Transcript for Joseph W. Young, "Report of the Immigration," Deseret News, 17 September 1862, 93



SALT LAKE CITY, Sept. 16th, 1862.



DEAR SIR:—Presuming your readers may be desirous of hearing from their friends on the plains, I take the liberty of sending you this brief report:

I left Florence on the 17th of August, in company with Elders Lyman and Rich, Hon. W. H. Hooper, H. S. Eldredge, and several other brethren. At Wood river (two hundred miles out) we left Capt Dame’s freight train, in which there are about one hundred and twenty-five passengers. Sixty-five miles this side we passed Capt. Haight’s church train.

At Pawnee Swamps we passed Capt. Miller’s train, two hundred and eighty miles out.

Ten miles east of North Bluff Fork, we passed Mr. D. Kimball with about twenty-five wagons, and near him was a camp of seven wagons, which we advised to fall in with him for safety.

Near Ash Hollow we passed Mr. Godbe’s freight train. The same day passed Captain Canfield’s company. At Scott’s Bluffs we passed Capt. Harman’s train.

Capt. James S. Brown, with a train of from forty to fifty wagons, had gone the north side of the Platte, through the Black Hills, in consequence of which we did not see them.

We passed Cpt. Horn’s company at Platte Bridge, and Capt. Murdock’s train at Rocky Ridge, on Simonoc’s [Seminoe] Cut-off.

We passed Capt. Duncan’s train at Little Sandy; Kimball & Lawrence’s freight train at Green river, and the two Danish independent companies on Ham’s Fork. These trains had traveled together to that place, under the direction of Elder John Van Cott, but there separated , and will arrive in two divisions under Captains Madsen and [Ola N.] Liljinquist [Liljenquist], Elder Van Cott coming in with us.

These companies were all making remarkably good time, and their teams looked well. The people were generally in excellent health and spirits. In fact, I can say I never saw an emigration in such good traveling condition. The feed is the best on the plains that has ever been since we came to these mountains.

The Danes will arrive about the 22d inst., and form that day there will be but very few intervals between trains until all reach this valley.

I herewith furnish you lists of all our organized companies except Capt. J. S. Brown’s, which I failed to get, but hope to have it for your next issue. There are a great number of persons of whom we have no report; they having fallen in with the trains after they left Flor[e]nce, without being organized with any particular company.

With good wishes to yourself, the boys in the office, and all Saints, I remain your brother in the gospel,






Peter, Adolphus and Erick Adamson; Wm., Mary A. and Maria Ashman; David Bennet; Bargartha [Bargartia] Benson; Andrew and Catharine Benson; Eliza, Richard, James and John Betts; Ann, Geo. and Harriet Bibb [Bibby]; Mary Benn.

Wm. and Lewis Coleman; William, Ellen, and Ellen E. Croxford; Ebenezer, Mary J. Nelson and Emma Cheeseman; David, Elizabeth and Alice Count; Reuben, Ellen, George and Reuben Carter; Geo. Deigoto; Elizabeth, Anne and Elizabeth Datson; Samuel, Lurania, Orson H. and Mary E. Eggleston; Edwin, Eliza R., Charlotte and John F. Eggleston; John and Annie Eldredge; Emma, Emma M. and Louisa S. Edwards; Wm Edwards.

Duckworth Grimshaw; Richard, Eliza, Eliza A., Emma, Clara M., Mary E. and Henry C. Green; John Griffiths; Margaret Grovenor; Joan Griffin.

Letita J. Healy; Joseph, Jane and Erastus Hawkins; Robert Hewitt; Richard Harwood; Richard and Ann Hopkins; William, Mary and Catharine Hymas; William, Mary A., Sarah, Susan, Benjamin, James and Mary A. Hymas; William, Hannah, Esther, Williams, Hannah S., Alice E. and Louisa E. Harrison; George, Elizabeth, John G. and William Handley; Samuel Haycock; Henry Hill.

John and Julia Judah; Nathaniel, Sarah and Joshua Jenkins.

Ann King; John P., Eliza, Mary A. Emily, John, Elizabeth and Ann Kelley.

Joseph and Ann Lewis; Wright, Mary, Joseph, Sarah, Orson, Mary J., Andrew and Emma J. Lancaster; Lucy, Minnie and Joseph Linfitt.

