Transcript for "Life and Journeys of John Somers Higbee," Iron County Record, 16 February 1929

Here at Winter Quarters I married Judith Ball, a widow from South Carolina.  I again volunteered to go with Pioneers to the Rocky Mountains and was chosen one of the hunters.  the necessary articles for a Pioneer to cross the   plains, I put in John Wheeler’s wagon.  April 5 1847 were as follows:  350 lbs. corn for horse feed, 150 lbs. flour, 150 lbs. corn meal, 75 lbs. beans, 50 lbs. potatoes, 17 lbs. bacon, 25 lbs. seed corn, 12 lbs. salt, a few garden seeds, Hatchet, knife, bread ax, chopping ax, bridgemaker tools, fish net, trunk and clothing, wash kettle, bucket, bakeskillet, shovel, hoe, yauger gun, brace of pistols, saddle, bridle, halter straps, martinsgales, 4 lbs. powder, 8 lbs. lead, fish hooks and line, iron wedge and pick, the whole totaling a value of $217.77.

 April 9th of that year at noon we started from Winter Quarters.  I was captain of ten, myself, John Wheeler, Percy [Perry] Fitzgerald, Thomas Roker [Rooker], Benjamin Rolf, Hanson [Henson] Walker, John Tibets [Tippets].  I traveled with the pioneers to Upper Crossing of Platt[e] River.  killed all the buffalo we wanted for meat.  When we arrived at Upper Crossing we made a boat to ferry our wagons across.  After crossing the Great Colonizer, Brigham Young detailed myself and others to remain and ferry the immigrants across on their way to California and Oregon, during the high water until our families came along.  they arriving August 20th.