Transcript for Keetch, Mercy Truth Barker, Reminiscences 1902, vol. 2, 8p

C. soon got back and told me to get ready. we was soon of[f] to florence. when we see Bro. young he was sorrey we had not seen us before some of his train was Allreadey started[.] soon as i could i told Brother young why we was so late in coming to find his help[.] he saw he could see now why he had Been delaid so much. i told him how hard they had tried to stop us. o the name of joseph. W. young no father could be kinder to his own. daughter. then he was to me. When we was ready to start. C. went to the storr and Bought me A. tule and washbord with my gold desser. he sent to me. when i was in England to put on my Watch chain.) When we was in homah in the winter there was A saill C. went to it and got Afew 4. quilts. 4. china plats. 6 china cups. and sorcers all white. one have. plat..) we was behind the train. c had to travel. fast and late before we caught up. i was tired when we did stop..when Bro. young caught up with us. he. told me to use tea and coffee for the water was very bad. if. i. would not. to be shore. my men had what they wanted. i had 5 to cook for. they got wood and water c tended fire and got the things from the wagon i needed and put up the things when i had don.with them). .

one day the captin heird A noise in the hills he thought. Antlop was coming he made A gap in the train. for them to pas thro if they came. But they past A head o the oful dust the cap said there might of. bin A stamppead.) i had good luck with my camp men one. was. a full lase and disagreed But the others handled him.)

one day they teased. C. so much to go hunting to get some fresh meat..and they would do the work he should do. so he went. and All don well But he that should of wated on me he laid down on the grown and would not help me so i had to do the best i co[u]ld. these wagings was so very high in the frunt i could not reach the flour or Aney thing i wanted But i tried to and made myself sick) 3 or 4 days. i could not do Aney work. and it hert me so to ride But i could not walk…the youngest in my mess was A boy A little over 12 years. he was such A dear little boy he mist his. ma so bad he left her in ohama he was so deleaket he could not eat anething i had for him. i asked him what he eat At home he. said with a choak. Bread and milk. he could not stand it. to hear home or Mother menchened i would talk to him Alone to see if I cold learn Anething to do. to help him. he was so Afull bashful i found out he liked suger. he had plenty After that..

i was sick on the 12th of September..the train drove on. the cap went. Aways of And rested till we was. ready to go. we caught up with the train at. noon they stoped for earely noon ithink the captin. told them to .V when we stoped one of the men i had to cook for came to speak to me. and told me not trouble A boute the cooking he would. see to it All right he was. A very good latter day saint. not marred i think he had Bin disaapinted by the songs he yoused. to sing. he could sing nice. his name was cris valentine.) they told me it was near. green river were my Baby [Charles Greenwood] was Born. i do know it was A dry camp for there was not aney water good or bad. i had just A little in our cag. i think it was A boute. 8. o clock in the morning when baby was Born. on the 8th day when they they camped for noon. i drest and c took me out of the wagon and set me on the wagen. toung wile he took. my bed out to shake it. and tray to fix it A little. better i had not bin out many minets. when every thing was A goen Around i called to c. to hurry And take babe. he told me After he was just in time to save. us from faling. i don’t know how he got me. in the wagging. But the Brethern Adremistred to me i then got A little better. and at night i ondrest. not to dress Again till A boute conference..time) i had been very sick. this time from the 8th to conference there was but few if Aney reley belived I would ever get. well. i could hear. what they. was sayin and it hurt me they had no more faith. for me. i called Bro. young to me. and told him. i was i was goen to get well my work was not don hear neither had i received the Blessings the Lord had promised me. when i was in Babylon. now i am home in Zion. . . .