Transcript for "Local Affairs," Salt Lake Daily Telegraph, 27 September 1864, 3


ARRIVAL.—Mr. Joseph W. Young returned home from the East on Sunday night. It afforded us pleasure to extend him a cordial greeting yesterday morning. He has been absent during this season assisting the immigration. He has been somewhat feeble in health—probably in consequence of the pressure of the arduous duties always attendant on such business—but feels well—and we think, will soon recuperate. He informs us that Messrs. Joseph A. Young, W. C. Staines and others, referred to in Friday's issue, will be in on Thursday. He reports that last trains of immigrants yet four hundred miles out.

MUCH INDISPOSED.—Many of our readers, here and abroad, will regret to learn of the indisposition of H. S. Rumfield, Esq., the Treasurer of the Overland Mail Company. Since his return from California he has been almost closely confined to his room, and has suffered considerably. We hope that in a few days he will be convalescent and soon be able to resume his oversight of the important business committed to his charge.

Mr. Rumfield is a gentleman for whom we have personally a high esteem. He stands high in reputation wherever he has been located.

CAME IN AHEAD.—We were much pleased to have a visit in our sanctum yesterday afternoon of Patriarch John Smith. He got into the city about 2 o'clock: left his company this side of Bear River on Saturday evening. He returned again in the evening and expects his train in on Saturday. His friends will be pleased to learn that he looks well and enjoys good health.

In the train are two returning missionaries, J. P. R. Johansen and Christopher Hulberg.