Transcript for Joseph G. Hovey papers, 1845-1856, circa 1933, Autobiography, 1845-1856, 130-75

Tuesday Noon May 9th 1848 Started from Winterquarters for the Valley in the Mountains with My Wife Sarah and Joseph an Elizebeth and old Mage the dog, 3 Yoake of Cattle 2 Cows of my own and 2 waggons{.} My famley waggon 19 hundred{,} on baggage waggon 27 hundred{,} 20 hundred for Br. Heber {Chase Kimball}. We being all in a torable degre{e} of health notwith standing we being some what beat out Labouring so Excessively to get a way according to the Command of Br. Heber{.} we being only 7½{.} days in getting reddy{.} the quickest fit out that I know any one have done for I did work from morning til knight as fast as we could spring and Br Heber said I was a first rate fellow & had done well{.} we arived at the stoping place about sun two hours high to gether with Br Heber 5 wagons and Br Jacobs Company 13 wagons{.} in all 20 waggons{.} Campt beside a Run of water{.} our waggons all in a row making a fence on one cide{side} and the run of water on the other{.} this making a yard for our Cattle by Cuting some treas round to keep the Cattle {from} getting mired. I Could not do much for I Cut my hand just before I started with a syth{,} the hole wet {width} of my hand. Josep{h} drove my family wagg{on} and I the Bagag {Baggage.} I was Called on to Pray By Sister {Priscinda} Buel{l} and Daniel in the Evening{.} said that I being Apointed By Br. Heber I should be Cinder a father{.} so asembled and prayed and thanked God that he had prospered us as that we have got started to the Vally &c

May 10 I arose{.} the morning it thretning rain{.} went see a bout the cattle{.} it being showry and vary windy{.} Camp 7 Miles from Winter Quarters (1848)

Br. William started for home this Morning{.} he Came up with us in two horse Buggy together with Br Brigham {Young} and Br Hyde{.} Br Heber was quite unwell having a Chill the night before an{d} he did not deam it wisdom to Come this knight & I tuck {took} forepart of the watch untill one Oclock for we are oblige to keep four gards out on account of the Lamnites taking our Cattle

the Eleventh{.} this morning it was quite plesant but Cool{.} I went out with the Cattle after Breakfast{.} finished a letter for my Wife Sarah to her Brothers and Sister to Low{e}ll Mass. Stating her Thankes for the{i}r belevenan {benevolence} for sending on ten dollars By Br Benson and also to send on some more if they felt disposed and God would bless them &c &c

Fridy Morning 12th this morning vary plesant{.} I went out with the Cattle untill Breakfast and then wa{i}ted on Sarah to wash and touck {took} my turn in the after noon to heard for this my turn and Daniel Davis{.} In the forenoon Br Heber Came up in after noon with Valait {Vilate} in Good spirits but I did not see him{.} But he left words with Sarah that all things was going write {right.} he was selling off his waggons and teams to pay his dits {debts} and Calculated to do so to pay his depts and then the Brethren had got to help him{.} on this knight I did not stan{d} guard{.} I am somewhat fatigued{.} we assem{b}led together {sung a hymn} an had prayer about 8 Oclock and then returned to our wagons

Satterday 13 Morning was beautiful{.} when I was going with the heard the Prarie hens could be heard in Every direction sing Pra{i}ses to him has Made them and truly I do feel to offer up my prayrs also to him that have guided My footsteps to gether with the saints{.} this Evening I tuck {took} the fore watch until 12 oclock{.} the Cattle was veary quiet{.} als{o} Came up one wagon and 16 head of Cattle making 60 head in all

Sunday morning 14th this morning some what Cloudy and thretening rain{.} wind south{.} Start for winterquarters about 6 miles{.} Br daniel and Young Heber {and} I arived at my Br Ollando {Orlando} hous at 11 oclock{.} Saw him{.} he arived on Boat from St Louis{.} he had bin {been} gon{e} from home 1 year{.} we was glad to meat{.} he treted me with some brandy and told about (Camp 7 Miles from Winter Quarters){.} the Jentiles being a perfect set of rob{b}ers for all Cheat each other. I Called on Br Gardner to see if he had reseived {received} al {a} letter. Sister Gardner was in trouble for Br G had a nother woman sealed to him unknown to her{.} she sayed that She was all most Crazy for she Could not help it for a man to serve her so decevingly{.} I told her to pray to God and get the Holy spirit and put her trust in God and not let it trouble her and it {would} Come round right. I told her they {the} way I should do if I had a{u}thority so to do{.} I should comfide with my present wife and have it all understood. I also Called on Br Benson and got a fan that was sent as a presant to Elizabeth from Sister Badlam{.} I came home in a two horse waggon and my Br. Ollando Came parte home with me{.} this night I tuck {took} the forepart until one oclock{.} Came up a shower a bout 9 oclock and blowed very hard and rained Vary hard{.} it wet through my family waggon and wet my meal and flour but we baked it and therefore we did not {lose it.} Turn out with the heard

Monday morning 15th it some rainy{.} about 10 Oclock it Cleared a way{.} I overha{u}ld my waggon and fixst the Cover of my waggon

Tusd {Tuesday} morning 16th quite pleasant{.} I took my spy glass to see if I Could see any Lamanites to report{.} was some in winterquarters and stold 2 horses from Br. ben Hasel but I Could not see any{.} I returned and was on watch with the heard{.} Counted the Cattle and made out the number

{Tusd 16th this morning is plesant and warm{.} went out with the herds{.}} Br Brigham Came up this after noon and returned in the Ev{e}ning{.} Farther Kimball arived about 9 oclock this Evening with Ho{..}y C and Brought us some molasses{.} he sat and talked with us and said that he was about 13 hund{r}ed dollars in dept but the Lorde had prosper{e}d him wonderfuly and he would have about 25 teames to fit out in the hol {whole} and he now was selling his waggons to pay his depts {and} he must Cancel his dept befor he left for he wanted to Go of{f} {h}onerable and probable he should Ef to send on his folks with the Company and stay behind a spel{l.} perhaps we should get 2 or 3 hundred a head {of him}

