Transcript for Linford, John, Diary 1856 Apr.-May, fd. 1, fd. 2

Age of the Hundred, or Tent

John Linford, 48
Maria Linford, 43
George J. Linford, 17
Joseph Wm. Linford, 14
Amasa C. Linford, 12
Mary Ann Britin, 50
Samuell Gad, 41
Eliza Gad, 41
Alfred Gad, 20
Jane Gad, 17
Wm Gad, 12
Samuel Gad, 10
Maryann Gad, 8
Sarah, Gad, 5
Isic [Isaac], Gad, 1
Daniel Gad, 1
Maryan [Mary Ann] Funnel, 62
Elizabeth Funnel, 23
Maryann [Mary Ann] Miller, 30
Ann Howard, 30

October 29 taken our diner in the territory of Utah

30 crossed the green river[,] 165 [miles] from sault [Salt] lake city.

(end of diary)

(In another place in the book is the following entry made by one of the sons.)

“The 19th of October we mett a snow storm and soon after we met the bretheren from the valley[,] brother wetlock and young[.] about 270 miles from the valley we had eat up all our flour [blank space] we have relying upon [blank space] hundred weight of bisket for a week [blank space] people then we came to camp and in the morning we were snowed in and had got all our biskets among us[.] brother willey [James Gray Willie] went to meet the wagons on a mule and father [John Linford] died the 21st of October 1856 down by the sweet water at 5 oclock in the morning[.] he had been ill from florence from the feaver and ague and then weekness and the diareah[.] the journey was too much for him.”

(October 29 and 30 entries evidently were made by one of the sons after the death of John Linford)