Transcript for Knight, Effie Adelia Phippen, "Memories and Incidents in the Life of Sylvester Smith Phippen"

Early in the spring we were all getting ready to cross the plains to the Valley of the Great Salt Lake. In due time the wagons were all loaded and all preparations completed for the journey and on the 21st of June 1852 we crossed the Missouri River at old Winter Quarters and joined Capt. Harmon Cutlers company of about 70 wagons. In organizing companies for crossing the plains a captain was chosen under him Capts. of 10 were appointed, that is a man was chosen who had general supervision over 10 wagons. Alexander Brim and family was in fathers ten and thus was my good genius, the noble girl who was destined to become my wife [Mary Jane Brim] was near with her influence for good.