Transcript for Larsen, Hans Peter, [Interview], in "Utah Pioneer Biographies," 44 vols., 18:54-56

10. At what place did you join the company or wagon train with which you came to Utah?
10. Joined the company at Omaha…

11. When did it leave for Utah?
11.….in August, 1864,….

12. What was the place of your destination in Utah? Why did you come to Utah?
12. ….the place of our destination was Salt Lake City. I came for the sake of the gospel.

13. When did you arrive there?
13. We arrived in October, 1864.

14. Who was the leader of your company or train?
14. Patriarch John Smith was the leader of our Company.

15. Method of travel (handcart, ox team, mule team, horseback, etc.).
15. Our method of travel was horse back and ox team. A man by the name of Johnson and myselfwent ahead to locate the camp sites and get wood for the fire.

31. Do you recall seeing any buffalo or hunting any wild game? If so, tell about some incident.
31. I saw buffalo while crossing the plains.

34. Tell about coming to your state in a covered wagon.
34. We followed close to the wagon tracks of the former companies of saints. Sometimes it was a short distance to the next camp and sometimes it was way into the night before we reached camp. We would draw the whole company up in a circle, with the wagons behind each other. Then on one side was gap left to drive the stock in and out of. We would gather the stock in here to catch them and this also served as a protection in time of Indian attacks.

After the circle was formed, you would see each family busy preparing their humble meal. After the meal, if weather permitted and no sight of Indians during the day, there would be a meeting or a dance and maybe both. Out in the evenings air on a grassy plot, under a starlit sky, we would gather in a group. Here you could hear those pioneers singing the wonderful hymns of the church or the music and merry making of the dance. It was great to feel that something that gave us determination to go on. After the days tasks were over the relaxation under the clear blue sky and silently commune with the Maker was some thing money couldn’t buy.

Awaken early ready for another day and to always trust to a greater power for guidance and protection. This is what we gained from our experiences on the plains. ‘Sacrifice brings forth blessings.’