Transcript for Joseph Young Emigrating Company journal, 1853 February-June

Monday July 11th
Moved the Company at 8 A.M. and at 10 Camped at Muscato [Mosquito] Creek preparatory to crossing the [Missouri] River.

Friday July 15th 1853. Finished crossing the Wagons, Cattle & [etc.] at Traders point and arrived on the Prairie, west of the Missouri at Sunset about 3 miles distant.

Saturday July 16
Several Wagon Wheels requiring repair the Camp could not move until 6 P.M. on proceeding about two miles found six cows belonging to some of the other companies four of which were yoked

Distance about 3 miles


Sunday July 17. Proceeded on our Journey & Camped at 6 P.M.

Distance 10 miles.


Monday July 18, 1853.Moved forward at 7 A.M. and arrived at the Elk Horn at 6 P.M.

Distance 17 miles

Here two brethren in pursuit of the 6 cows taken up on the 16th inst: came up with the Camp and claimed same, having strayed from Capt. [Jacob] Gates’s Co. while crossing the Missouri.


Tuesday July 19
Ferried the Elk Horn & Swam the Cattle. About 10 A.M. rain began to fall heavily which made the approaches difficult. Camped on the Western shore finding it impossible to proceed on account of the rain.

Wednesday July 20
Roads very heavy and difficult[.] camped near the Elk Horn at 3 P.M. the cattle being much tired

Distance about 10 miles


Thursday July 21
Moved off at 7 A.M. and camped without wood or water at 6 P.M.

Distance about 20 miles


<Friday July 22>
Left the Camp ground of last night at 5 A.M. and arrived at Shell Creek at 10. rested and refreshed the cattle until 2.30 P.M. when we proceeded and camped at Water but without Wood at 8.

Distance 20½ miles


Saturday July 23.
Proceeded at 7.45 A.M. and arrived at the Loup Fork Ferry at 2 P.M. Weather hot & [etc.] close—-found the river too high to cross had therefore to encamp on the eastern banks

Distance about 12½ miles


Sunday July 24
Rested this day. Meeting at 10:30 A.M. when the Saints were addressed by President J.W. Young. Bro John Spriggs & [etc.]; Mary Ann Elizabeth Wood [Hood] were this day married by J.W. Young in the presence of Bro J[ohn].R. Winder and Henry Pugh.

Monday July 25
Crossed the whole of the Wagons by Ferry and swam the Cattle in safety. Camped at Sun-set on the Western side of the Loup Fork.

Tuesday July 26
Proceeded at 9. A.M. had good roads and camped at 3.30 P.M. about half a mile South west of the Loup Fork.

Distance 14 miles


Wednesday July 27
Moved off at 8 A.M. roads good until we came to the Sand hills[.] then became heavy work for the teams, but after rousing the same, they again became good and ran parallel with the Loup Fork. At 5 P.M. we turned off the road about half a mile and camped within watering distance from the river. Plenty of wood within half a mile

Distance about 16 miles


Thursday July 28
Left camp ground about 7.30 A.M. Saw several strayed oxen on the opposite shores of the Loup Fork, dispatched some brethren in search of them who failed to capture any. Camped at 6 P.M

Distance 15 miles


Friday July 29
Twenty four Volunteers left the Camp at 2 A.M. to endeavor to find and capture the oxen seen yester day. they returned by companies during the day being unable to find or even track them. The Camp moved off about 9.45 A.M. and proceeded over the Sandy Hills, found the roads rather difficult but plenty of water. Camped at 6 P.M. where we had no wood. Here we used for the first time Buffalo Chips for fires

Distance 12 miles


Saturday July 30
Moved off at 7.45 A.M. the roads sandy for about six miles, then we took the old road for Prairie Creek which was crossed in safety, one wagon was upset but no serious injury sustained[.] Crossed the Creek stated to be dry in Clayton’s Guide which had at least two feet of Water and Met here 27 Elders Sent on Missions to England and other places. quick-sand bottom; some delay took place here with a few of the Welsh Company’s teams which made it rather late before all were over, the camp proceeded at good speed, though several Sloughs had to be got through intending to make Wood River. Travelled about two miles east until 9 P.M. and finding a deep wet slough about two miles east of Wood River were obliged to camp for the night

Distance about 14 miles


Sunday July 31.
Aroused the camp at 5 A.M. got up the teams as quickly as possible, crossed a bad slough and forded Wood River which was 2½ feet deep. Camped at 9 A.M. near the Platte River where we had plenty of wood, water and grass and where we remained for the day.

Distance 3 miles


Held a meeting at 6 P.M. when the saints were addressed by President J.W. Young, Elders J.C. Haight and Levi Stewart (the latter two brethren having travelled with us the last three days) and gave good counsel to the saints.

Elder J.C. Haight[,] having found that the care of the whole company together with that of a sick wife was too much burden for J[oseph]. W[atson]. Young to bear proposed a Captain of this Company to be nominated to act under J.W.Y.’s directions[.] Elder William Parry was therefore unanimously appointed to said office. Bro. Hawkin [William Hocking] was also appointed Captain of the first 50[,] vice Parry[,] and Bro. [James] Cook Capt. of the 3rd ten[,] vice Hawkin. The meeting was closed as it was opened by singing and prayer and the saints retired to their tents rejoicing in the blessings of the Spirit of God.

