Transcript for "Local News: Names of Emigrants," The Mountaineer, 18 August 1860, 206

The subjoined lists of names we copy from the Deseret News.

John Smith; Lorin, Lovina [Smith], Hyrum S. [Smith], Jerusha C. [Celesta], Edwina M. [Mariah], Emma T. [Irene], William A. [Arthur] and Sarah E. [Ellen] Walker; Minor J. [Miner Grant], Lucy M., Sarah [Adelia], Eliza, and Francis Presby [Prisbrey]; Mary Ann Pearsen; Minor G., Mary Ann [Hershey], Joseph [Smith] and Lucy Ann Presby [Prisbrey]; Nathan [Cutler], Isabella [Wells], Wingalies [Wingallea], Carey F. [Cora Isabella] and Lydia B. Davis; Alfred Holmes, William [B.], Ann [Hayes], Thomas [Stenett], Sarah Ann [Stenett], Martha [Stenett] and George [Joseph] Popfelton [Poppleton]; Milam [Milan Lucian], Elizabeth [Sanborn], Edgar, Norman, James, Julia [Ann] and Alma [Milan] Fillmore; Daniel [Babcock], Thankful [Ann Grant], Martha [Minerva], [Daniel] Rasom, Marantha, [Thankful] Rosillie, Oscar [Newman] and Antha [Elmira] Fillmore; Orin Stoddard; Osmar [Osmer], Jane, Lucy Ann, Andrew J. [Jackson], Clarence [Augustus], Eveline [Evaline Augusta], Osmar [Osmer] G. and Charles [Merrit] Lamb; James O. [Orrin], Mary Jane [Fillmore], Jerome [Truman], Caliste [M.] and Denver [Orrin] Lamb; William and Mariette Burbeck; Karl G. [Gottfried], Anna [Henrietta], [Carl Frederick] Reinhard and Ottillie [Anna Ottilie] Maeser; Camilla [Clara] Mieth; John [Jacob] Slaugh; William [Wilkinson], Mary [Ellen Stones], Hannah and Clementine Tuke; William and Jane Knapp [Knopp]; John and Susan Reynolds; John, Anna [Eva Dittmore], Henry, Mary [Elizabeth], and William Herbert [Herbst]; Henry Didmore [Dittmore]; Mary and Henry S. Sheets; William, Ann, Sarah, Thomas H, and Albert H. Starkey; Elizabeth Dunavan [Donovan]; William, Dinah [Ingham], John and William [Ingham] Nutter; Nancy [Nutter] and Elizabeth [Ann] Stamworth [Stanworth]; Henry, Francis [Agnes Francis Goble], Joseph, Henry S [Sidney]. and Harriet J. [Jane] Howell; Eli, Martha and Ruth [Alice] Whitely; Thomas and Sarah Morgan; George and Eliza Gunn; William, Caroline [Hutchins] and Charles Brazier; Mary Ann [Gunn]Adey; Ann and Benjamin Gunn; John [C.], Caroline [Barnham], John W. [William], Louisa B. [Barnham] and Pricilla [Barnham] Gunn; William, Emma [Baker], William, jr., Louisa, Fanny and Betsey Gunn; Betsey Judd; Cornelius, Frances [Hobbs], Jane [Caroline] and [Frances] Lucy Traveller; William [James], Jane [Gadsby] and Sarah J. [Jane] Panter; George Harrison; Nicholas, Julianna, Levi, Mary and [Jane Lasater]; [John, Sarah Belsher, Elizabeth, Lucy Alice], Joseph, Hyrum and Esther Cherrington; Sarah and Ann Hughes; David, Ann, Sarah and John, Sarah and Ann Hughes; David, Ann, Sarah and John Evans; Philip, Margaret [Davies], Elizabeth and Joseph [D.] Naughan [Vaughan]; John and Ann Beer [Beers]; James and Elizabeth Thompson; Henry, Caroline [Good], Malinda, Nancy A. [Ann] and Benjamin Hershey; Xavier F. and Mary Schlage; [James] Henry, Jane [Allen], John H. [Henry] and Mary J. [Jane] Blackner; Joshua, Elizabeth [Hoskins], Mary [Carter], Ellis [Davies], Benjamin [Hancock], William H. [Henry] and Caroline Salisbury; Mary [Whitehead], Mary A. [Ann] and Adam Chatwick [Chadwick]; James and Jane Sewell; Henry, Isabella [Ann], Elizabeth and Henry [James] Anderson; Ellen [Easton] and George [Lawson] Scott; William, Eliza [Jane Broadbent], Frederic [William], Miranda [Marintha], Mary [Elizabeth] and Sarah Mullins; Mary E., Mary and Eliza Shewan; William and Ellen Young; Ann [Slater] Bunding [Bunting]; Ann, John and Alfred Fenn; Stephen, Jane [Ellen Grover], James [William], Sarah, Margaret, Jane E. [Ellen], and Eliza [Elizabeth] Skelton; Benjamin, Phebe [Davis], Margaret [Jane], Mary, Ann, Sarah, Emma and Thomas J. [John] Isaac; Daniel, Margaret [Evans], Ruth, Margaret, Samuel [H.] and Anna Williams; John O., Margaret, Elizabeth, Emilie [Caravena] and Chas [Charles Cogan] Thomas; John E., Mary [Davies], Thomas, Evan [E.], Jane and Garner [Gomer Isaac] Rees; Richard Williams; John, Sarah [Jane], William [Davis], David [Davis], Thomas J. [John] and Ann L. [Anne Lianne] Williams; John Williams, sen.; William and Eva [Morgan] Bath; John Jenkins; Maria and Ann Bath; Hannah, Fanny and George Watson; Philip Bath; John, Hannah [Draycott], Mary A. and Hyrum Bates; Joseph and Sarah Bradley; Evan and Margaret Thomas; John [Phillip] and Rachel [Williams] Isaac; Theophilus and Mary Williams; Thomas [Daniel] Stephens; Mary A. [Webb] Stephens; Williams D. Roberts; Rodney [Quinby] Shoemaker; William Willis and Herman Davis.

