Transcript for "List of Passengers," Deseret Evening News, 17 August 1868, 2

In Captain Chester Loveland's Train.

Louis Hansen; Elizabeth Reese; Elizabeth Williams and two children; Gamaliel Briscoe; A. [Alfred] DeGray, wife and five children; Benj. Bartlett and wife; John Evans and wife; Joseph Perkins and sister; Fred. [Frederick]Culmer, wife and four children; Nancy West and two children; John Savage and wife; Robert Guttridge [Gutteridge], wife and daughter; James Turner, wife and five children; Edward Baynham, wife and son; Maria Fleming and son; Evan Jones; Ann Phillips; Mary Worsley; Ann Powell; James Griffiths, wife and two children; Amelia [Mead] Mullett and two sons; Mary Ann Croft; W. [William] D. Thomas; Florence Cope; W. [William] Purdy; James [Bingham] Purdy; W. [William] Studer; H. Liversadgse [Henry Liversege] , wife and child; L. D. [Lorenzo Dave] Rudd, wife and child; A. N. MacFarland [Andrew Nevin MacFarlane], wife and four children; Mary Taylor and daughter; J. Jenkins and sister; Anna Martin and child; R. [Richard] Pickering and daughter; Peter McKinnon; George Harston; Joseph [E.] Mullett, wife and two children; Lavinia Pickering; Samuel Hale, wife and two daughters; Edward Tullidge; Susan, Ferguson; J. H. [Joseph Hyrum] Barber; J. Walker; G. F. Dare; Mary [Ann] Coslett and five children; Ole Peter Warner and wife; Wm. [William] Nicholas, wife and child; Mary Walters and two daughters; Sarah Eynon; Elizabeth Angel and four children; H. [Henry] Mansell, wife and three daughters; F. Laver [Lever] and sons; Elizabeth Brewer and four children; Louis T. Jones and four children; John Wickham; Elizabeth Bentley and three sons; John Eames, wife and seven children; Samuel Eames; R. J. Davis; Wm. Wade, wife and child; Isaac Evans; C. J. [Charles James] Mullett and wife; John Lowe, wife and four children; J. [John] Worthington; J. [John] Gleve, wife and five children; G. [George C.] Durrant and two brothers; G. Trenneman, wife and child; Sarah Evans; F. [Thomas] Street, wife and eight children; E. [Edward] Faulkner, wife, son and daughter; Elizabeth Hill and five children; Eliza Latter; J. C. Jones; Henry Weist, wife and child; Mary Blemeil [Bluemel] and two children [Emma and Annie Bluemel]; Oswald Blemeil [Bluemel]; Wm. Ince, wife and son; Lettice Retford [Redford] and three children; Helen Crosby; Sarah Cope and son; John Kirkham, wife and son; J. [Joseph] Todd; Keziah Hall; Luke Shaw and two sisters; J. [John] Perkins and two sons; Emma Allen; Eliza Harrison; J. Beaumont and wife; W. [William] Chapman and wife; Daniel and Eliza Powell; Elizabeth Timson [Elizabeth Fordham Smith Timpson] and five children; E. [Edward] Morgan, wife and five children; H. [Hezekiah Bayliss] Smart, wife and four children; J. [James] Hebdon, wife and child; W. C. White, wife and two children; D. [Daniel] Justet and five children; J. L. Grundhand, wife and two children; Elizabeth Hill and five children; Anna Jenkins and five children; H. Cottle and daughter; L. I. [Louise Jensen] Halsher and wife; Elizabeth Cousins; Mary Ann Cousins; D. [Daniel] Lunn, wife and six children; Jane [Collins] Lunn and daughter; Williams Sanders [William Saunders], wife and daughter; Sarah, Priscilla, Ellen and Rebecca Cato; Hylan Davis; Lay Powell; Wm. [William] Cope; Lot Adams; John Muir; Elizabeth Moore; S. [Stephen] Hare, wife and seven children; Jessy [Jessie] Woolridge, Rhoda Watson; J. [Joseph] Turner, wife and two children.