Monday Augt. 1.
Moved off at 7.30 A.M. Halted at 1 P.M. making 12 miles. On the camp being again in motion a Severe Storm of Thunder and rain came on which together with some bad Sloughs to cross and wretched roads at 6 P.M. we had only made 8 miles further when we camped for the night all being drenched to the skin

Distance 20 miles


Tuesday Augt. 2.
Moved off at 7.10 A.M. found the roads very bad which ran parallel with Grand Island, halted at noon for an hour, soon afterwards came up with a large tribe of Pawnee Indians whose begging was incessant until after sun-set, when with some difficulty we got rid of them. One of the Braves and five Indians remained in camp for whom we fixed a tent and made them comfortable. Extra guard was Set and each man required to watch his wagon

Distance 15 miles.


Augt. 3rd
Aroused the camp at 4 A.M. The Indians we had entertained left soon afterwards, but several others were on the ground before day-light and followed the train some distance. Were on the march before five A.M. and proceeded about 5 miles when we halted for breakfast until 9. Had several bad sloughs and creeks to cross, roads bad. and completely inundated. Camped on the banks of Elm Creek at 6 P.M. after a very tiresome drive of 17½ miles

/Thursday Augt. 4th
Trumpet sounded at 4 A.M. but did not move off until 8 o’clock as many of the sisters had to prepare bread & [etc.] for the day. Made a new bridge and crossed Elm Creek all safe. Arrived at the next Creek at 10 A.M. where in crossing some delay took place, all passed by 11.45 and proceeded. heavy bad roads and several deep ravines. Camped at 4 P.M. on Buffalo Creek

Dist. about 13 miles


During the evening Sister [Bridget Davis] Blackwell who had been sick for two weeks became worse and expired at 10 P.M. She was from St. Clairs Branch Caernarvonshire Conference[,] former name Bridget Davis, was married on board the Jersey by Elder William Parry to Benjamin Blackwell. buried near Buffalo Creek[.] Aged 45 years

Friday Augt. 5
Aroused the camp at 4 A.M. sent some men forward about 3 miles to erect a bridge. Ordained Bro. William Hockin[s] (Capt. of 1st 50) to the office of an Elder in the presence of Elder John R. Winder and Henry Pugh. Moved off at 8 A.M. arrived at the crossing of Buffalo Creek at 10 o’clock[.] found the approaches steep, halted for an hour at 11.30 and camped at 7 about a mile east of the Platte

Distance 21 miles


N.B. Bro. Hokin is from Southampton Conference England is married, has no children, Age 27 years[.] had not been previously ordained to any office in the Church.

Saturday Augt. 6.
Proceeded at 7.30 A.M. found the roads tedious and weather hot. Halted at 2 P.M. and camped at 5 P.M. near the Platte River[.] Soon after sun-set a tremendous storm of Thunder, Lightning & [etc.] Rain came on and continued until after midnight, pouring into wagons and tents, the wind blew quite a hurricane overthrowing many of the tents leaving the inmates in a deplorable condition

Distance 16 miles


Sunday Augt. 7
Remained in Camp until 3 P.M. for the purpose of drying bedding, clothing & [etc.] when we proceeded to find a better camping place halted near the Platte at 7 P.M.

Dist. 8 miles


Monday Augt. 8.
Moved off at 8.15 A.M. passed the Sandy Bluffs which we found heavy work for the teams. arrived at Skunk Creek at 11.45 and halted for an hour. On starting again at 1 P.M. a messenger arrived with the information that Prest. J.W. Young had Killed a Buffalo desiring the company to remain until it was brought to Camp which delayed the camp until 4.30 P.M. On arriving at the Pawnee Swamp considerable delay took place[.] one axeltree was broken, it now being after 6 o’clock we halted for the night

Distance about 6 miles


Tuesday Augt. 9.
Camp (except the 6th ten of 2nd Fifty) moved off for the crossing of Skunk Creek at 8.15 A.M. the above 50 remaining with the broken wagon which being repaired followed at 2.30 P.M. but on arriving at the crossing of Skunk Creek found that the 1st ten of 2nd Fifty had been left there on account of the second wagon having broken an axletree also. Capt. Parry with the remainder of the company had proceeded towards Carrion Creek. Prest. J.W. Young therefore determined to remain here until a new axletree <was> fixed. Shortly after our arrival a Buffalo Calf chased by a Wolf hanging to her tail came close up to our encampment. J.W.Y. and some of the brethren gave chase and succeeded in his capture.

Distance this day about 3 miles.


Wednesday Augt. 10.
The wagon being repaired we proceeded at 10.30 A.M. Halted at 3 P.M. at the Cold Water Springs when a severe Thunder Storm came <on> and continued with torrents of rain until 6.30 P.M. After a second halt we again proceeded and caught up the Camp at 8 P.M.