There had been three deaths in the company before arriving at Laramie. William Glover, aged 80, died on the 1st, John [Cartwright] Cherrington the 10th, and Emma Blackner on the 15th of July. The last two were children not a year old.




Robert Stoney and family, Oliver [William] Mawson, George Facer and family, James Cook, George Nash and family, George Rogers and family, Mary Ann Gorton, Charles [M.] Webb and family, Susan Lavender and family, Amelia Rothwell, John Wagstaff, Demas Ashdown and family, Emma Jackson, Alfred Birmingham, Henry Nichols, Sarah Nichols, Alice [Bryant] Hook and family, Harriet Taylor, Thomas Birmingham, Edwin [Morrell] Curtis and wife, Hugh Cousins, Mark H. Forscutt and wife, Maria Holmes, Ellen Payne, William Walker and family, Henry Harrison, Sarah Birmingham, Hannah Slater, Sarah Booth, George Wright, Jabez Faux, David Holder, Dorothy Kipling and family, Joseph Bell and family, Annie E. Hobbs, George Meldrum and family, Jane Meldrum, Edward P. [Pearson] Holder, Andrew Higgie [Heggie], Charles McNeill [McNeil] and family, John [Black] McCulloch and family, James Beverland [Beaverland] and wife, Ann [Pearson] Holder, Margaret Whitten, Henry Tempest and family, William Williams, Eliza Rogers, Levi Naylor, Mary Matthews, Mary Nash, Ann Richardson, Joseph Slater, Mary Ann Webb, Christian Christiansen, Thomas Green and family, Elizabeth Parkinson and family, Jesse Wilgas [Wilgus] and family, William Hemmings and family, John W. [William] Townsend and family, Elizabeth Royall [Royale], Jane Baker, Christopher Gardner and wife, John Stonestion [Stonestrom] and family, William Falconbridge, David Moffit [Moffat] and family, Thomas Jones and family, John Lewis and family, John Gibson and family, Henry Jacques and family, Robert Siddoway and family, William Shewar [Shewan] and family, [Foster] Thomas Hook, Ann Stevens, William Ordige and wife, John Wardle and family, David Richards and family, Ann Jackson, Hugh G. [Greenleaf] Sibbell [Sibbett] and family, Fanny [Franey Wagaman] & Mary Ann Robison, Richard Gough and family, John Pilling, William Brownlow and wife, Hannah Cockia [Cockin], John Siddoway and wife, Pridger [Pridgen] and Phoebe Thacker; [John] Joseph Welch and family, Conrad [Alma] Smith and family, Joseph Lapish and family, David Robison, Daniel Robison and family, William Corbett [Corbitt] and family, Augustus [Embley] Pierce and family, A. Dalrymple, William Robinson [Robison].