Wendisind {Wednesday} Morning 17th this morning quite pleasant{.} Br. Heber {ap}pointed 4 men to go to the Papao {Papillion.} Br Daniel and Br Jacob an{d} two of his Company to Bild a bridge{.} I stayed at home with the heard. My wife some what sick{.} pain in her side and also abortion tuck place{.} was working so harde was the reason{.} the number of our Cattle is 80 head{.} it takes 6 of us to heard 164 head of Cattle{,} 10 horses an{d} Mules for we take a gun or a boo {bowie} knife Each{.} this Evning Daniel returned from the Papao {Papillion} and said that the Bridge Could be repaired in a bout 2 hours{.} Br Jacobs went down to Winter quarters to Carry the report to Br Brigham and Bro Heber and about 60 or 50 waggons Came here this after noon{.} in all about one hundred incamped here

Thursday Morning 18th Varry plesant{.} wind South{.} I went out with the heard{.} came in and went making boekyes {bowkeys.} my health is not vary good{.} in the after noon went out with the heards{.} williaan {William} Came up with three teams{.} there was also about 40 waggons Came in to camp{.} {I camon {came on} the first watch}

Fridy the 19th this morning is beautifull{.} I stay at home making boekyes {bowkeys} and finishing my waggons{.} a bout 11 oclock Br heber sent up word by Br Gardner that he wanted me to ra{i}se a company of men to go up to the Papea {Papillion} about 12 Milds {miles} to make a bridge{.} thought it would not be Expedient to go until morning{.} Br Snow from Pisgea {Pisgah} with 10 or 15 wagons Came in a bout 12 Clock{.} sed {said} that he should go on a cou{p}le of milds {miles} and camp for the knight and wate untill we came on in the morninge to pilot the way{.} this day has been vary hot and the wind so{u}th and thr{e}atning showers. this night Elizebeth {Elizabeth} was taking vomiting and purging and Cramping{.} I Calcolated {calculated} to start on horsback together with 3 or four of the breth{ren} with Br Snow Company.

{Saturday 20th} But when I got up this morning Br Jacob and his Company of 14 wagons Comence a start Contra{ry} to the Calculations the knight before. however I commenced yoaking up my Cattle to go but then I tuck {took} a second thought that I would not go{.} my Child being so vary sick that I am not be abl and nurse her as she ought to be a meadately {immediately} fo{r} she C{r}ampet in the hands and feat {feet} terably. according I Comenced and gave her pepper and Ginger and bathed he{r} with pepper tea and gave her a little Loblin tinture and sbignet and in about 2 hours my Child got better and a bout 9 oclock Br Jacob started with his Company that broke up our yard and wekning {weakened} our wa{t}ch therfore it was a good deal of diferculty we got our Cattle togeth{er}. the remainder part of the day was spent in Colecting wagons to fil up our line to Continue the yard{.} this Evning I take the fore watch{.} a bout 11 oclock Br William Came up to geth{er} with {Sister} H Sanders an Bet{s}y Noon and Thosy and he said that I had dun just wright for it weaken our force to have left. he B{r}ought nuse {news} that a Boat had arived an fec{t}hed 50 Emagrunts tha{t} day.

Sunday 21th this Morning quite pleasant and warm{.} wind south{.} Br William started for town a bout 11 oclock{.} thou{gh}t we should start in a Couple of days{.} this after noon Br Heber and Br Benson his wife an Sister Frances and Sister Sarah Whiteny Came in a Buggy waggon together with Br Brigham and some of his Wives{.} Br Heber seamed to be somewhat pleased with my procedings{.} Said that I had don wright in stoping and said that he did not know what he s{h}ould do if it was not for myself and Daniel to take Care of the Cattle for it was a good deal of work. After Counting the Cattle and teamsters having 10 waggons here he wanted to save out Cattle a nough {enough} to drive those waggons and send the rest down in the morning. Sundown he started{.} it Looked like a shower{.} he said also that William would Come up to morrow Evening and start the next day{.} about 11 oclock this Ev{ening} it Lighten in Every direction an porring {pouring} down in torrents most of the night an some wind

Monday Morning 22th this morning vary wet and mudy{.} we Comenced Yoking up our Cattle{.} not being aquated {aquainted} with them it was vary bad{.} however a bout 10 oclock after Counting them over a number of times we made out 41 youke of Cattle and 6 of them we sent down to Br Heber. this Evening Br Brown Came up with one yoake of Cattle and tuck {took} one in their sted. he said that he had planted some 2 or 3 acres and did injoyed {enjoy} himself vary well{.} Br Olland {Orland} Came up this Evening with Br Green.

Tusday 23th After raining all night is vary disagreeable{.} 10 Oclock rains and blows vary hard{.} Came with the heard {herd.} the Cattle varry onery and troublesome. it leaked in our wagons some but not to spoil much of our bread stuf{.} 3 oclock Br William came up with George and Hory C with 3 waggons{.} said that we would not go th{ere} two day {today.} said that Zack Reading and one Potter and a nother man had rob{b}ed a man over the other side of the river{.} that they had Zack & Potter in Custarday {custody} and that there was a good dea{l} of Excitement. this night it cleard of{f} quite pleasant

Wedesenday 24th Morning somewhat rainy{.} we moove from the presant Camping place on the hil{l} west out of the mod {mud} for it is varey mody {muddy}. an ascidant {accident} hapened{.} a Broth{er} started for Papea {Papillion} and one youk of his Cows behaved quite bad and throwed herself and Broak her neck and they Cut her throat and drest and divided it{.} gave us one quarter{.} a Bout 3 oclock Br Brigham Came up and started for the papea {Papillion.} a bout 9 oclock William Came up from Winterquarters and Finious Kimbull {Phineas Kimball} and Hensnrenshaw that turned a Brigham {illegible}

Thursday 25 this morning quite pleasant{.} Cloudy{.} wind south and warm{.} started Bro Burges{s} with a Baggage waggon with 3 yoak of oxen to the Horn{.} He boarded with me for 5 days before he started{.} we mist {missed} a span of mules this morning{.} after some hours hunt we found {them} not a grate ways from the hearding place{.} 11 Oclock William started for Winter quarters and some others{.} A bout Sunset a number of wagons Came from winterquarters{.} George Billings Came up from town to take down 8 yoak of oxen{.} the morning I stand the fore watch{.} this Evning I am fatigued{.} it is as much as I can do to keep a wake{.} our wagons set in of form of a ring or a Corrole {corral.} a fort 50 in number{.} in here we put in our Cattle {at} knight and watch them{.} thay are varry onry sometimes{.} it requires a Close watch

