Transcript for Livingston, Eliza Lavina Smith, Biographies, 1927 [Account of the life of Joseph Bean and his wife, Sarah, p 3. [MS 20134]

After spending four years in Cincinnati in the year 1859, they commenced their journey across the planes of Florence, Nebraska. The company consisted of 350 people with 54 wagons in the train. Edward Stevenson was Captain of the company. They left Florence, Nebraska on June 26th and reached the Valley of Great Salt Lake on September 16, 1859. They were a family of eight. Father [Joseph], mother [Sarah], and six children. George, Elizabeth, Sarah, Eliza, Margaret and the baby Joshua. The little girl Ester Siddons having died in Cincinnati. My dear grandmother walked and carried the baby all the way. They suffered all the hardships and privations of the trek across the plains. Uncle George being of great help to his father and such a comfort to his mother.