Distance 16¼ miles


Thursday Augt. 11.
Proceeded at 9 A.M. travell’d 6 miles to the place named by Clayton “Last Timber” but found none, halted for an hour and diverted the road to avoid a bad Slough and proceeded to Black Mud Creek, had our wagon tongue broken. this being rep? we crossed the creek and encamped at 7 P.M.

Distance 9¼ miles


Friday Augt. 12.
Aroused the Camp at 4.30 A.M. and got upon the road at 7. found the a deep slough about 1½ miles ahead which took until 10 o’clock to cross, also the roads very Soft and bad but no accident has yet taken place (11 A.M.) halted for an hour. Arrived at the North Bluff at 3 P.M. which we forded by doubling teams in safety, Soon came to the east foot of Sandy Bluffs[.] found it deep and excessive heavy for the cattle. Camped at 7 P.M

Distance 15 miles


Saturday Augt. 13
Marched off at 7.55 A.M. along the Sandy Bluffs. Morning cool and pleasant but the travelling very heavy, halted at 12.5 P.M. proceeded again at 2.30, the cattle being refreshed they travelled through the sands pretty well, but quite a number have sore necks, crossed Bluff Creek and encamped for the night near the West foot of the Sandy Bluffs

Distance 12 miles


Sunday Augt. 14.
Proceeded on our journey over the Sandy Bluffs, Creeks & [etc.] at 7.30 A.M. and encamped off Goose Creek at 2.30 P.M. where the lead cattle of Prest. J.W. Young’s wagon turned suddenly round into the creek by which the off side fore wheel was broken up. Thus was a week of disasters, having had to fix two new axletrees, repair two or three tongues and one wheel new spokes

Distance 5½ miles


G.B. Total distance this past week 67 miles.

Monday Augt. 15.
Moved off at 8.30 A.M. and for three or four miles had the roads Still heavy and sandy but on nearing the river had good travelling for the cattle. Halted at 1 P.M. near Rattle <Snake> Creek. The cattle being much fatigued we rested until 5.30 P.M., crossed the creek and camped at 8.20 P.M.

Distance about 15 miles


Tuesday Augt. 16
Proceeded at 7.30 A.M. found the roads still sandy, halted at Camp Creek at 11.30 A.M. the cattle being from the effects of sands and hot weather exhausted. Moved on again at 5.20 P.M. and halted Wolf Creek at 8.20

Distance 10½ miles


Wednesday Augt. 17.
Aroused the camp at 4 A.M. by double teams proceeded across the Sandy Bluffs West Foot. Halted at 1.20 P.M. about ¾ of a mile West of Watch Creek where we crossed another about 2 rods wide not mentioned in the Guide. halted until 4.40 P.M. when we proceeded looking out for the “Lone Tree” but found it not, suppose it has been cut down. came opposite to Ash Hollow at 7 P.M. when we crossed a slough not mentioned, crossed Castle Bluff Creek by moon-light at 8.30 and camped for the night[.]Dist. pr. Guide 14¼ miles, but suppose the actual distance not less than 17.

Thursday Augt. 18.
Moved off at 8.15 A.M. passed Castle Bluff & [etc.] Sandy Creek. halted at noon for an hour, found the road pretty good except about a mile of sand. proceeded at 1.30 P.M. halted again at 4.15[.] watered cattle and again moved forward at 5.55[.] camped at 7.40 P.M. South of the road near the River

Distance about 17 miles.


Friday Augt. 19.

A funeral of Bro Nalder’s child who died yesterday named Sarah Elizth. aged 7 m[on]ths 21 days took place here this morning.

Moved of at 8.5 A.M.[.] found the road near the bluffs Still sandy and heavy, but on leaving Same became good. Halted at 12.30 West of Crab Creek, proceeded again at 3.30 P.M. and crossed the Cobble Stone Hills [Cobble Hills] during a terrific storm[.] on arriving at the West Foot found the road impassable and being an hour after Sun-set found it necessary to camp on the road side[,] some of the wagons not arriving until 11 P.M.

Distance 17 miles


Saturday Augt. 20
Aroused the camp at 4 A.M.[.] the moon then shining brightly, the comp[an]y was soon in motion and proceeded across the sands to the River, where we halted for Breakfast & [etc.] feed for the cattle near the “Ancient Bluff Ruins” for about 3 hours. Moved off. at 9.20 A.M. roads still heavy[.] halted at 1.30 P.M. and proceeded again at 3.45. Encamped east of the Low Sandy Bluffs at 7 P.M.

Dist. about 15 miles


Sunday Augt. 21.
Rested this morning & [etc.] a Council of the Captains of Hundreds, Fifties & tens called at noon when it was determined that each man belonging to every wagon shall on no account leave the same while the train is moving, but be ready to assist the driver on all occasions when required.

A meeting also of the Saints took place at 1.15 P.M. which was opened by Elder Rostrun [Richard Rostron] chaplain of the Compy. Prest. J.W. Young afterwards exhorted the saints to diligence, constancy in prayer, cultivating a Spirit of union & [etc.] Some discord having existed he found it necessary to speak plainly to the compy and scold a good deal which was done in an amiable spirit and trust[.] much good will be the results thereof. After singing and benediction pronounced by Elder Rostrun the meeting broke of at 3.P.M. At 4.25 the camp moved onward and at 7 P.M. camped S. side the road opposite Court House Rock

Distance 5 miles.


