Transcript for Kennard, L. H., [Autobiography], in Leonidas Hamlin Kennard: His Family, 2 vols. [1982], 1:39-40

We went to Omaha, Neb. where we boarded the railroad train and rode as far as North Platt[e]. Here we decided to wait for a Mormon outfit from Salt Lake City we heard was coming. We got a job to drive for them. McAdams was to drive an eight mule team for W[illia]m. H[enry]. Streeper of Centerville and I had a six mule team for Judson L[yman]. Stoddard at $30.00 per month and board. We loaded up with merchandise for Kimball and Lawrence of Salt Lake City and started out. The second day out while our mules were feeding at noon, 7 Indians came down out of a gulch and drove the whole band off before we could stop them. We tired to stop them but we were afoot and there were too many Indians for us so we waited there for 6 or 8 days until we were able to get some oxen to bring our wagons on to Salt Lake. I had 4 yoke or 8 oxen in my team. We reached Salt Lake without any more trouble in very good time.