John, Wm. and Thomas Matthews; Jesse W., Mary P., John A., Mary E. and Joseph A. Matthews; Hannah D., Fred. And Josephine Myers; Abraham Mitchell; Elizabeth Matthews; Wm. Matthews; Alex. and Martha Moody; John McLean; John and David Mitchell.

Stephen and Elizabeth Noble.

Maria Olsen; Benj. [Bengt,] Willensine [Wilhelmine], Chas. and Benj. Olsen.

Lydia A., Julia and Hannah Pager; John, Esther and Caroline Pratt; John, Aurelia, Mary O. and John W. Peacock; Samuel Prescott; Thomas B., Louisa J., Thomas B. and Lily Prescott; Thomas, Mary J. and Mary E. Pace; Samuel and Ann Perkes; Wm., Jane, Wm. H., Mary J., Sarah C. and James Powell; Elizabeth, Margaret, Sarah I, and James Powell; Benjamin, Nancy, Ann J., Mary F. and Robert Peel; Andrea Phillips.

David Roy; Samuel, Hannah and Ann Ringrose.

Henry F. Smith; Andrew Sprout; Wm. and Hannah Shefford; John Sanbury; Joseph and Sarah Sewell; Hannah Stphenson; Joseph W., Elizabeth, Geo., Mary B., Catherine E. and Arthur Simpson.

Thomas F., Mary, Jane, Jenette, Elizabeth and Jonathan D. Thomas; Phebe Toogood; Thomas and Ann Taylor.

Sarah Van Horn.

John, Emily, John W. and Eliza J. Wickell; Richd., Louisa and Richd. Wickell; Harman, Elizabeth, Mary and Richd. Wickell; Chas., Emma, James, Robert, Jane and Chas. W. Wake; James, Jane, Mary J. and Amy White; Chas. Walsh; Lorenzo Watson.

The clerk of this company, James White, states that the foregoing list was made out after the company had been on the road several weeks, and before which time, Thomas B. Walker and family; Morgan Jones and wife; Moses Abel, and — Chamberlain and family left and traveled by themselves or joined other companies.


Ann Askew; George; Charles, and Helen Arbon; John, Jane, Alice and Henry Adams.

Mary Benton; Thomas, Ann, Harriet, Martha, John and John J. Boyd Burl; Eli Batchelor; Henry and Eliza Barnett; Mehala Billings; Jane Brain; Charles and Caroline Blunt; Thomas, Elizabeth and James T. Broadbent; Susannah Boyd; Fanny Berry; William, Mary A., Eliza and Wm. Buttrick; George and Mary Bittings; Wm. Boardman; Jesse, Elizabeth and Mary Ann Broadbent, Wm. Bruce; Joseph, Mary Ann, Joseph, jun. And Richard Baxter; Thomas, Mary Ann, John William, Mary Ann and John Bear; Joseph Brice; Johanna Bain; Joseph Bridge; John, Mary Ann, Jessie, Louise, Mary, Eli, John, Thomas, Clara S. and Isacher Bradley.

Wm. Carpenter; Henry, Ann, Mary Ann, Elijah, Henry, John and Ellen Clifford; Wm. Cook; William, Matilda, Maria, Hyrum and Eliza Cooper; Richard, Sarah, William and Emma Clark; Jemima Cox; Eliza, Christopher and Elizabeth Cole; Priscilla Court; Stephen, Emily, Elizabeth, Harriet, Tett, Mary Anne, Kerren and Georgianna Crompton; Elizabeth Clark; William, Ann and Alice Court; Thomas and Elizabeth Commander; Sarah, Thomas, Amelia and Anna Crook.

William, Eliza, Mary Ann, William, Elizabeth and Eliza J. Davis; Josiah and Martha Dibenham; John, Elijah, John, jun. and Eliza, jun. Daynes; Joseph F., Charlotte, Robert, Gardner, Elizabeth and Johanna Doxford; Sarah and Ann Denton; Henrietta Dyre; Isaac Dyson; Hannah and Maria Deavenport.

Hugh, Jane, Lydia, Bernhard, John, Edward and Margaret J. Evans; Martha Eaton; John, Jane, Celina, James, Flora and Thomas England.