Total distance this week 93¾.

Monday Augt. 22.
Proceeded at 8 A.M. Weather rather cooler at first but on nearing the sands it again became hot. halted at 1.15 P.M. making about 12 miles[.] Encamped at 7 P.M. south of road and about 5 miles W. of Chimney Rock.

Distance 19 miles


Tuesday Augt. 23.
Moved off at 8.10 A.M. towards Scotts Bluffs. weather fair & cool. very hot towards noon. Saw a train of 13 Wagons and a number of cattle on the South side the river moving east. halted at 12.15 and were again on our journey at 2 P.M. Encamped between Scotts Bluffs & Spring Creek at 7 P.M. where we were visited by some Sioux from the S. side the River

Distance about 18 miles.


Wednesday Augt. 24
Proceeded at 7.45 A.M.[.] in half an hour came to Spring Creek[.] halted at 1.15 P.M.[,] moved forward again at 3, encamped at the Low Sandy Bluffs at 6.30 P.M.

Distance 16½ miles


Thursday Augt. 25.
Moved off at 7.45 A.M.[.] found the road very sandy, weather hot and windy, halted when timber is again found at 3.30 P.M. but finding feed scarce had to proceed again toward Raw Hide Creek, encamped about 2½ miles east of Same at 6.45 P.M.

Distance 16½ miles


Friday Augt. 26.
Many cattle having strayed during the last night, the camp was this morning delayed until 9 A.M. J.W. Young also had to go forward to seek feed for the Cattle, which for the first time since leaving the Missouri we now find difficult to obtain. Arrived at Raw Hide Creek at 10.20 A.M. and halted at 12.30 P.M. near the River to Water and rest the Oxen. Proceeded at 2 P.M.[.] roads very Sandy, heavy work for the teams, arrived at the Ford opposite Fort Laramie at 6 P.M.[.] All seemed to rejoice at the sight of a few houses and that we have thus far been so highly favored on our journey, it is six weeks this day since we crossed the Missouri. After resting and herding the cattle, the songs of Zion were heard ringing thro’ the camp, we were visited by several Indians, all of whom behaved themselves courteously and honestly.

Distance 14 miles.


Saturday Augt. 27.
Commenced crossing the Platte at 8.30 A.M. by double teams, the second fifty leading, all got through in safety by 11 A.M. At noon we were on our way, found the roads excessively sandy and hard upon the teams, halted the first wagon soon after 3 P.M. near the river S. side having to do erect the forge and do some Blacksmithing

Sunday Augt. 28.
The Camp moved off at [text missing] P.M. and proceeded towards the hills[.] got all the Wagons down the “Rocky Descent” and encamped near the river at 9 P.M.

Distance 2 miles.


Total distance this week 92 miles.

Monday Augt. 29.
Commenced our journeyings this week at 7.30 A.M.[.] 1st 50 leading at which time we left the “Rocky Descent” 7½ miles West of Fort Laramie-—found the roads rocky & trublesome, took the Old Pioneer Road and presumed the only company that has yet done so this season. Encamped at Bitter Creek at 6 P.M.

Distance 17 miles


Tuesday Augt. 30.
Bro. [William] Eatough of Blackburn Branch, Lancashire England died this morning at 3 o’clock[.] Aged 43 years (has left a Wife and family in easy circumstances there, he being on his way intending to prepare a home for them in the Valley) was buried at Bitter Creek, after which[,] and the repair of some Wagon Wheels[,] the Camp moved off at 10 A.M. After a hard day’s journey over very rough roads we encamped at Horse Creek at 8 P.M[.] Some of the Wagons not arriving until 9. Bro. Birchell’s [George Birchall’s] Wagon broke down and was left 4 miles back

Distance 18½ miles


Wednesday Augt. 31.
Bro Birchell’s wagon for which a wheel was sent at 2 A.M. arrived about 8 o’clock which with several others had to undergo repairs, therefore did not move off until 3 P.M. When we crossed Horse Creek ascended the rocky Bluff and encamped on the Third Creek which was dry and where we had very little feed for the Cattle. A terrific storm of Thunder, Lightning & Rain came on immediately after the train arrived, the wind blowing quite a hurricane, throwing over the tents and doing some damage thereto

Distance 6¾ miles


Thursday Sept. 1.
Trumpet sounded at 3 A.M. but on account of the darkness of the morning and the boisterous wind could not move off until 6 o’clock, when we proceeded and arrived a[t] La Bonte River at 11.45 A.M. where we had water and feed for the cattle. remained here until 5.30 P.M. when we were again on the march and encamped about a mile further

Distance 12 miles.


Friday Sept. 2nd.
Proceeded at 8 A.M.[.] roads hilly and hard upon the teams, the oxen having suffered much from thirst. Arrived at Le Prele River at 7 P.M.[.] cattle much exhausted. About 2 miles back we passed a Wagon belonging to Capt. [Cyrus H.] Wheelock’s Company unable to get along. we endeavored to render assistance but when within a quarter of a mile of Camp ground the axletree broke and could not proceed. The brethren with said Wagon was without food, their wants were supplied by Prest. J.W. Young.

