Transcript for "List of Passengers," Deseret News, 10 August 1864, 361


In the Independent Mule Train, Captain John D. Chase, which left Wyoming, June 25th, 1864.

T. J. Bolinbroke [Thomas John Bolingbroke] and family; T. [Thomas] Brough and family; C. [Christian] Peterson and family; Jos. [Joseph] Powell and family; C. Hansen and family; Morten Rasmussen and family; I. B. [Isaac Bartlett] Nash and family; Geo. Demford and family; R. D. [Richard Daniels] Brown, Peter Waddell, John W. [William] and Harriet [Dyer] Gardiner; Geo. [George], John J. and N. J. Hunter; S. E. [Samuel Emanuel] Newton and family; Isabella Backburn [Blackburn]; E. [Elizabeth] and John Rigby; Thos. [Thomas Tyson] and E. [Elizabeth Burgess] Slater; Peter Burgess and family; Phoebe Allsworth [Holdsworth], Fred. Sraple, John Insunp [Dewsnup], Augustus Bromley; H. E. Gilliet [Horace Eaton Gillett] and family; Elizabeth Heathcote, Lorenzo Tiltson [Tilston], Erasrus F. [Foote] Hall; John [Crowther] Milton and family; J. Demford and family.

In the Mule train, John R. Murdock, Captain, Left Wyoming, N. T., June 29th, 1864. Expect to arrive about the 25th of this month.

William Atkin, Sophia Whetten and family, Wm. Wells and family, James and Mary Sterens [Stevens], Lucy J. Giles, Jane Longmore, Martha Hall, Eliza Longmore, Wm. And Hepsibah [Hepzibah] Matthews, Henry Cooke and family, Elizabeth Lloyd, Mary and Ellen Stone, Ann Paromore [Paramore], Ann McFie [Ann Lyons Thompson McAfee] and family, Mary and Eliza [McCullen] Thompson, Jane Grey, Jane Ingles, Ann Hobbs and 2 daughters, Fanny [Hannah] Paskett, Frances Heaton and family, Ann Clersy [Clensy] and family, Sarah [Brown] Turner, Robert Briggs and family, James Parkinson and family, Peter J. Rockliff, John Ashman and family, Ann Williamson, Jemima Dewsdrop and family, Mary Broadbent and family, Eliza and Matilda Betts, Elizabeth Gardner.

[The passenger list of Capt's. Preston, Rollins and Warren's trains will be published next week; also such additional lists as may come to hand in time]