Transcript for "Last Immigrant Train," Semi-Weekly Telegraph, 29 October 1868, 2


LAST IMMIGRANT TRAIN.—Elder F. C. Anderson arrived with the last immigrant train of the season this morning at 11 o’clock, consisting of 11 teams with 62 passengers, most of whom had been detained in New York on account of sickness. Five died on the road from Chicago to this place. Their names are as follows: Margaret Jensen, aged 16 years; Lars Johansen, aged 10 years; Karen Jensen, aged 16 years; Sophia Sorenson, aged 17 years; and Dorsina Phorsted, aged 2 years.

They had a pleasant trip across the plains, and from the time they left new York the health of the Saints gradually improved, so that now all the company that have arrived, with two exceptions, are enjoying very fair health.