Distance 18½ miles


Saturday Sept. 3rd
Left Camp ground at 8 A.M. intending to make Deer Creek to-night, but finding the Cattle weak and roads hard we halted at 2 P.M. and encamped at Fourche Boise River to recruit and also to await a few wagons which had been detained by the breaking of a Wheel and other casualties.

Distance 8½ miles.


Sunday Sept. 4.
Moved forward at 8 A.M. only intending to make Deer Creek on a/c [account] of some Wagons being left behind with also the Wagon Maker & Blacksmith who had to fix the Wagon belonging to Bro Wheelock’s company which with its party was disabled. Arrived at Deer Creek at 1.30 P.M.

Distance 9 miles


This day Sister Martha Harris late of Norwich Conference England died Aged 32 years. Single woman was buried at La Prele River. All the Wagons arrived here this evening with also the one of Capt. Wheelocks Company.

Total distance this week 90¼ mi.



Monday Sept. 5.

Finding more that 20 Wheels required setting had to search for coals, fix the Forge and commence repairs, though busily engaged all day could not complete the work. Drove the cattle to pasture about 2 miles away, where they got pretty good feed.


Tuesday Sept. 6.
Completed repairs and moved off at 2 P.M.[.] halted for the night at 6.30

Distance 7¼ miles.


Wednesday Sept. 7.
Proceeded this morning at 8.30. Roads pretty good, halted at noon one hour, encamped at 7 P.M. near the two Ravines within 4½ miles of the Upper Platte Ferry & Ford

Distance 17 miles.


Thursday Sept. 8.
Moved off at 7.30 A.M. arrived at the Ford at 10 A.M. and crossed the Wagons in Safety. Proceeded on the North side the Platte at 10.40 taking the new road along the river, found it hilly and troublesome, after leaving the river it became good. Camped with 4 miles of the Alkali Springs and Creek at 7 P.M.

Distance 20½ miles.


Friday Sept. 9.
7. A.M. proceeded, road pretty good until arriving at the “Rocky Avenue” when it became tedious until passing the Alkali Springs[.] Halted at noon at the “Stream of Clear Water” on a/c of having no water last night and but little feed, made this forenoon 10 miles. Moved off again at 2.30 P.M. Camped at the Creek 300 yards South of road

Distance 18¾ miles.


Saturday Sept. 10.
Sister Mary Ann Roy late of Bedfordshire Conference having departed this life during the past night was buried on the Prairie near the above Creek at 7. A.M. The Camp moved on at 7.50 and soon came in sight of Bro. Kendal’s Co. of Captn. [Cyrus H.] Wheelock’s train, who were encamped at Greasewood Creek 4½ miles west. Roads Sandy & heavy, arrived at Independence Rock at 4 P.M.

Distance 14¾ miles.


Sunday Sept. 11.
Moved forward at 9 A.M. and encamped at 1 P.M. at the 2nd Creek, West of Devil’s Gate

Distance 7. miles


Total this week 85¼ miles

Note—-Met the Mail at 9.15 A.M. near the Rock by which we recd. the “Deseret News Extra” containing an a/c of the Utah Indians incursions on the Salt Lake out-settlers—Gov: Young’s Proclamation, Instructions &c. &c.

Monday Sept. 12.
Proceeded onward at 8.20 A.M. halted at 2 P.M. where the road leaves the river (Sweet Water) making 10 miles. Moved again at 3 P.M. taking the River Road and encamped near Sage Creek at 6 P.M.

Distance 15¼ miles.


Note. Here Sister Elizabeth Smith late of Southampton Conference Single-woman died aged 25 years.

Tuesday Sept. 13.
The weather during the past night was very cold, plenty of Ice found this morning, the funeral of Sister Smith delayed the camp a little but moved off at 8.40. and arrived at Bitter Cottonwood Creek at 1 P.M. where we halted for an hour. Crossed the Sweet Water River and encamped between the rocks at 6.30 P.M.

Distance 13 ½ miles


Note—One birth took place this morning before leaving the Camp Ground viz: Sarah Elizabeth Morris 1st 50[.] Fathers name Isaac —- Mother’s Elizabeth.

Wednesday Sept. 14.
Weather fair this morning, cattle looking better, having had pretty good feed and plenty of water last night—-proceeded at 8 A.M. passed the fifth crossing of Sweet Water at 1 P.M. and halted, moved forward again during boisterous wind and camped without water at 6 P.M.

Distance 7 miles.