Wm. Ferguson; John, Elizabeth, Ann and George Frost; Ann, Joseph, Lorenzo and John B. Forth; Henry and Mary Foxley.

William, Rachel and Leah Gage; John, Martha, David, John, Alma, Brigham and Heber Griffiths; Grace Gibbs; Jane and Mary E. Graham; Elizabeth and Hannah Garrett; Jehoida Gardner; Emma, Sarah and Hyrum Gough; George Grimshaw; Thomas Genever; Thomas, Maria, George, Eliza and William Giles.

James and Emma Hack; Martha Heckins; Martha, Bertha, Mary, William, Andrew and Amos H. Hazel; Williams, Susannah, John, James, Johnson and Catherine Householder; Wm. Houghton; James and Mary Heckersley; Thomas, Mary, Hyrum and Alma Hardy; Susan, Susan, William and Eliza Hoy; Charles, Mary Anna, Mary Anna, Charles Wilford and Edith Hobbs; John and Alfred Hudson; Sarah Hards; David, Sarah and Sarah Jane Hone; Robert Hodgett; Wm. Hurst; Lydia Hazle.

Jane Istead; John, Harriet, Mary, Ann, Thomas, Joseph and George Ingram.

Haribut [Hurlbut] and Eliza A. Jones; Sarah, George, Thomas, Harriet, Emma, Lizzy, Julia, John and Martha Jackson; Ciara Jenkenson; Wm., Emma, George, Arthur, Ephraim, Emma, Lorenzo, Richard and Marke Jeffs.

John, Fanny, James, and Henry Kemp; Mary Kay, Maria and son, George and Elizabeth Kirkham.

John, Emalina, Emma, Charlotte, John, Joseph, Brigham, Orson and Mariana Lee; James, Sophia, Louise and Wm. J. Lane; John London; Wm. Lunn; Elizabeth Lusty; Christian Lindsay.

William, Mary and Alfred H. Morrow, Nahomi Marshall; John, Elizabeth, Elias and John N. Mollyneux; George Mosely; Lucy Maycock; Sarah, William, Mary Ellen, John, George and Thomas Mayne; Thomas, Susanna and Giibert Moore; Thomas Mine; William, Sarah, Mary Anne, Sarah Jane, Elizabeth, Emma and Wm. T. Morris; M--, Agnes, Sarah, Mary, Robert, Livingston, Elizabeth and Christiana Montgume; John Thomas and Adolphus Morriss; Daniel, Catherine, Simon, Alexander and Ellen Mateson; James and Mary Matheson; Catharine McRavey; Thomas, Robert, William, James, Samuel, Andrew, John, Elizabeth and Isaac Mumford.

Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Joseph and Mary Orme.

James and Sarah Payne; Thomas and Margaret Partington; Dinah Presstish [Prestige]; Anthony Packson [Paxton]; James W., Sarah, Henry and Hannah Pogson; Thomas, Margaret and Jane Perkins; Richard, Mary and Ezra Potter; Benjamin, Matilda and James Peel; Sarah, Frederick, William and Robert Parish.

Richard, Ann, Lucy and Mary Ann Ringrose; Catherine, Emma and George Robinson; David, Catherine and Thomas Reese; Emma Reave; Reuben, Catherine, John B and Chas. H. Roberts; John Ramsay; John, Sarah, Geo. And Hyrum Rose.

Mary Ann and Wm. Suttleworth; Martha Sims; Mary Speir; Adeline Sparks; Mary Ann, Elizabeth, Sarah and Eliza Sheppard; Jno., Ann and Joseph Smyth; James Sarl; Edward, Lucy, Jane and Adoy [Adah] Lucy Steel; Emma Stephenson; Joseph Squire; Margaret Salmon; Ruth Slater; Edwin, Ann and David Scott; Mary Sinior [Senior].

