Transcript for Joseph Holbrook autobiography and journal, circa 1860-1871, 145-47

Along about the first of June we made a move west over the Horn River where when the company of Brigham Young came up were organized into his company[.] Daniel Carns [Garn] Captain of fifty[,] Anson Call Captain the ten I belonged to. I continued to be afflicted with chills & Fever and being unable to sit up most of my time I employed Benjamin Tolman to Drive one of my teams[,] a brother of Judson Tolman—while Judson drove the other[.] our team which now consisted of some unbroke[n] stears & cows made it very difficult for 8 or 10 days to get along but as our loads hade been gro[w]ing hifher [heavier.] by our living and trading our flour to for our oxen we managed to keep up with the camp.

one day on the Platte River Sister Elisha Groves broke her leg[.] the camp stoped a few minutes when brother Brigham Young came up. Drs took and set her leg[.] in a short time we were again on the march[.] there were about 200 waggons in this company until we passed Fort Bridger Larimie [Laramie] when the company seperated into fifties for the better conven[i]ence of traveling among the Black-hills

on the Boise River one of my twins cows died which I had worked on the […..] hade from winter Quarters[.] I was now forced to hire another cow from Benjamin Tolman to [..] with she soon broke in[.] it being our off cow that died[.] my health had so improved that I could walk a part of the time

at I[n]dependence Rock both Hyran [Hiram] Clawson loste some of his team so that I took on three hundred of his flour[.] some of the rest of the brethren took some more so they could continue on thus to the valley.

on the sweet water River we killed some Buffalo and we diveded the meat and carried with us[.] we also gathered sometime bushels of Saleratus from the Sareratus Lakes which was about 6 inches thick[.] it answers well for making bread. We hade a plenty of feed for our stock and our sheep was much trouble to us as they would not stay with other sheep in the night but would ramble off[.] one night they rambled off and we hunted all the next day and we could not find them So we had to Start without them. But in a few days after brother George D. Grant found two of them. one <of> ours[,] one of brother Calls. the rest were never found[.] we took every caution to save our breadstuff as we were very short from being forced to sell it off to lighten our load and to buy oxen—& in the fore part of our journ[ey] we had a plenty of Milk & butter but the last of our journey we had to feed our pigs as they had grown so that it took more for them then it did when we started

towards the last of the journey Sister Daniel [Margaret] Carns [Garn] cut her knee with a common Jim knife blade so that in a few days it so inflamed that she died in about two days travel of the vally[.] She was brought too the vally to be buried at the head of Echo Canyon[.] we stoped a few days and went about 6 miles to the South and picked service berries[.] I got about 6 Bus[hels] which we dried for our fruit[.] as we were in the advance of the main company we staid on Weber River until Brother Brighams Company came up[.] we came into the valley about the 20 day of Sept. 1848. and camped north west of the old fort