Friday 26th This morning is beautiful and pleasent{.} Cal{le}d on the boys to help yoak up the oxen and I tuck {took} them out to bute{.} while George was e{a}ting breakfast some past up to the Papea {Papillion.} the forenoon wind is south and quite hot{.} we are Expecting to move to the horn to morrow or to get on our way{.} Wil{l}iam Came up with two wagons a bout sunset{.} Complained being some sick. the Boys let a muley Cow run a way{.} Expect she wen{t} home{.} this Ev{e}ning quite pleasant{.} I formed the Guard and went to bed and slep{t} untill 12 Oclock and a{r}ose and Cryed the hour for the wa{t}ch to {be} releaf {relieved.} arose in the morning by day brake

Saterday 26th Vary Cloudy{.} wind south{.} some windy{.} this Morning Counted the Cattle{.} 42 yoak{.} after George rodes {Rhodes} and my self put on a wagon Cover and repared others{.} William went to town with span of horses{.} 3 Oclock wind South{.} vary high{.} blowing our wagons Covers vary much{.} Br Wil{l}iam Came up with the Carriage and Br Ollando came up with an ox team{.} a bout 8 Oclock I organized watch and went to bed{.} about three Oclock I arrose{.} the wind blowing varry hard and vary showery in the south west{.} I Commenced repa{i}ring the wagons for rain{.} in a few moments the wind Changing in the North west{.} Came up a terable shower {with} thunder{,} Lightning and wind in torants and beat in our waggons and spoilt some of our provisions

27th this Morning Vary disagreeable{.} a bout 1 oclock Br Whiteny had two teams{.} Come to Camp and said that Br Heber an{d} him was Coming to morrow{.} George Billingsley {and} R{h}odes found the lost Cow about 3 miles from Camp{.} I feal some what beat out and fatigued but I do thank God my Heavenly Father for the Blessings that he has bestowe{d} upon me. this Evening quite pleasant{.} I formened {formed} the guard and went to bad and slep until 12{.} woke up by Br Whiteny{.} {a} man Came after the Doct{or} Ben Hoyt for he had lifted to hard and was vary sick.

Monday Morning 29 this Morning beautiful and the wind South west{.} We youked 12 yok up of Cattle to go down into town for to move up some wagons{.} Br William Came up a bout sundown with Br Hebers wagon an{d} Sarah and wagon and Br {Edward} Martin wagon. This Evning got the gards in order and stud {stood} the fore watch until 2 oclock{.} Br Heber told me that the way had opend up before him as I Had prophysyed for a man did Come and throwed a pers {purse} of mon{ey} in his hands and with in one weake made out and payed a way Eleaven hundred dollars {not} withstanding it has bin {been} so darke. Truly I Feal verry much pleased and Blessed By the God of Isriel {Israel} to see the wordes that I have spoaken a{nd} I was moved on by the Spirit Come to pass

Tusday 30th this Morning a number of the teams started out for the horn{.} 10 Oclock Br Heber said he was going down to winterquarters for the last time{.} he returned about Sunset{.} I this day Commenced{.} put on 4 waggon Covers and fixing for to start to morow morning

Wedesiday Morning 31th vary pleasant—wind south{.} somewhat high{.} we Commenced greasing the wheels and preparing for a start{.} at 1 Oclock we got on a move to the (Horn){.} Came to a stop{.} sun one hour high{.} our Cattle stray of{f} Evry direction and I tuck it upon myself to hunt them notwith standing i am so fatigued{.} I traveld abo{u}t one mild {mile} ¾ before I Could stop them{.} the weads and grass and weads so high that was vary Bad{.} I organized a guard and start{.} any {that were} Left untile 2 in the Morning. We are off for the Valley of the Mountains Wednesday, May 31 1848

Thursday Morning June 1th vary pleasent but I feal very bad{.} lucked {looked} around {and} perceived that the boys had let the Cattle out and scaterd vary much and likely to gain the Pappa {Papillion} Creek{.} hence I take my Corse to he{a}d them with some difuculty for in a fue {few} moments more anumbe {a number} they would be in the mier {mire}. I sent after help and then returned to my Breakfast. a bout 8 oclock we took up our teams and started for the horn{.} a bout one hour and a half Came to the bridge on the Papa {Papillion.} vary bad Crosing{.} it took 3 hands to Ev{er}y teem{.} I help Cross a bout 20 wagons and waterd my Cattle and starte{d} on{.} Came to the horn a bout 4 oclock this knight {night.} Bout neal {nearly} used up{.} I formed a guard and returnd to my bed with my feet blisterd and some what sick{.} We Camped a bout half a mile this side of the Yelk {Elk} horn. In the Bottom the Country lo{o}ks beautiful{.} some rol{l}ing and inter spersed with treas {trees}

Fryday Morning June 2th Quite plasant{.} not being Vary well I did arise Vary Erley {early} But Some of the teames was mooved down to the ferry before breakfast{.} a bout 8 or 9 all of our teams are reddy to Cross{.} We passed one waggon to a time on a raft made of some logs bind {bound} together and a roap atached to one End to pul{l} it back{.} this river is small but raises a bout 12 roods {rods} wide in high water But fordable in Low{.} me and Br Whiteny got over it and formed in a Corroll a bout 3 o clock{.} here aGain {again} I trav{e}led after Cattle{.} Crossing our Cattle they got scatered some but after some Labour an fatigues I Got the Cattle together{.} at Knight we had a bout a hundred waggons in our ring and in the surbu{r}bs{.} William formed a Guard of 6 men in the fore parte and 6 men in the after parte and then I retier {retired} to bed Vary much fatigued. Br Hyde and Br Woodruff Came to Camp together with Br Benson

Satturday morning June 3 this morning Cloudy{.} I went out with the heard{.} Came in at 7 o clock{.} 11 oclock Came up heavy shower{.} Rained 2 hours and then fares of pleasent{.} this Evening I organized the guarde and then retierde {retired.} Elizebeth varry sick with a Cold on her lungs an year ake {ear ache}

Sunday Morning June 4 this Morning vary pleasant{.} some what Cool{.} the wind being N.W. to loock {look} around and See a vast plain and intersperst with small groups of timber it is a nough {enough} to make a pearson {person} Exclaim shurly the God of heaven has Constructed the Earth to make me rejoice{.} this after noon I go with the heard{.} it is with much dificulty I Can Constrain the boys to keep the Cattle to gether but I feal {feel} to be as patient as possibl{e.} the Evning I organized the guard an stood the foreparte of the knight and the wind the forepart of the knight tis Northwest and varry Cold for a grate {great} Coat{.} I retired a{t} twelve and ½ past

