Transcript for Kesler, Frederick, Autobiography, in Ned R. Veater, Veater Family History, 1787-1990 [1990], 359

. . . in the early spring of 1851 we left Kansas City with 3 wagons[,] 6 yoke of oxen[,] 1 span of poney horses and & one cow[.] loading our wagons princaply with provisions we crost over the river & traveled Back on the same road that we did in going down in the spring of 1847[.] feed being short we traveled slowly

on arriving at old winter quarters. now cald Florance [Florence] we found hundreds of wagons ready to start on thare journey across the Desert Plains. I joined Apostle Orson Pratts company & was chosen to be captain of the 2nd Ten which consisted of 14 wagons[.] all companies crossing the Great Plains ware organized with Captains of 100 & of fifties & tens[.] traveling in large well organized Bodies we ware better prepared to defend ourselves in case of an atact by any Hostile Indians.

we traveled in this order until we arrived in the foot Hills of the Rockey [Rocky] Mountains when we divided up into smaller componies[.] I led out with 2 tens in this order[.] traveled quietly along Killing Buffiloes by the way which amply supplying the camp with all the meet that was needed. 2 of which I kild myself with my Rifle

arriving safely in S.L. City on the 1st Day of October 1851. Having traveled over 1300 Hundred miles with ox teams