Sarah Trepass; George, Louisa, Emma L., Harriet J., George M. and Ann Taylor; Abraham and Hannah Taylor; Emma, Mary Harriet, Hyrum and Jabez Taylor; David, Margaret, Isaac, Sarah Ann and Mary Thomas; Mary Thornton; Thomas, Lydia jun and Rachel Torower; Elizabeth and Betsey Taylor; George and Mary Ann Tyrell; Jemima Turne; Agnes Taylor; Charlotte Taylor; Robert Talbot,

Elizabeth Ward; Elizabeth Wagstaff; Elizabeth Wilkins; Thomas Williams; George, Emily, Samuel and Edward Winn; Wm. Jenkins; James, Sarah, Sarah E., Laura and Felia Woods; Matilde, George, Ann, Joseph, William and Trulove Ward; John, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Mary Ann and Agnes Williams; Robert Wilson; Samuel, Lucy, David, Ruth, Amos[,] Ellen[,] Isaac, Mary Jane and Heber J. Wagstaff; William, Catherine, Mary E. Wordell [Wardle]; Thos. Worthington; Henry, Ellen, Mary Ann, Ellen and Rosannah Welch.

Wm. and Mary Yates; Margaret Yeates.




Cecilia and Kiersten Anderson; Celia, Caron, Moron, Caron M., Enger C., and Sarah Anderson; Owla and Mary Anderson; Paul, Kerstina, Cecilia, Engre, Mary, and Christina Anderson; Mary Anderson; Peter and Anna Adamson; Henry T. and Andrew Adamson; Hougar [Hakan] , Marian, Oscar, Elnora [Catherine Elnors], and Hakan Anderson; Susannah Anderson; Derah Amasen; Martin C., Ellen, and Anders M. Anderson; Johanes Anderson; Sarah L, Augusta, and Andora J. Adamson; Maile, Sophia, Sarah, and Victoria Anderson; Anne Ashman; Pricilla Allquist.

Caron, Bene, Anna, and Anna Benson; Jas., Hanna, James, Margaret Briant [Bryant]; Susan Banker; Hans Jens, Anna, and Maron Brown; Christian, Aena, Jens, Marrinos, Karl, Nels, Augusta, and Franklin [Frances]Barrigos [Beauregard]; John Bowen; John, Sarah, William, Thomas, and James Berks; Hannah and Jons Boy [Borg]; Thomas Bryan; Samuel, Mary, and William Bardsley; Betsey and Mary Buckley; Ann, Christiana Maria, Christian, and Anne C. Bramson; Charles and Maria Broadfield; Elizabeth Butler; Nels Bergreen.

Peter Christiansen; Peter, Anna, Hannah, Ellen, Mary, Anders, Niels, Kersti, and Johan Carlson; Rebecca Crowder; George Collin; Anne M. Christiansen; Christian Clousen; Jens Clousen; Anna K., Jens, Havly, and Christina Christensen; Owla, Anna, Bearta, Anna Maria, and Maron Carlson; Mads and Anna Christian; Franz, Sophy, Anne Hans, Anna, and Hans Christianson; Soren Jens and Kerslen Cortzen [Cortsen]; Neils, Besti, Maryoni, Anne C., and Jens Christenson; Thomas, Sarah, Emily, Jane, Charley, and Hannah Cobley; Thomas D. Hannah, Thomas, Charlotte, Arthur, and Reuben Constant, Christian, Ann, Medisophia, Louisa, and Anne C. Christiansen; Ann Clowson; Eliza Crew; Loren, Maron, and Christina Christiansen; Marthia Cook; John and Emma Clarke; Joseph Cook; Mary and David Coolbear.

Simon and Peter Dalguist, Hannah and Maria Devenport.

Lars, Hannah, Owla, Hannah, and John Elison; Anders and Henrid Elison [Eliason]; Sophia Ervolder; Isaac and Ana Edinberg; Mary, Hyrum, Joseph, Thomas, Elizabeth, and George Blair Ely.

John and Mary Anne Francis; James and Lorenzo Fowler; Nathan, Zillah and Amy Fox; Mary Anne Firth; Anne Froyer; Maria and Martha Filer; Inger and Charlotte Foss; Emma Ford; Ann Foster.

John A., Elizabeth, and Mary Gledell; Mary and Margaret Green.