Monday morning June 4th this Morning varry Cold and somewhat Cloudy{.} I went out with the heard{.} Came home and went out after Exel {axel} tree timber with Hosy. Elizebeth some better{.} Some wagons has arived from Winterquarters{.} the orders to Start from here to morrow{.} This Evning I organized the Guard and stood the fore watch

Tusday Morning 5 this morning vary pleasant{.} drove the heard vary E{a}rly{.} Expect to go out from this But some delay{.} we did not start so soon as we Expected{.} about 9 o clock the Noos {news} came in from the heard that the Indians is driving of{f} the Cattle{.} a number of us went out in all derections and some followed the Indians and found that they had kiled one ox and was Buchereet {butchering} it{.} the Boys fir{e}d on them and one Br Reaker got shot through the Back{.} did not Excpect he would {not} live{.} Br Howard Egan was shot through the {w}rist and Br Willm Kimball horse was shot in the hip and maim{ed} but not bad{.} for about 2 hours I never saw such Confusion{.} most of Br Hebers Boys was all scaterd from one place to a nother{.} no one to take hold and tackle up the {cattle} however I tuck {took} all in a Colle{cool} and a deliberate manner and see to Yoak up the Cattle as fast as possibel{.} we got reddy to start about 2 oclock{.} we traveled a bout 3 miles and formed a large Corrol about 150 waggons to 2 hundred{.} I’d not count{.} I was all most sick a bed however{.} Br Heber sent word by Br Billens {Billings} to form a guard on his waggons{.} I did so and retired about 10 oclock{.} However we had a light shower of rain in the mean time

Wedesend Morning 6th this Morning some what Cloud{y.} I found my Cattle after much trubl {trouble.} ther being a bout a thousand head of Cattle and so many owners. we head on a bout 9 oclock and started and rol{l}ed on. the Country is level and beautiful as far as my eye can Extend{.} we got to the plat{te} about 10 oclock{.} the distant of 12 miles from the horn{.} we here waterd our Cattle and mooved up the river keeping near the stream{.} about 4 oclock we stopt and formed a Corrol on a slew near the river{.} here Br Heber Come to me and said he apointed me a Captain of tens and wanted me to take the number of men Bro George Pitkins. Br Charls Hubar {Charles Hubbard,} Br Edward Martin. Hozy {Hosea} Cushin{g}. Henry Oviate {Oviatt}. Alsel Harman {Ansil Harmon} and Br Bilra & a nother man But both Sickley{.} This knight stand the first part{.} about Came a shower from the west and quite hard{.} H Cushing stand the latter parte.

I arose Thursday morning 7th. Vary Clowdy and some rainy{.} Br Olland {Orlando Hovey} that Came behind me with his waggon Concluded to go in a nother team for what purpose know not I{.} Br Heber talking with him{.} accordingly he started out in the first team{.} Br Billing {Titus Billings} Capt. mine being the second team in Hebers 50{.} I asked Br Heber why Olland went a way{.} said you an your Br does not agree{.} I said I did not disagree with him never{.} said he you must be mild{.} I said I tryed to wield no harme to cossh {cause} you no said I. about 9 Oclock we started from this place and travel untill 1 oclock{.} the distant of 8 miles{.} here we much formed a Corrall and let out our Cattle near the river{.} Elizebet{h} is quite unwell and Joseph is not much help for he Canot drive but a little while before he is tierd {tired} and my self and wife is vary slim{.} But Br Whittney son John fell of{f} a horse thy {this} fore noon and hurt him vary bad{.} it happen some what rainy most of the fore noon{.} this Evning Br Heber Caled the people together and said he had not much to say but in short he would say that he is not want to start from this place untill {we all} Commence this knight and do our duty for Evry man to pr{a}y in his family night and morning{.} unless we did our Cattle and our wagons would fail{.} look at the scrape at the horne how my son William was preserved by the power of God and Br Rick{.} the guns lev{el}ed at them and they Called up on their God and they was deliverd{.} Br Howerd is geting better and Br Ricks better than Could be Expected{.} this morning the Captain was acknowledge Br Herriman {Henry Harriman} Cap of Hundred and Capt Billing {Titus Billings} first 50 and Br {John} Pack Second 50{.} Br Burges {William Burgess} first Capt First 20. I Jos{eph} was pointed second Capt of 10. Thence formed my guard out of my ten and retierd {retired} to bed vary much fatigued

I arose in the morning {Fridy 8th} before sun rise{.} it was beautiful{.} Evrything seamed to say truly that there is a God in Iisriel {Israel.} after breakfast I went out to the heard and help gether up the hard {herd.} at 9 Oclock we started on{.} Came to a stop a bout 4 Oclock near the River in a beautiful prarie{.} the Country we have past throug{h} is flat and beautiful and vary rich{.} this Evning I went to bed e{a}rly and had a good night rest

I rose in the morning {Saturday 9th} by day Brake and help{ed} out with the Cattle{.} a bout 8 Oclock we started and arived at a Camping place at 2½ Oclock near the River a bout 5 miles from sharpes trading store. it has bin vary hot this day{.} the Cattle pant veary much{.} the Country has bin vary flat and somewhat Sandy{.} the Capt of the Guarde {came} and gave the names of 8 men and told me to see that it must be that the Camp is guarde{d} the fore part of the knight{.} I feel vary much fatigued{.} it is as much as I can do to keep awake an stand up{.} But the God of Isriel {Israel} being my help I am determine{d} to do my duty

Sabath Morning 10th this morning is beautiful and pleasant{.} the wind being South{.} This morning I mad{e} out a list of names and property belonging to my Company{.} my Company being brok up on a Count of {a}Commodating some{.} however my Company Cons{is}ts of 11 males and 6 Females and 11 wagons{.} I do feal truly thankful to my heavenly farther {Father} that it is as well with me as it is{.} I desier {desire} with all my he{a}rt to overcome my Evil propencities and to work risheouness {righteousness} all my days{.} not withstande the perplexties and trials and hardeships I ofte{n} Encounter{.} I Count them but drops Comparde to the glory that is laid up for them {who} hold out faithfull untill the End{.} at 11 oclock a meeting was held and a number spoak {spoke.} Br Heber tought {us} to teach our Children to stay out of the water and also to stop growls and be good natured and observe the rule of the Camp and all would be well with us.

