Transcript for Lindsay Anderson Brady Family Organization, Our Brady Family: Lindsay Anderson, Elizabeth Ann Hendrickson, Susannah Ward Allen, Caroline Wilhelmine Johnson (1973), D-1

. . . We left there bound for Utah on father's [Lindsay Anderson Brady] birthday in 1850. I was 11 years old. After traveling one month, Lindsay Anderson [Brady] was born on the trail, July 11, 1850. When we crossed the Black Hills everyone was afraid because it was a bad place to stampede. Once when crossing the LaPlatte River we were from sunrise to midnight getting across. My father had to be in the water all the time. To counteract the effect of the water he took some liquor and became foolish. That was the only time I ever saw him under the influence.

My father started with one horse which was stolen enroute by the Indians. We arrived in Salt Lake City, September 18, 1850. The night before we arrived in Salt Lake we could see the west mountains. I remember being delighted to get here. Then we went to Union where we had a place to live just east of there. We 'squatted' on it until we could build a house and out buildings. We lived there until the Indians drove us to the Fort."