Transcript for Lambert, Elena Hansena Larsen, Reminiscence in Arthur Smith Larsen, Biographical sketh of Hans and Dorthea Larsen and family 1950

After leaving Keokuk we had some accidents on the way.

A few got run over; one was brother William Andersen, but none proved fatal. We had an exciting time one day when being ferried over a river. One wagon had hitched to it two yoke of oxen which ran clear off the raft into the river and the wagon bed floated off with one woman in it. This was a short distance from a big water fall over a dam, however all was rescued safely but wet and the oxen swam out with the running-gears.

We camped one night and next day outside of a settlement when some men came and told us to get or they would serve us as they did the Mormons. Our president—the name I have forgotten—was away from us, in <had gone to > town, and The storm clouds had been gathering all day, and we hastened to get upon some highlands before us before night. Our ten wagons were first there at near darkness and had just pitched our tents when the storm broke bringing dreadful flashes of lightening and thunder. Father had to be out herding the cattle and could only see them when it lightinged. There was not much supper that night!

On our way we had Indian visitors who at times would ride up in front of the head team <stop it> & cause the entire train to stop and they would beg for everything. One time they wanted to buy mother and give horsed for her.

We arrived in Salt Lake the 30 of September 1853 after a long and tiresome journey.