Thursday Sept. 15.
Prest. J.W. Young’s horses and those of Bro. [John] Sutton strayed during the night which caused delay this morning, however the 1st 50 moved off at 7.30. The horses were brought in at 10.20 when the balance of company proceeded except the 4th 10 of 2nd 50 which remained awaiting the returns of several men who went in search for the horses, their not returning at noon the 4th 10 proceeded and arrived at the Sweet Water at 2.45 P.M. crossed the Ford and halted again for an hour[.] Soon after starting again an ox of Bro. Sutton’s died almost suddenly which caused further delay. Bro. Sutton drove his Buggy forward previous to the expiring of the ox to bring back J.W. Young to have his advice and assistance[.] on their return to the Creek the Buggy axletree broke, the Wagons then moved on leaving J.W. Young, Bro. Sutton and part of his family with the Buggy. On ascending the 1½ mile Bluff met Bro. Charles Decker (who has been with a company to Devil’s Gate and was returning to Salt Lake) with information that the 1st 50 and the part of 2nd 50 that moved off early this morning had taken the wrong road and were about 12 miles a-head of us amongst the rocks[.] he had however given Captain Wm. Parry instructions how to regain the proper road and was now in search of his cousin J.W. Young who he soon found and assisted in repairing Buggy. Crossed the river twice after dark and arrived at Decker’s Camp about 1½ mile from last Ford at 10 P.M.

Distance 14¼ miles


Friday Sept. 16.
Proceeded at 9 A.M. the wind still very boisterous especially while crossing the Devil’s Back Bone or “Rough Rocky Ridge,” which together with the bad road made it dangerous travelling. Crossed some Creeks and encamped in a Grove near Quaking Asp[en] Creek at 7 P.M.

Distance 14 miles


Saturday Sept.17th.
During the past night while camping in this hollow the wind became somewhat still, but this morning a storm of snow came on. This part of the compy viz: 4th 10 of 2nd 50 with Bro Charles Decker’s moved off at 10.15 having as yet seen nothing of Capt. Parry and the other part of the Co.[.] travelled until 9 P.M. when we overtook them within 2¾ miles of the South Pass. Weather now very cold

Distance 16¾ miles


Sunday Sept. 18.
Anniversary of the nuptials of J.W. Young and Mary Anne Pugh being married A.D. 1852 at Liverpool England and who has been sick the whole of the voyage and Journey from that place and though now in the last stage of consumption bears her afflictions with fortitude, courage and resignation. Twelve months this day I (her Father) gave away my first-born, to-day we part no more to meet again this side the vail. J.W. Young at his request here leaves the company with the intentions of reaching the Valley in company with Charles Decker and others previous to the expiring of his beloved wife and gives the whole charge of the train into the hands of Cap. Wm. Parry. Arrangements being completed all move off together at 2.15 P.M. when J.W.Y soon leaves us. Passed the Summit, Pacific Creek and Spring and camped south of road at 7.30 P.M. having neither feed or Water

Distance 12¼ miles


Total distance this week 104. mi.

Monday Sept. 19.
Aroused the Camp at 4 A.M. proceeded for Little Sandy at 6.50, halted for an hour near the Junction of the California and Oregon roads at noon. crossed Little Sandy and camped about 2¼ miles West of Same

Distance about 20 miles.


Sept. 20. Tuesday.
Remained here this morning to feed the Cattle having made 32 miles without feed or water[.] Moved off at 3.15 P.M. halted at Big Sandy at 6.20 P.M. When we drove our oxen some mile or two for feed on the bank of Little Sandy.

Distance 6 miles


Note. Previous to leaving last Camp ground a Council was held of which the following is the particulars and details:

Tuesday Sept. 20th, 1853.
A council of the Officers and Elders of this Camp was this day held at 1 P.M. to take into consideration the conduct of Bro. [James] Bailey and others, who in consequence of the Bacon not holding out to allow each person 10 lbs. had been making threats to use powder & ball and thereby endanger the life of Capt. William Parry


Captn. W. Parry
" J.W. [John R.] Winder
" [William] Hockin[s]
Elder [Richard] Rostrun [Rostron]
" Ellis
" [James] Cook
" [William] Speakman
" Jones
" [Isaac] Morris
" Thomas
" [Robert] Dye
" [William] Eddington
" [Thomas or William] Thomas
" [John] Morris


Resolved. That as it is found upon minute calculation the best possible care has been taken of the Bacon consigned to the 1st 50 by Captn. Parry and his Commissary Bro. Morris[,] and that 9¼ lb has been delivered to each person, some portion to sick oxen, Indians and considerable waste from the hot weather, it has held out as well as could be expected. That Bro. Bailey’s conduct receive the censure of this council and that Brs. Eddington, Pugh and Rostrun wait upon him and endeavor to remove the bad spirit from him which has existed and also to effect a reconcilliation between the parties.

At the suggestion of Henry Pugh it was proposed by Elder J.W. Winder and seconded by Elder Rostrun that this Council support by all possible means Captn. W. Parry a leader of this company during the unavoidable absence of President J.W. Young. Carried unanimously

Several parties having refused to Watch &c. The Captn. of the Guard be required to give their names to the Clerk of this Company on any subsequent refusal, to be exposed in his journal to the authorities.


Henry Pugh


Wednesday Sept. 21st.
Proceeded at 8 A.M.. roads Sandy and heavy; halted at 1 P.M where we obtained water about 300 yards from the road. moved again at 2 o’clock and encamped at Big Sandy

Distance 17 miles


Thursday Sept. 22.
Proceeded for Green River at 10.30 where we arrived at 3.30 P.M.. found Bro. Wheelock’s Company was encamped here

Distance 10 miles


Friday Sep. 23.
Remained in camp until1 P.M. to rest and feed the cattle, then crossed the river and halted for the same purpose intending to make a long drive tomorrow

Distance Nil.