Monday morning 11th this Morning is beautifull{.} the wind south{.} we started a bout 8 ½ Oclock and traveled on a vast para {praire} near the river{.} the road vary go{o}d{.} we arived ant {at} camping place 5½ Oclock near the bank{.} the distant {distance} 18 miles to day{.} to day has been vary cold for the season

Tusday Morning 12th to day we traveld 10 miles{.} Campt about Sun 10 and half hig{h}

Wedsday 13th morning pleasant But windy South and dusty{.} this day 12 miles going {illegible} as ever

Thursday 14th plesant but windy and vary dusty and vary bad Crosing Cricks {creeks.} traveld 14 miles{.} one Exceltre {axeltree} Br Conovers got {broke.} Campt at 10 oclock at night

Fridy morning plesant but thr{e}atning rain{.} one of Br Hebers Cows went Back and detan {detained} my ten{.} started with the rest{.} we stopt til ten{.} william returned but did not find the Cow{.} we Caught up with the Camp at 5 oclock{.} (However we received a message from Br Brigham by Ly.Wells s{t}ating he had arived at the fording place on Luke {Loupes} forke and should wate untill we should Come up to be about 18 miles.) Came up a terabe {terrible} shower just as we arived at the Camp and I got wet through and wet some of my things in my wagon{.} this day Br Coxe had a child {Lucretia} kil{le}d by falaing {falling} out of the wagon under the wheel. it rain through the knight

Fridy Morning 15th this morning some rain wind south{.} I feal vary old and stif{.} Expecting to start at ten for Luke {Loupes} fork it being 6 miles to go{.} the {road} is vary muddy and a gr{eat} number of ravienes and {had to} duble to go up the hills{.} at 12 oclock Came up a shower and oblige to stop one our {hour.} the Country is beautiful to loke {look} at{.} we arived at Camp at 4 oclock{.} he{re} we Could look over the river and see Brighams Camp{.} tru{e} it reminded me of Old Iisriel {Israel} traveling in the wilderness{.} 6 o clock Came up a vary squly {squally} Shower so I was oblige to hold my waggon bows from blowing of{f} and the Cattle so une{a}sy it {is} a harde matter to keep them in the Corall

Satturday 16th some Clowdy and Cool{.} wind North W blowind {blowing} from that quarter all knight about{.} Br Brigham Sent over 50 yoak of Cattle to double on our teems for we have a mild {mile} to go in order to get a cross{.} from 5 to 10 yoak of Cattle on a waggon{.} the wagons is on a tremble while Crossing on a count of the quick sand{.} the water in the deepest is up to Exeltre {axel tree}. I crost the second time and then went back with our Cattle{.} Crosst Some of {single} file behind so on until they was all crossed{.} I believe in Hebers Company Crossed 200 Waggons an upwards and in all Both Companys 600{.} while crossing I met Br Brigham and tuck {took} hold of his hand{.} he was glad he said that I had come and the Spirit of the Lord did truly restd on me from the Crown of my head to the soul of my feat {feet.} a lot {of} wagons and loose cattle was cross and formed in a Coroll{.} about three Oclock after regolating waggons the word Came that our Cattle was scattered through some misunderstanding{.} truly I never felt so fatigued in all my days{.} it s{e}emed to me as though I Could not step one foot before the other{.} my body is weak and getting wet so sucifinety {sufficiently} it all most make me sick{.} but I Continue by Calling upon the Lord for health and strength for my J{o}urney and also for my family and my teems and my waggons might be strong and my provisions may not spoil and my Clothing mite not mildew and I truly do feal thankfull unto the lord for his goodeness unto my family and myself an{d} all Isriel {Israel}

Sunday morning 17 this morning it rains{.} I feel some what unwell{.} some talk of starting from this place this after noon{.} at 10 oclock a meeting was cald {called.} Br Brigham arose and spoak and said that he was glad that he was hear and if there was any here that was going on there to the vally an{d} any other purpus than to gloryfy God or Expect to were {wear} himself out in this work had better go back now in the Jentil {Gentile} world for you might as well be dam{n}ed there as go to the west and be damed and many other things that he believed that we was a people that did not Groumbale {grumble} one tenth part so much as the ancient Iisriel {Israel} did for there was great peace in his Camp and that also in the others{.} about 500 hundred waggons iss in Camp her{e.} {illegible} in the morning he would start first{.} about 36 milds {miles} to the river Camping place where there is wood and water

Hebers Company started at 9 oclock Monday morning 18{.} we travled this day 15 miles through mud and sand{.} As we Got at Camp at 10 oclock at knight the teems, men and women and all hands perfectly used up{.} some did not get in untill midnight{.} I and my Company stood guarde{.} Lord I am vary soar {sore} all over

rose in this morning {Tusday 19th} at 4 oclock{.} it being Coole and plesant and somewhat muddy on a count of the rain the day before{.} we stop to {illegible} at 4 oclock{.} The going pretty good this day{.} traveled 10 miles{.} we got at Camp sunset river{.} the Crick near Grand I{s}land

In the morning Wedesday 20 Jun thretning rain{.} Called the people together to se{e} if we Could not Enter in some mesurs {measures} to see if we Can {travel with some} more Comfort and Eas{e.} accordingly Br Heber said he would propose that Br Higbee would take his Company and travel by himself and some of those that broak of{f} from his Company must join again for he was a first good man and also to keep our Cattle together and to be vary strict to obey there offersers for the Capt of tens was set over them to act as farthers to their Company’s an also to help one another{.} we started at 11 oclock{.} Crost wood river and traveled 9 miles and Camp 5½ Oclock near a little pond 3½ mile from the river and wood

Thirsday morning {21 June} vary Cloudy{.} thretning rain{.} my famely is well and in a torubl {tolerable} degree of helth but vary much fatigued{.} But i feal to thank God my heavenly farther {Father} for his mercis indureth for ever{.} he has answerd my prayrs{.} this is a Consolation to me for I do desier {desire} to spend and be wore out in the service of my God{.} I feal my weaknis and my fraileties and pray that I m{a}y over Come and hold out until the End. all the Camp started on Except my ten Concistng all Br Hebers waggons and Br {Newel} Whittny ten as a jury of messip{-.} Camp on acount of Daniel and Hozy {Cushing} and James steel after 2 Cows Expecting{.} went Back{.} here we wated until 11 oclock and the boys returned without the Cows{.} we shortly started notwithstanding it rained fierce{.} we arived at the Camp about 10 miles at sunset{.} the roads vary good though it did not a nough to lay the dust{.} we saw a grate many antelope jumping about as far as our Eyes Could Extend{.} here we had a small pond to water our Cattle and vary dark an mierry {mirey}