Kiersten Hagstrom; Catrina Henson; Peter N. Hagstrom; John Halegrin; John, Nancy, Isabella, and Margerat Harrison; Thomas, Sophia, and Cyrus A Horsley; George and Mercy Harinon [Harmon]; Thomas, Sarah, and Hannah Hardy; Johana Horkinsen [Hakanson]; Edward Christian Hendrickson; Meti F. Henison; Jabod [Jacob] and Hans Hansen; Hans Hansen; Jonathan, Eliza, Hannah, Catherine, Hugh, Joseph, Mary A., and Alma Householder; Sarah J. Holder; Henry Haslam; James, Sarah and Emma Hibbard; Ann Holland; Jens, Mary, Maron, Owlen, Anne M., Sarah, Niels, Hansina, and Martin Hansen; Christian, Gertrude, Hans, Rassussen and Maron Hansen; Caston Holson; Joseph and Ellen Huntington; Christian, Frederick, Stena, and Jens Houlson; Harriett Hopkin.

Willielmon Ipsen.

Anders and Kiersten Jogomoson; Niels, Else, Anne, Michael, Sophia, Caron, Elle C., Lortia, Lars L., Marion Else and Soporana [Sophrania] Jensen; Ela Jepson; Bodel Jensen; Richard Jons; Hans Christian Jensen; Maria Catrina, Keyso Anders Custo [Gustaf] and Carl Johnson; Gustavia, Lovisa, Sophia and Ida Johansen; Sarah Jenson; Josias and Medi Jensen, Neils Johansen; Christian and Maria Jendersen; Johan Peter, Jens, Lars, Jen, Joseph and Sophia, Johansen; Sene Jensen; Jens and B[o]wl, Jensen; Nels and Eager Jensen; Anna Maria Jousen; Hanna Jerrison; Henry Jervis; Jens, Maron, Jenkins, Antolie and Jens P. Jepson [Jeppesen].

Edward Kibby; Maron Larson and Ellen Kjer.

Peter and Metz C. Larson; Maria Larsen, Margreta and Dortha Larson; Swen Nielsen, Elvina, Carolina and Anna Lonigreen; Kiersten Leonsen; John and Mary Lindsey; Jenn C. Laritzen; Anna C. and Maron Larson; Lowe E. Lega; Morgon Larsen; Andrea M. Larsen; Neils P., Else and Neils Lunstrom; Henry and George Longmore; Peter Larsen.

Wm. and Margery Mate; William Morfew; Anna C. Mattison; Jens Frederick, Meti, and Christian Mortinson; Meti M. Marson, Else Sophia Megelson; Else M. and Jansina Mortisen; Adolph Peter, Ingeborg, Fratz, Alexander, Hans Peter, and Lina Milorf; Christian Mortinsen; William, Sarah, Mary Anne, Sarah Jane, Elizabeth, Emma, William T., and Ann Morris; William, Anne and Mary Anne Mitchell; Erasuvy and Mary Michelson; Marina Mycock; Thomas Memetri [Memmott].

Soren Christian Nielsen; David and Harriett Nelson; Carl Christian, Mary, Jens, Niels, Christian Nielsen; David and Harriett Nelson; Carl Christian, Mary, Jens, Niels, Christian, Jens P. Joanna, Anders, Catrina and Stena Nielson; Peter Norfur; Lizzie Nielson; Anderson, Sarah, Caroline, Anton, Neils P. Mary A. and Johannes Nielson.

Oga [Ake], Hannah and Carolina Oulson [Olsson]; Annie Olsen; Neils Peter, Juliana S., Jens, Hans and Christian Olsen.

Anders, Carton, Purie, Bent, Neils, Botilda, Cecilia, Rasmus and Peter R. Peterson; Christiana Paulson; Kerstie, Anna, Ellen, Ellen and Ida Peterson; Daniel Sarah, Hannah, Christina and Paulina Pegstrom, Peter, Gustava, Jonas, Alfred and Paulina Peterson; Jonas, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Jonathan, William, Sarah E. and Marintha Platt; Erasmus, Annie, Karen M., Christina, Christina, Anders, Marie Annie, Christian and Johannes Peterson; Charles Pearson; James W., Sarah, Henry and Anna Pogson; David, Cecilia, Catherina, Brigham, Jared A. and Mary Pollock; Mary Ann Pointer; Elsie M. Peterson; Anna M. and Karen Pausion [Paulson]; Lars, Maren, Oval [Ova], Karen and Hans Peterson; Mary Pearson; Peter, Maren, Jens, Anna and Jesima Pertleson.

