Transcript for Livingston, James Campbell, Autobiographical sketch, 1

We went up the Mississippi River to Keokuk a few miles below Nauvoo, the outfitting place for the emigration across the plains. We stopped at this place several weeks, breaking cattle and organizing companies for the great journey to the rocky Mountains. At this place I was detailed to guard and herd cattle as they were brought from the outfitting trains. While herding stock nearly opposite Nauvoo on the Iowa side of the river in company with R.W. Attwood, I had the pleasure of visiting the Mansion House at Nauvoo and spent the night there with Emma Smith and her children by Major Biddaman the man to whom she was married after the death of the Prophet. Our stay there was made a very pleasant one through the kindness of Major Biddaman who took us in his carriage to view the home of Brigham Young, and several of the twelve apostles including the home of Joseph Smith. The Temple had been burned but part of the walls were standing, and we were much interested even in the ruins.

I arrived in Salt Lake City October 16, 1853 having been seven months on the journey in Captain Appilton [Appleton] Harmon’s Ox Team Company. I traveled from the Mississippi River and drove an ox team the entire distance walking and fording rivers and streams.The Lord blessed me by sea and by land for which I was very thankful especially for the good health I enjoyed.