Fryda{y} morning June 22 Vary Pleasant but Cool the wind being north{.} we started at 8½ oclock and past through a beautiful flat Country passing up the river on near Grand I{s}land an Came to Camp abot 5 Oclock on the bank of the River{.} a vary beautiful Camping place althoug{h} we have to wade the River to get wo{o}d being a lost {illegible.} Br Ricks son that was shot by the Indians is getting fast and Br Howard Egan arm is getting well{.} my turn to stand guarde but being some what wore out Br William Rickes as Capt of Guarad this Evening{.} I retired to bed vary Erley and arose in the morning somewhat refreshed

{Saturday 23th June} the orders is to tackl up our teems and moove on 7 or 8 miles and let the women wash and overhall some of our waggons and burn some Coal for the smith{.} we started sun up one hour {when} the last wagons started{.} we arived at Camp spot at 10 oclock near a Crick{.} this morning vary Cooll and some dusty{.} we are oblige to digg a well for good water about 7 feet{.} the wood is willow brush and Buffalo Chips but the Grass is god {good.} the Land is somewhat {...}dured with salt peter

Sunday morning 24 is pleasant{.} Some Cloudy and Cool{.} I went of{f} with the heard before sunrise{.} Br Billins called me to in form my Company that tay {they} would be meeting at 11 oclock{.} I did not go{.} my business is such that I could not go{.} I always feal it my duty to get Evrything reddy for the Sabath as much as posibl {possible} and rest according to Commandments for I feal thankfull to my heavenly Farther {Father} an his goodness unto me and my family that we are in torable {tolerable} degree of health{.} I have one ox lame the gravel working in his feet{.} this Evning wind blow vary hard an tretning {threatening} shower{.} wind south{.} had a visit from Camp of soldiers from the other side of the platt{e} river{.} are survaying a Ground for a fort at the head of grand I{s}land{.} this place 2 hundred an 14 miles from winterquarters{.} Daniel Davis dug a spring in this place{.} Called Hebers spring by Dan

Mondy Morning 25th of June{.} thretning rain{.} we starte this morning about 8 oclock{.} the road varey level and wind high and dusty{.} we traveled 19 miles{.} got in Camp abot 7 oclock abot ¾ of a mild {mile} from the river

Tusday morning 26th quite plesant{.} some Cool{.} I went out with the Hearde{.} started at 8½ Clock{.} Came up with Brigham Camp bout noon{.} Camp be side the river{.} good prospect{.} see some Buffalow and 2 horses{.} one of my oxen taken lame to day{.} mate to the one that is lame{.} George Classon {Clawson} Caught 1 horse and 2 mules{.} Brought them in the Camp together with Henry Steel an a boy by the name of bert{.} rode it over the {from} other side of the river

Wedesday morning June 27{.} quite pleasant{.} wind south{.} Started 9 oclock{.} windy and varey dusty{.} traveled 17 milds {miles.} Camp beside of the river{.} my White Cow is with afine calf{.} I obliged to kill it{.} it was dark before we got Corold {corraled.} I stood guarde{.} 5 of my men{.} I feal vary much fatigued

Thirsday morning 28{.} this morning is vary pleasant{.} no wind and varey sultry{.} we traveled slow to day{.} camp{ed} with the sun one {h}our high{.} 13 milds {miles} to day{.} This night {one} of the Company brought in a dead Buffalow{.} I had a mess given to me{.} it was the first time that I ever et {ate} any fresh B{uffalo} meat

Friday morning 29 June{.} pleasant and windy{.} a heard of buffalow Can be seen at a distant{.} at 4 oclock the boys drove a number towards the road an a number was shot by those that was to there wagons{.} 5 in number{.} we traveled a bout two milds {miles} after wards and Camp beside a Slew{.} the going vary sandy to day an hot{.} Billy Rodes fel{l} of{f} the tonge of the waggon and both wheels ran over him{.} the Blood gust out of his mouth{.} I Caled on some of the Brethren to administer to him and he got releaf {relief}

Saturday 30th June{.} plesant but Cooll an som windy{.} traveled our teems this d{ay} 13 milds {miles.} sandy and some what uneven

Sunday July 2 {1} plesant But vary Cool{.} had a meting with Br Brigham Camp{.} I did not go. In the Evening Br. Heber Called the Captins together and Counsil to Choose out 6 men to hunt Bufilow and also to Speak Consirning Standing guard and being poticular {particular} and responsiple men. after all had spock I asked liberty to speak a fue {few} words{.} I told them that the men that I had to do with was first rate good fellows{.} thay did walked their post well and was faithfull and I did also wabed {walk} the beat in the name of the Lord.

Monday 3th July{.} we started from this about 10 Oclock{.} got deta{i}ned on account of some setting of tier. travel 12 milds {miles.} got to Camp about sunset{.} I was varey tierd {tired.} had to go to bed somewhat sick.

{Tusday 4th July} I arose in the Morning somewhat renewed{.} we started from this 9 oclock{.} going Sandy and bad on the Cattle. My Wife sarah drives one teem and it is varey fatiging for her{.} may the Lorde Bless her Labours{.} I am oblige to Call on the Lorde god of Isriel {Israel} to help my Cattle from their lameness an their {illegible} and I do {k}now that my God do{e}s hear my prayrs{.} we Came to Camp about 5 oclock{.} I now shall record the most prominant news through the week for I cannot find time to record daily. I have so much Business to attend to and being so much fatigued and nothing hapening of importance Excepting Bro Whitney team was tipped over in the river but did not brake anything but wet some of his things, the going is very sandy{.} we have 200 miles to go from this place without timber{.} nothing but brush willows{.} burning it makes a good fire to kook {cook} Considering it is very sandy and dusty{.} the lay of the country is some what Broken on to Bluffs and ravenes

this Saturday Evening July 9th we got out of the range of Buffelow{.} Chose some 15 men and sent Back 12 milds {miles} and returned with some 5 {buffalo} and 5 dear {deer}