Clara Ruberra; Elsie, Nelly, Annie, Anna and Hans Rosenquist, John, Maria, Mary J., Anna M. and Rebecca Robinson; William, Jane, John, Jane, Henry and John J. Reid; George, Ruth. William and Ruth Reid; Elizabeth and Elizabeth Reidson; Henry Rowlandson; Mary and Betsy Ramsbottom; Hans and Lars Rasmussen; Mati Christiana Rasmussen; C. P., Margreda, Laurena and Sophia Ranow; Grace Robinson.

Maron Sorenson; Christian, Maria, Andrea, Stephena and Christina Stels [Steck]; Mary Spendlove; Anna Stokes; Mary, George and Joseph South; Christian Peter and Marea Sorenson; Christian, Anna, Carolina, Anna and Anna Margueritta Swaps [Schwalbe]; Hans Peter W., Matilda, Vegar, Carl and Leon Lena Schmidt; Kerstina, Nels Larsen, Elsie and Johanna Swenson; Peter Christian, Anna, Christiana, Reastan, Andreas, Anna C. and Elsie Skone [Skou]; Anna E. Solar; Herbert and Mary Savage; Elizabeth, John, Elizabeth, Heber, Emma and Cyrus Stanfield; Alice Straw; Ann Sorenson; Jene, Lizzie, Nels P. and Vilat Sk-n-en [Skousen]; Peter, Mary, Peter Jr., Hans and Annie M. Sanson; Thomas Jeter and Kerstina Schoder; Anna Scevena; Robert Shotham; Samuel Stringfellow; Cecilia Sanberg; Anders Swenben[Swensson].

Peter and Magdelina Turgreen [Torngren]; Peter Tomander; Joseph, Penelope, Eliza, Joseph, Anne, Henry, John, James, Richard and Samuel Thompson; Maron Catrina and Carolina Thomson; Rietian [Ristian] and Maria Tusen.

Lydia Wilkinson; Abraham, Emma, Mary and Margaret Whitaker; Sophia Warillow; Elizabeth, Mary, Ann, Hyrum and Joseph Williams; Jane Withers; Mary, Sarah Ann, Mary Ellen, Francis and Thomas Wolfindum.




Isaac A. Canfield, captain; Wm. C. Neal, sergeant of guard; James McKnight, chaplain; Christopher, Jane, Ruth, Charles, John, Mary, Erastus, Emma, Stelia, and Christopher Dixon; Charles, Mary, Ama [Ana], Mary, Joseph, Caroline, Charles, Martha, William, and Arthur Wightman; David, Mary, Henry, and Lillie [Effie] Minkler, Eley and R. S. T. Fuller; John and Lorinda Allen, Hulda L. Tucker, Ira Fisk; Jackson J. M. , Sarah M., Angeline M., and Emily L. Butler; Peter, Phebe E., George W. Irwin A., Fayette W., Eugene M. Lewis B., Byron, and Edgar M. Munsee; James, Margaret, Mary Ann, Heber, and Angelina Brewer; John and Martha Bloo[m]field; John McAvoy; James Taylor; Wm. Dalin; Edward M. Patterson; Robert Blain; Joseph C., Elizabeth J., Albert W., and and Deidemia Stickney; Leonard, Caroline A., and Sarah J. Floyd; Matthew, Harriet, John, Moroni, Elizabeth, Rhode, and Wm. H. Pickett; Peter, Mary, James John, Peter B., and Esther McFarlin [McFarlane]; James Forsyth; John, Sarah, Fanny, William, and Elizabeth Wagstaff; Owen, Elizabeth, George, Samuel, Sarah, and Franklin H. Isom; Edward and Jane Thornton; Edward, Ann, Owen, and Anne J. Parry; George Jacklin; John P. and Anna Ball; Mary Dyer; John Prichard; J. Milan and Rosella D. Russell; Lucy M. and Rose Garfield [Canfield]; Isabella Gray; Ann E. and Jon A. Neal; Sam’l, Mary Ann, and Alfred L. Blackham; Ellen E. Beckstead; Benjamin Farrar; Michael and Jared Stoker; Albert W. Turner; Robert L. Nowell; Horace Stannard.