Saturday Sept. 24.
Moved off at 8 A.M.[.] halted where the road leaves the river, weather very hot and cattle weak, had some difficulty to get them on. Several gave out. Some of the Wagons arrived at the bank of Black Fork about 8 P.M.[.] others continued to come in until 11 and several teams were driven in without their wagons. The ten commanded by Captn. [William] Eddington was unable to reach the camp and remained about 4 miles behind.

Distance 20½ miles


Sunday Sept. 25.
Proceeded towards Ham’s Fork at 11 A.M. but finding good feed on Black’s Fork about 2 miles a-head camped at 1.30 P.M.[.] Turnetta Garrett wife of John Garrett died at 4 A.M. and was buried on the Camp ground of last night[.] Aged 30 years, late of South Conference England.

Distance 2 miles


Total this week 75½ miles

Monday Sep. 26.
Moved off at 9 A.M. after setting some wheels-—Arrived at Ham’s Fork at 10 forded same and Black’s Fork third time, halted for an hour at noon and encamped at 6.30 P.M. near Black’s Fork third time. A thunder storm came on in the afternoon which delayed the company for a little time, but cooled the earth and made it better for the cattle during the remainder of the day, found very little feed, but good may have been obtained at the crossing only 2 miles further

Distance about 13 miles


Note. The Salt Lake Mail 3 days behind time arrived here about 10 P.M. and camped with us for the night by which I sent the Emigration Lists to President Brigham Young, and also a note to J.W. Young stating the condition of things in camp


Henry Pugh


Tuesday Sep. 27.
Moved forward at 8.30 A.M. crossed Black’s Fork 14th time about 2 miles from last night’s camp ground. travelled on until 12 when Bro: Winder and myself espied Some good feed on the River banks within 150 yards of the road; finding Capt. Parry had proceeded with the 1st 50 and 1st & 2nd tens of 2nd 50[,] also that the third had been left behind from the weak state of their cattle[,] also that the cattle of 4th and 5th tens were suffering from hunger[,] Capt. Winder & myself concluded to avail ourselves of this favorable opportunity, therefore stopped here and refreshed them. Proceeded at 2 P.M. and caught up the remainder of the camp about 1½ mile a-head where they had stopped for the same purpose, but had to drive their teams some distance over the River. Moved off again at 4 P.M. and camped on Black’s Fork about 9 miles east of Fort Bridger, where we had good feed & water.

Distance about 10 miles


Wednesday Sept 28th.
The guard being off duty during the past night or neglecting the discharge of same (as no man was found at his post at 5 A.M.) five oxen was found fast in the mire one being quite dead and another nearly so. Capt. Parry was on the spot as soon after the alarm was given as possible with a staff of men who extricated those having life, this caused some delay in starting the train, part of which however moved off at 8.30 leaving the 4th 10 behind waiting the results of Bro. Sutton’s ox’s recovery and the finding of two cows belonging to Sister Smith[.] finding there was no chance of the ox recovering he was shot—at 9.30 A.M.[.] the cows also being found where Captn. Parry nooned yesterday this part of the Co. proceeded at 1.40 P.M. and encamped at Fort Bridger for the night where the company was addressed by Bro. Cummings who was here in charge of a company of the Nauvoo Legion in order to protect the Emigration from Indian depradations.

Note—Here H. Pugh received the melancholy intelligence of his dear daughter’s death, the wife of Prest. J.W. Young who left this company with Bro. Charles Decker on Sunday 18th instant, trusting to reach the Valley before she expired, but she breathed her last at or near Green River on Tuesday the 20th inst.

Thursday Sept. 29.
Left Fort Bridger at 9 A.M. and encamped at Muddy Fork at 4.30 P.M. Dist: 13 miles.

Friday Sep. 30
Left a Wagon at Muddy on a/c of the teams being so much weakened by loss of cattle, which was left unbroken in order that it may be taken to the fort or brought on at some future period. This with the delivery of provisions delayed the Camp this morning and did not move off until 11 o’clock, immediately afterwards had to cross Muddy Fork which caused a further delay of 1¼ hour: Ascended the Long Hill Altitude 7315 ft and encamped near the east foot of the dividing ridge

Distance pr. guide 11 miles


Actual distance having taken another road about 13¾.

Note. Here to the joy and comfort of the Company Prest. J.W. Young returned from the Valley about 8 P.M. to resume again his charge[.] He was accompanied by his Brother William and brother-in-law Guernsey Brown as assistants[.] they were received with gratitude and thanksgiving.