Sunday morning July 10 Br Brigham and a number of others Came back 7 miles to see us. had met some from the Vally {Valley.} said some was Coming on with teems{.} fetch a good report{.} meting was Caled at 3 oclock and had good Council from Bro Heber Kimbull {Kimball.} he was acknowledge{d} as our supertendent and leder of a porsion {portion} of the Camp of Isreal {Israel}

Monday morning July 11th this morning plesant{.} this weak {week} sandy Bluffs{.} vary harde Crossing{.} {had} to double te{a}ms in ma{n}y teems{.} the most singular Bluffs is the Coblers and the ancient ruins Bluffs look like old forts and ruind cities{.} about one hundred mild {mile} from Fort Larriame {Laramie}

Saturday Evening we Campt opicite {opposite} the Chimney rock{.} this day traveled 20 miles{.} vary hard going{.} this rock is on the opicite side of the river about 2 milds {miles} distance{.} I loocked through my Glass and it had appearance of a bluff shaterd {shattered} to p{i}eces and a piller of stone about 3 hundred high and there is many singular lo{o}king Blufs around

Sunday morning July 16th this morning pleasant But vary Cool{.} I tuck {took} the List of names in my ten this morning for the old organizeation was not made out aright an since that time my ten is enlarged{.} it Composed of Br Hebers Hole {whole} Famley{.} the number of males 33 an the number of females 28 the {w}hole toto {total} 61 soles and the number of wagons 25{,} horses 10{,} Mules 9{,} Cows 20{,} working Cattle 80{,} Sheep 12{,} hogs 2{,} Chickens 28{,} dogs 2{,} Dear 1{.} this Composes my {w}hole ten

Mondy Morning the 17th we started after making {Br Hebers} Company into four according to the Conclusion on the sabath before for the Comodation and for our Cattle{.} this day we traveled untill noon and then Crossed the river{.} the warter was not deep but vary harde for the teems{.} the Last teems Crossed at 9 oclock or there abouts. no accidents happened Except one and that was Br H{oward} Egens {Egan} wagon turned on its side but it did not hurt any thing But wet some things{.} it was Vary late when we turned out an much of new feede{.} we started from this point this weak up to the 24 we came up to Fort Larriame {Laramie.} we have had some Long drives with out much feed for our Cattle and want for water{.} the Country being perfectly dry and Sandy but the Lorde did hear our Crys and give our Cattle strength so they did stand it pretty well

this day Monday 24{.} Noon we started from Fort Larrame {Laramie} for the warm springs{.} we arived at this place about 9 Oclock at knight and warterd {watered} our Cattle and found Br Brigham Company here for he Came up on the River road and we on the Bluff road{.} no fead for our Cattle{.} this morning we started on for Bitter Crick about 10 miles{.} the road is vary hilly and some sand{.} I stoped on a {-} about 8 miles traveled{.} I stoped with my Company on the Crick Bitter Called and found a beautiful spring of water and fead{.} hear we got refreshed for it rained some and it layed the dust and I Called this place Joseph Spring for I was vary thankfull to my heavenly farther {Father} that he had spared me thus far for I had prayed Continuly for myself and famly and Cattle that they mite hold out through this dry Country{.} truly did I see the force of God made manifest for my Cattle was lame number of times and I did administer to them in the name of Jesus and they was healed up{.} arived at the Camping place a head about 5 oclock {this Evening} in a good plase {place} for the Company about 8 miles from Larriame {Laramie} Peak

Stoped until the 27{.} this morning it rains, beautiful and Id feal thankful to my Heavenly Father for it lookes more like the Garden of Eden then any thing els{e} passing through such dry hily Country and dry{.} it makes Ev{er}ything Beautifull and they {illegible} Chocke Cherrys and wild Curens {currents} vary plentiful and we do feast our selves on them{.} my Wife Sarah do Continue to drive the teem yet we being in a torabl {tolerable} degree of health{.} although she my wife has a numness in 3 of her fingers and Extending up her arme to the shoulder but I have administered to her an bathed with Pepper tee and got some better{.} here we stopt to do some Blacksmithing{.} the name of this Crick is Bitter Crick

29 this morning about 3 oclock they being in the Corell they {cattle} tuck a fright and run over 2 wagons and brock one wheal and {illegible} and being one sick woman in the waggon but did not hurt her{.} we had to run a bout 2 miles after them in the hills{.} it hurt our Cattle vary much for traveling{.} broak 2 horns of a Cow and an ox. this Evning we started about sun one hour high{.} traveled about 5 miles and Chained them up to our waggons and while we was talking which was the best way{,} a Negro man Came an throwd down a log of wood an startled one yoke and the Cattle started and gurked {jerked} the wagons predigeously and then we on {un} Chained them as quick as posble and Guarded them and they layed Composed as Could be for half an hour{.} atlast they all started up at once seemingly and running a bout 2 milds {miles.} I run in the rain until I got beat out and then I reached down and Called on my Farther {Father} in Heaven to give me streng{t}h and that the spirit of quietness mite rest on our Cattle and that we mite find them and I felt that we should find them and I returned in fear with Br Sanders driving 6 yoak{.} I found 2 of my yoak laying down when I returned{.} I watch them a spell and they started a Couple of times. But my Cattle I beleave was quiet for I had Cryed unto my Heavenly Farther {to} Cast out the spirit of fear out of my Cattle and I do believe he did{.} I am quite fatigued but my health is gaining I think{.} we traveled this day and one of my Cattle gave out that is before we got to the Camping place{.} he quivered and shoucked {shook} and quivered Like as he had the blind stagers {staggers.} he fel on his knees and I Called on Br {Byram} Bybee to administer with me so we did and seemed {to} get Better{.} I on {un} held the Chain and let them follow on a bout a half a mile to the Camp{.} after turning my team I went back after them and found them Close by feeding Some{.} I Kneeled down an prayed to my Heavenly farther {Father} to heal my ox and administered to him and {received} testamony that he should be

Sundy Morning 29th we Could not find all our Cattle{.} thay had waderd {wandered} of{f} after water not having much for 36 hours{.} a bout 3 oclock we found the remande {remainder} near the a mountains 8 miles of{f.} we started to go 3 miles to Hors Crick about sun half a hour high{.} vary bad going{.} My wife haves a hard time But the God of Isriel {Israel} dos bless her and my Children

Aug 1 the going is vary hilly and bad{.} Fe{a}ring some of my Cattel is lame But the Lorde does hear my Crys for he does hear me and can decrease the despair before and I do rejoyce in his goodness to me an mine{.} I do have the spirit of peace that speaks peaceable things unto me{,} even things to come{.} therefore do I feal to put my trust in him Even in the god of Iisriel {Israel.} it is my prayr from morning to Evning for my self and family and my Brethren and all Iisrel that we mite be prospered on our Jurney and that I may live to see Zion built up and become terible unto the Nation of the Earth{.} this is all I do desire to live for to do gode {good} and to win Soles to Christ{.} I teach my Children to pray Continualy and to seake {seek} to do good that they may live long on the Earth for I do go in secret and bow down befor my Heavenly Farther {Father} and in the name of Jesus to bless my Wife and Children an prolong my life in the Earth and the wellfare of Zion. nothing do I delight in so much as I do in the thing of God.

