Transcript for "Autobiography of Mary Elizabeth Tullidge Little", DUP Pioneer History Collection, Page 9-10.

We started there [Florence] for six weeks waiting for the company to get ready. I visited Omaha, rode on horseback with Brother Lassitor, the first and only time I was on a horse. We have a concert there to help the poor who came by hand carts. We left the fourteenth of June. We engaged our passage across the plains with a Brother by the name of [Nahom Cole] Holden. He had a wife [Electa Lucinda Meacham Holden], two daughters and one son [Almon Nahom Holden]. We had a fine time and walked most of the way for we had considerable luggage and wanted it all to come to Salt Lake. A lot of the young people would start out ahead of the teams every morning, take their lunch and walk to the next camping place. It was quite a pleasant trip.

We were met in Emigration Canyon, Sunday, September 2, by Apostles George A. Smith, Lorenzo Snow and Franklin D. Richards who held meetings with the Saints. My cousin Henry Bowring and two wives came with them to meet us. We went with them that evening to Salt Lake, the company coming the next day.