Transcript for Larson, Ellen Malmstrom, [Reminiscences], in Jesse N. Smith Family Association, Papers 1929-1966, 3

Betsey Larson Carter 6 years oald, Carolin Larson Robbins 4 years, Lehi 2 years oald when we were preparing oure selves to Croos the plains on the Ninth day of June 1859[.] our Company Concisting two Hundred and Thirty five Sools [souls,] Sixty Hand Carts and six ox Teams & wagons[.] started to Cross the plains bound for the Salt Lake Valley then we reached Salt lake Valley in the Midle of September 1859[.] it was ahard jurny for us to undertake[.] we had ever so meny ups and downs on the Road[.] we had some time to Camp without eny Watter and Meny times with out go to bed with out eny supper for the lack of flour[.] other times Indi[a]ns would trubble us[.] we have no one to blame[.] we had our own Choice[.] we had aure own free will to take this Jerney threw wilderness So we could be gathered to gether with the Saints of God.