Aug 5 nothing happened this weak of importance but the Country is hilly and nothing but sage bushes and sand and mountains Except some little Grass on the Cricks and this is vary {-.} we do make out to get a nough to keepe our Cattle and horses and some times go without 22 hours and warter. But God of Iisreal {Israel} do{e}s sustain us an we Could not travel with such poor Cattle{.} vary fue of our Cattle has dyed

Aug 13 Saboth {Sabbath.} Came to Camp near Sweet warter {Sweetwater} about one oclock{.} I truly feal thankfull to my God that he has Brought us thus far the past weak{.} the going is ben vary rough{.} I have travled some in the knight{.} being Capt of a teem I was oblige{d} to guarde 19 teem{.} I have seen the power of God made manifest truly for some of our Cattle Got Poisen {poison} at the poisin springs. and we administered to them and they got well. It has bin some what Cool{.} vary Cool and windy. Br. Heber had a waggon turned over Crossing a Crick{.} it damaged the wagon and Bruised Wm. Rhodes some But not seriously{.} Br Bybe{e} also Broak an Axeltree By the Cattle turning round in a shower.

Aug 24 the past 2 weakes has bin Cool and dry{.} the going sandy and some rough places{.} some number of Cattle have died so that the brethren left to help a long{.} Br Brigham sent back a number of teems{.} Br Heber Br Brigham Campt 12 milds {miles} this side of Pascifick {Pacific} Springs{.} Br Heber 3 miles Back{.} here they turned Back some 40 teems to the Brethrn to the states that they Borrow ed of them{.} Some 40 teems has arived from the Vally in there place{.} a good number of the waggons ar{e} on {un} loaded on the ground waiting for teems{.} Br Heber is detained on acount of Hellen Kimbull being sick{,} being Confined some 2 weakes ago{.} lost her Child of five days ago{.} She is some out of her head

September 1th{.} Campt on last crosing on Sweet warter {Sweetwater} 2 miles below Brigham{.} this day Come up a vary Cold storm from the north East{.} some snow and got varry wet running after the Cattle

Monday morning we started for the pasiffick {Pacific} springs{.} Crosed the South pass about noon. the road somewhat hilly{.} we are not now are going down.

Sunday Sept 9th Campt on hams Fork{.} good fead and water{.} for 2 days back not much for our Cattle{.} we Came 95 miles this weak{.} quite warm and pleasant and warm and in a torable degree of health{.} my Wife still drives one of the teams and walks more than half of way and when she started she Could not walk but a little{,} the same with myself Children. I do feal to thank my heavenly Farther {Father} and acknowledg{e} his hand in it for I do {k}now he has heard my Crys for my Wife and Childrn and my Cattle{.} for my Cattle has been healed and gained in strenth and the lameness has departed and if his blessings Continue I shall take them through safe and sound for I do Continue my suplications unto him for the preservations of mine and my Brethrn and for the welfare of Gods Kingdom{.} this is my prayr when I walk and when I sit and when I lay down

Sept 20 this morning pleasant{.} Campt near the tarr Springs{.} the Country varry Hilly and rough{.} about 3 Miles from Bair {Bear} River{.} my Son Joseph Got run over near this place{.} we stopt our teems for those that was ahead of us and for our Children to get out and the turn started as he was in the act of Jumping{.} he fel{l} down under the forward wheal and grasced {grazed} hip and run over his arm between his Eblow {elbow} and shoulder and broak it short off. we set it to the best of our ability and Administered to him and layed him on the bed and he did not Experienced any pain{.} we Campt near the Cove rock together with Br Heber Company{.} here we stoped over the Saboth {Sabbath} and Br Heber Called a meeting and Br Balding {Caleb Baldwin} oapned {opened} the meeting and Br Heber Spoak many good things and Br Whitney spoak and Bore testimony to what Heber said{.} for he Prophesyed that he would live untill his hair was white as wool and he would see many of us thus alive. he Called on the Captains to speak an Br Howard Egan But he said he was under the weather{.} I though{t} that I would not with hould {hold} my peace for I felt the spirit resting on me{.} therefore I bore testimony of the truth and of yearning and the blessing of God attending us on our jurney and that I new that God had heard my crys and anserd my prayrs for I had prayed for my self and them in the Mountains when they were a sleep to the best of my knowledge and I also did prophsy Consirning Br Heber that he would live untill his hair was white as wool and I would live to see him{.} truly I did feel the Spirit of God{.} Br Heber said that the Spirit of God was there. the meeting Closed{.} Br Heber praying

Monday morning we started{.} the road is rough throug{h} the Cannians {canyons.} vary many Cricks to Cross and the road narrow{.} the willows on each side and beside of the mountains{.} it makes varry bad driving{.} a number of Exeltrees {axeltrees} Broak and some wagons turned over But no one killed. My Wife Sarah drove one teem thus far{.} she is a Heroin{e.} She is the Only female that drives an ox teem that I know of in the Company through these Cannians {canyons} and Over these Mountains{.} truly my task is grate to see to those two teems But God giving me patience and grace surficient for my days

Sept 26 Saboth {Sabbath} Morning in the Emmogration {Emigration} Cannion {Canyon} about 8 mildes {miles} from the Fort{.} It is a beatiful morning{.} we got to the Mouth about 11 oclock and could see the fort and truly to look on the Vally{.} it duse {does} my hart and Boddy Good for the spirit of God rested on me and I do feel that is the place for me. We Came down from the mouth of the Cannion {Canyon} some 3 hundred waggons{.} the Company reach from the mouth near the fort{.} We formed in a carloll {corral} north of the fort{.} here the most of us stay