3 parts[.] Andrew Cunningham Chosen Capt[ain] over 3 tens[,] F[ranklin] D. Richards over 3 tens and Bro Adams over 4 tens[.] I was in Ct [Captain] Cunninghams Co[mpany] under B [Benjamin] Wilcox as Capt. of ten

Aug 5th we were met by a company of sox [Sioux] indians

Aug 6 pased their camp friendly

Aug 10 pased bluff ruins

Aug 12 pased chimney rock

Aug 18th came to the fort Larima [Laramie.] went on to the dead ash grove

Aug 22 Mozes [Moses] Martin went back for his calf[.] got over don exhausted

Aug 25 60 miles from Fort Larima. camped on the Le bontee [La Bonte] river

Aug 26 at Deer creek 617 miles from winter quarters.

Sept 2 crossed the plat[te] [River] to mineral springs

Sept 4th met the return team at the willow springs

Sept 5 at indipendence [Independence] rock

Sept 6 at devils gate

Sept 11 one of the Co kiled a mountain sheep[.] I helped in with him[.] the best tasting meat I think I ever tasted

Sep 14th one of George Curtis’s ox found dead[.] suposed a snake bite

17 last crossing of the Sweet Water

18 Monday crossed the south pass

19 little sandy

20 big sandy

22 Friday went to green river 169 miles from vally

28th at fort bri[d]ger[.] all well and in good spirits cattle looks week[.] some got lame

Oct 1st pased the oil spring and sulpher creek onto bear river 950¼ miles from winter quarters and 8 miles from the vally

Oct 5 to weber river 44¼ miles from vally

Oct 9 east fort of the big mountain

Oct 12 the whole Company arrived at the vally of the great Salt Lake[.] myself [and] a few other moved to father Jackmans & Company making adoboe for a house