Saturday Oct. 1.
Moved off at 8.15 A.M. crossed Bear River and encamped at the Clear Spring & Creek at 5.45 P.M. after a hard day’s drive for the Cattle, being several steep hills to ascend

Distance pr. Guide 13¼ miles
Actual 14½ “


Sunday Oct. 2.
Proceeded at 8.40 A.M. crossed Yellow Creek at 11.45. the road thus far being very good and the cattle much stronger than for several days past. Met some wagons from the Valley with provisions for [Appleton M.] Harmon & [John] Browns Comp[an]y[.] Encamped at 3.15 P.M near Cache Cave

Distance about 9¾ miles


Note. Here Prest. J.W. Young & Bror. Guernsey Brown left for the Valley to endeavor to obtain teams to assist this company the remainder of the journey, as he found on his return to Camp that we had lost much cattle and the remainder considerably weakened. He also left his Brother William with us to whom he committed the charge of the Company until his return

Monday Oct. 3.
Left this morning at 9 o’clock, was met by Bro: Stoker with flour for those who needed any. Encamped at the deep ravine in Echo Kanyon [Echo Canyon] at 2 P.M. where deputy Prest. William G. Young received 442 pounds of flour for which he gave his note to Bro Stoker made payable to Bishop Edward Hunter amounting to (at $15 pr. 100 lbs) $66 30/100

Distance 6 miles


Held a meeting this evening when several of the brethren spoke, also the company received good instructions from Bishop Harker from the Valley who had come out to meet his Mother-in-law Sister [Sarah] Smith. At the close of the meeting it was proposed and carried with one unanimous voice that the company present a testimonial of their affection and esteem to President J.W. Young for his great care and excellent management during this journey and that Bro. Henry Pugh be appointed to draw up the Same to be presented on our arrival in Great Salt Lake City previous to the disorganization of the Company.

Tuesday Oct. 4.
The Camp was delayed this morning on a/c of 59 head of cattle being missing, the day guard of last evening having allowed them to stray into the mountains abut three miles from Camp, however all were eventually found and we proceeded at 10.40 A.M. Had several crossings of Echo Creek to repair and one bridge to make and although every possible precaution was taken by Bro. W.G. Young our wagon was upset; happily no person was hurt or much damage done. Encamped where there was plenty of grass, wood & water at 5 P.M.

Distance 8 miles


Wednesday Oct. 5
Proceeded at 9.30 A.M. find the cattle improved by a few days short journeys and good feed: had some difficult roads through Echo Kanyon [Canyon] but all was passed without accident. Encamped on the Red Fork of Weber River at 4.30 P.M. Plenty of Grass. Water & Wood. Distance 9½ miles.

Thursday Oct. 6th
The Cattle being pastured on the opposite side of the Weber, there some difficulty in gathering them together, did not move off until 10.45 this mor[n]ing. Crossed Weber Ford by double teams and proceeded through Pratt’s Pass and encamped on the road side about 1½ mile east of the Summit of Long Hill at 4.30 P.M.

Distance 7¼ miles


Friday Oct. 7
Moved off this morning at 8.45 and proceeded towards Kanyon Creek [Canyon Creek] where we arrived and encamped at 4.30 P.M. Was met this morning by Prest. J.W. Young in company with Bro Joseph A. Young, son of Prest. Brigham Young and friends, who came to our assistance with 24½ yoke of Cattle

Distance 9 miles


Saturday Oct. 8.
Proceeded at 8.45 A.M. Completed the passage through the Kanyon and commenced ascending the Big Mountain at 1 P.M. repaired much of the road and encamped within ¼ mile of the Summit at 6 P.M.

Distance 8¾ miles


Sunday Oct. 9.
Moved off this morning at 6.30[.] repaired the road and proceeded down the Big Mountain and arrived at the foot of the last Hill at 1 P.M. where we halted to feed the oxen and deliver our flour sent to our aid by President Brigham Young for those who needed it. Ascended and descended the little mountain and at 6.30 P.M encamped in Emigration Kanyon [Canyon]. within 10 miles of the City.

Monday Oct. 10.
Proceeded this morning at 9 o’clock. When we arrived at the 7th & 8th crossings of the Creek came up with Livingston & Kinkead’s & Barnes’s goods trains, found that if we moved further should get mixed up with them. therefore as these crossings were very bad we set about making a new road under the hill by which both crossings were avoided, this occupied about 2 hours when we proceeded again at 12 o’clock. Halted several times afterwards to repair the road when at all dangerous and arrived at the mouth of the Kanyon about 3 P.M. where we were met by Elders J.C. and Hector Haight, ascended the Hill and to the joy of all came in sight of the City where we arrived at 5 P.M. and encamped on Union Square in peace and security

Tuesday Oct. 11.
This morning the company was aroused by Trumpet Sound at 6 o’clock to prepare for dismissing[.] About 9 A.M. a meeting was called when president J.W. Young spoke well to the saints enjoining upon them faithfulness, diligence &c[.] they were also addressed by President Brigham Young with power and the manifestation of the Holy Ghost, teaching the saints that which was essential for their future destiny, also welcoming them to this delightful vale.

By request of the company’s Prest. he then broke up the organization, blessed the people in the name of the Lord Jesus and retired.

Good counsel was afterwards given by Elders J.C. Haight, Wallace and Lorenzo D. Young the latter of whom pronounced the final benediction and the meeting broke up about 11 o’clock

The testimonial resolved upon on the 3rd instant was here presented to our beloved president who acknowledged it in a brief but powerful speech.

Thus ends the journal of the company’s journey to Zion, and unto God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost we ascribe as is justly due for His mercies vouchsafed to us all honor, power and glory worlds without end. Amen.


Henry Pugh