Transcript for "L., B. & Co's. Merchant Train," Deseret News, 25 September 1861, 173

L., B. & Co's. Merchant Train.

The large merchant train of Messrs. Livingston, Bell & Co., of this city, arrived on Monday, consisting of fifty-seven wagons, not "Ships of the desert," but good Chicago wagons, such as are in demand in the Territory. Each wagon was freighted with thirty or thirty-five hundred pounds of merchandize, drawn by three yoke of oxen; most of which are in good condition.

The oxen and wagons, with the appurtenances unto them belonging, were purchased by Messrs. Bollwinkel & Hindley, on their arrival, who received them as soon as the merchandize was unloaded, and commenced reloading the wagons with grain for the mail stations on the Sweet Water, to which the teams will start shortly, with the expectation, on the part of the purchasers, that they will make the trip there and back before winter.