Transcript for "List of Immigrants," Deseret News, 19 October 1864, 2

In Capt. Wm. Hyde's Train. Which left
Wyoming Aug.—, 1864.

Ann and Pricilla Boyd, Henry Code, Daniel Clark and family, Elizabeth Denny, Ulrich Forrer and family, Erusla Korner, Susan Krebser. Jacob Wefenegger and family, Anna Steiner, Pius and Caroline Hirth, Doratha Schmidhause, Johanus Bosshard and family, Margaret Huber and family, Jacob Reiser, Johanes Meier, Heinich Bretscher and family, Barbara Knetcht, August and Louisa Kohler, Carl Schaal, Gottfried Lienhard, Anna Aberlye, Susan and Henrie Rebsamen, Elkee Jasper and family, Johan Zeoeifel, Saml. Wolfli [Wolfley], Habldus [Habidus] and Anna Faunenberger, Leopold and Anna H. Withlen [Wirthlin], Maria Rupp [Knapp or Ruopp], Catherine Sinnu and family, Lisetta Dolder, Rudolph Winklu and family, Eloza Ku[e]hni, Louis Bertrand, P.H. Dronbay and family, Louis Gerard and family, Michel Weyland and family, Ludwig Wolz, Elizabeth Jones and family, Elizabeth West, Ann M. Thom[p]son and family, Elizabeth Ruck, Joseph Howard and family, Wm. Archer and family, Wm, Norgeate, Wm. Moss and family, Ellen Kay, Chas. Cotterell, Robert Gale and family, Betsey Geeves, Mary A. Seaby, Hannah East, James Rapworth [Papworth] and family, George Coleman and family, William and Amelia Hall, Sarah Barber, John Arborne [Arbon] and family, Josiah Perren, Wm. Carpenter, Samuel Ridout and family, Geo. and Mary McKinley. Robert Smith and family, Wm. Bunce and family, Wm. And Isabella McNeal [Mc Neil], James and Maroni Smith, Andrew and Isabella Richardson, Henry and John Hagell, John Lines and family, Mary A. Bass [Voss] Phoebe Cockerhill, Anthony Haynes and family, John E. Ellis and family, Charlotte Hesman, Ann Turner, Emily Powell, Sarah Osborne and family, Elizabeth Jones, Mary Lowe, Caroline and John Kemp, Henry Adamson and family, Mary A. Ellis and family, James and Susan Ellis, William Richan, Alfred Ward and family, William Blake and family, Thomas Sayer and family, Mary and Emily Perkins, Mary A. and John H. George, Hannah Adams, Wm. Davis and family, Emma Hope, Mary A. Rawlings, Thomas Clifton and family, Diana Waller, Wm. D. Hobbs and family, Zillah M. Smith, Richard and Ann Hall, Amelia Brindle, Richard Russell and family, Oscar Workings [Wilkins], Henry Sutton and family, Wm. Lawrence, Thomas Thurgood and family, Henry Goodey and family, Mary A. Clark, Caroline Johnson, Wm. C. Spence, Sarah Burell, George Munford and family, Lucy Munford, Mary Ramsey and family, Wm. Dallemore [Dallimore], Euphenia Simpson, James Watson, John Sears and family, Mary Ann and John Barrett, Henry and Sarah Bridges, Louisa C. Cox, Alice Minchell, Sophia Warren, Mercy Symons, Maria Cook, Elizabeth J. Brown, Edward and Matilda A. Wherrett, Edward Southwick and family, Anna and Ellen Brown, Saml. Eslen [Nelsen], returning Missionary, John and Mary Ann Willis, Elizabeth Chittock, George and Joseph Willis, John and Mary Miller, John T. Gurber [Gerber], returning missionary.