Transcript for "Latest from the Emigration," Deseret News, 1 August 1860, 172

Latest from the Emigration.

The Huntsman's Echo of July 4, published at Wood River Center, Buffalo county, Nebraska Territory, announces that several companies had passed that point during the last ten days, among which were the following, bound for Utah:

June 24th, Capt. Franklin Brown's company of 60 persons, 14 wagons, and about 80 head of stock; P. [Philander] Brown, capt. of guard; C. R. [Charles Roscoe] Savage, chaplain and secretary.

June 26th, the hand cart company, Capt. Daniel Robison, consisting of 267 persons, 43 hand carts, and 5 wagons. M. [Mark] H. Forscut, commissary; W. [William] R. Corbitt, sergt. of guard; C. [Charles M.] Webb, chaplain; B. Chadwic [Benjamin Chadwick], pilot; D. [Demas] Ashdown, G. [George] Meldram, D. [Daniel] Robison, R. Stoney and J. Pilling, captains of tens.

June 28th, Capt. [Oscar O.] Stoddard's merchant train of 11 men and 11 wagons drawn by mules.

June 30th, Capt. J. [Jesse] E. Murphy's company, twelve days from Florence, consisting of 279 persons, 38 wagon, 2 carriages and about 225 head of stock; J. [John] Eardly, captain of guard; Paul Shettle [Paul A. Schletter], secretary; E. [Emanuel Masters] Murphy, chaplain; T. Stilfox [Thomas Stelfox], B. J. [Benjamin P.] Brown, J. [Joel S.] Campbell, and H. [Henry] Hogg, captains of tens.

J. B. Kimball & Co's merchant train, eleven days from Omaha, 22 men, 18 wagons, 1 carriage, 106 head of cattle, and 4 mules.

July 2d, Capt. Ross' company, consisting of 35 or 40 wagons; number of persons not reported.

July 3d, Capt. J. [John] Smith's company, 17 days from Florence, consisting of 359 persons and 39 wagons. N. [Nathan Cutler] Davis, captain of guard; C. G. Mason; chaplain and clerk; M. J. Turley, J. [John Jacob] Slaugh, N. Sarater [Nicholas Lasater] and B. Isaacs [Benjamin Isaac], captain of tens.

Capt. Stoddard's company was reported to be traveling twenty five miles per day on an average; and, at that rate, may be expected to arrive here in about two weeks.

The emigrants were in good health, their teams in good condition, and all were getting along first rate.

Capt. [John] Smith's company—the last reported to have passed Wood River—must have passed Laramie some days since.

An official report of each of the emigrant companies may be expected soon, containing the name of each person and, as soon as received, we shall take pleasure in publishing them for the benefit of those who may be anxious to hear for their friends, and be ready to receive them on their arrival, if not to go out and meet them on the road.