Transcript for "Late from the Plains," Deseret News, 19 September 1860, 229

Late from the Plains.


We have been informed by Mr. Daniel Johnson, one of the mail carriers on the Eastern Route, who came in with the mail on Saturday last, that on the morning of Wednesday the 12th inst. he passed Capt. Haight's train crossing Green river, and that Capt. O. [Oscar] O. Stoddard with the Second Hand-cart company was encamped on the west bank of that stream.


Mr. Johnson also reports, that Capt. J. [Joseph] W. Young's train was at Deer creek on the 5th of September. He passed the freight train of Gilbert & Gerrish at Cache Cave.

Capt. [William] Budge's company, on the evening of August 20, camped five miles this side of Laramie.