Transcript for Kettle, John, [Diary], in Jesse Lenard Warner, The Protecting Warrior, Book 1 [1974], 20-22

May 31, 1856 —Began to prepare for our journey Change Luggage start again at 2 at Rock Island cross the Mississippi for Davenport then for Iowa City then for the camp ground.

June 2, 1856—Stopt one week.

June 9, 1856—Start on our journey 5 miles lost the Cattel from the 11th to the 29th we went about 10 miles a day sent a letter home. About the 25th June 1856 reach Winter Quarters.

July 8, 1856—Went to the Bluffs on the 10th started from the Camp.

On the 17th July 1856 went about 3 miles Camp again.

July 20, 1856—Reach Elkhorn.

July 21, 22, 23, 24, 1856—Celebration Campt at 12 oclock & spent the time in washing & other things.

July 25, 26, 1856—Cross the River & a great storm Henry Walker struck by lightning & his wife and 2 more hurt all well then for it is the work of the Lord.

July 27, 1856—Killen an ox travill hard all the week.

July 29, 1856—Meet some California.

Aug. 2, 1856—Saw some Bufflo & cross 2 rivers & then Camp.

Aug. 3, 1856—Hunting after Bufflo.

Aug. 5, 1856—We saw thousands of them & killed 4.

Aug. 10, 1856—We are still amongst the Buffalo in good health.

Aug. 15, 1856—Campt at rattlesnake creek.

Aug 16, 1856—At Wolff Creek in good health & about lost sight of the Bufflo after that past Ash Hollow Creek & Chimney Rock.

Aug. 24, 1856—We lay 30 miles ford Lameria. (Fort Laramie.)

Aug. 25, 1856—Saw a Camp of Indians.

Aug. 26, 1856—Come to ford Lamria post a letter & ill all week.

Aug. 31, 1856—Reach Deer Creek meet the Waggons from the valley.

Sept. 1, 1856—Lay still.

Sept. 2, 3, 1856—Travill hard.

Sept. 4, 1856—Travill 26 miles.

Sept. 5, 1856—Rain & Snow all day.

Sept. 6, 1856—Lost the Cattle looking all day for them.

Sept. 7, 1856—Travill 22 miles Camp at Sweet Water. A bro. died after a long and tedious journey of 4 months & 12 days.

Sept. 26, 1856—We reachd Salt Lake Valley when we was received with glad hearts and rejoysen. (John Kettle Diary.)