Transcript for "Large Train from Utah," The Huntsman's Echo, 21 June 1860, [2]

As we go to press, this evening, the advance of the ox train from Utah has arrived, the train is expected down tomorrow morning.

The party is composed of some seventy-five men and three women, with thirty-three wagons, and some two hundred and fifty head of oxen and ten of horses and mules: J[oseph].W. Young, Captain; J[ohn]. W[ickersham]. Wooley, Captain of the Guard and M[ilford].B[ard]. Shipp, Clerk.

The company have been enroute since the 27th of April; no sickness or accident of note, and stock in fine order.---They expect to be in Florence by the 1st proximo.

Found good grass and water the whole distance, fine roads and pleasant weather and game plenty. The party had some rare sport, fishing in the Platte, capturing some large catfish.