Transcript for "July 24th at Mormon Grove," Deseret News, 26 September 1855, 228

Bassett, Charles H., "July 24th at Mormon Grove," Deseret News, 26 Sep. 1855, 228.





WESTON, MO., July 26, 1855.


Thinking, perhaps, that an account of our rejoicings amid hardships would be interesting, I send you the following:—

Elder Charles A. Harper, Captain first [?]iston of the last P. E. Fund Co., moved from Mormon Grove on the morning of the 24th inst. He and his company returned to the Grove in the afternoon, to join in the celebration of the memorable 24th. We had a good time, the saints were spirited and felt well.

All the saints from the several companies met at 3 o'clock p.m., in the "Grove," and [illegible] a procession under the direction of Elder Thomas Colburn Marshal of the day in the following order:—
1. Carriage containing Presidents Erastus Snow and Daniel Spence, also Elders Milo Andrus and Charles E. Bassett, committee of arrangements.
2. Elder John S. Fullmer, superintendent conductor of P. E. Fund passengers, an Elder James McGaw, Bishop of Mormon Grove.
3. Elders George Rust and Henry Humphries, bearing banners with appropriate emblems and devices.
4. Elder William Willis, orator of the day, and W. G. Mills, Zion's poet.
5. 1st division P. E. Fund Co., under the charge of Captain Charles A. Harper, each company of ten in charge of their respective captains, who acted as assistant marshals.
6. 2d division P. E. Fund Co., under the charge of Captain Israel Barlow and captains of tens.
7. Elders Sly and Barker from G. S. L. City.
8. Elders James M. Brown and W. H. Wilson, P. E. Fund Clerks.
9. Elder Isaac Allred, Captain Church Train, and Elder James Pace from G. S. L. City.
10. Church Train Co., under the charge of Elders Samuel Harly and Isaiah M. Coombs.

Procession moved at 4 o'clock, and marched through the principal avenues of Mormon Grove, and halted in front of the Church Store. The orator of the day took the stand and delivered an interesting oration which was listened to with much interest by the saints.

Elder W. G. Mills then read a beautiful poem composed for the occasion.

The congregation was addressed by Presidents E. Snow, Daniel Spencer, and Milo Andrus. After which several appropriate toasts were offered.

About 7 o'clock we dispersed for supper, and came together again in the evening and had a grand social dance on the green, near the Church Store.

About 11 o'clock we were dismissed, after hearing some very interesting remarks from Prest. Snow.

The celebration was good, and the display of flags, banners, &c, passed all expectation. From the top of every tent and wagon in camp one or more flags were floating, and the saints were out in their best dresses, making altogether a very fine display.

I saw Elder Orson Spencer late last evening, he passed up the river to Atchison, en route for the Cherokee nation. His health is good and he seemed in excellent spirits.

The goods and wagons (including paper, &c, for Deseret News) for Messrs. Hooper & Williams—last train passed up yesterday evening; they will be under way in a day or two. Hurriedly yours,