In the company there were 233 persons, 43 hand-carts, 6 wagons, 38 oxen and 10 tents.




James D. [Darling] Ross and family, George Smith and family George Fawns [Farnes], Charles Budd, Harriett Husband, Susan Husband, Henry McEwan and family, Mary G. [Gilmore] White, Ebenezer Tucker, Frank Wilson and family, James Nibley and family, Thomas [Hill] Dee and family, John Marsten and wife, John Frehand [Treharn], Wm. [Bell] Barton and wife, Emma Walker, John [R.] J. Duke and wife, Wm. Cooper and wife, Sarah Clark, Henry Druce and family, Owen Jones, John Green, Richard Fry and wife, James Tucker and wife, Aaron Rigby and family, Wm. Robson and family, Richard Rankin and wife, Malcolm Donald and wife; Jane Allen, Wm. Ferguson, Joseph Graham and child, Henry Winson [Vinson] and family, Ann Haigh, Fanny Teaques [Teagues], Phillip Edwards and wife, Emily Davis, Thomas Parry and family, Edward Lloyd, Thomas Bolton [Boulton] and family, Thos. Hodgkins [Hodgkiss] and family, Valentine Rock and family, Thos. [Thomas Goldman] and Benj. [Benjamin Franklin] Smith, Thomas [H.] Bradshaw and family, Mary Rumreal and daughter, Precila Blackatt [Priscilla Blackett], Rebacca Murray and daughter, Winter Hastings and family, Robert McCloy, Eliza Sceipin [Scelpin], Neils Shueson [Thueson] and family, E. C. E. Schaneveld [Edward Conrad Emil Schvaneveldt] and family, Nill Fulson, Ola N. Lindgreen [Lundgreen] and family, Wm. Rogers [Rodgers] and family, Henry McCoy, Wm. Cooper and wife, Sarah Clark, John Croft and wife, Jesse [Sophia] Mitchell, Wm. Thornton and family, John C. [Kaspar] Loosle [Loosli] and family, James Furriman [Fuhriman] and family, Annie Silgescheweld [Hegescheveld], Ulrich Looslie and family, Maria Pereuand [Perenaud], Louisa Pereuand [Perenaud], Rudolph Fley [Johnan Rudolph Frei], Magda [Magdalena] Schneider, Johannes Diem and family, Caroline Schneeble [Schneibel], Conrad Hufen [Hafen] and family, Daniel Bonelle [Bonelli], John Rebber [Reber] and family, John Stahele and family, Margaretha Beugar [Venger], Samuel Hoffman and wife, Henuck Kullu Sebrath Bar, Ipsannah Ledler [Susannah Sedler], Godleb Fley [Gotleib Frei], [Anna] Maria Naf [Naef] and family, John Stanfer [Staufer], Frederick Stanfer [Stauffer], Magdaline Kushu [Magdalena Kirsher] and family, Nicholas Huber, Wm. Stahele [Staheli], Anna Sidler [Sedler], Eliza Stahele [Staheli], Christian Rerger [Berger] and family, F. Schapple and family, Heinrich Schaferer [Sharrer], and family, John Jnoser [Moser], Verena Rabber [Reber], Madalena Galli.

There were 249 persons, 36 wagons, 142 oxen and 54 cows in this company when it left Florence on the 17th of June.




E. M. [Emanuel Masters] Murphy and family, Jacob Dalson, Emanuel Bird [Murphy], Thomas E. Murphy and family, Thomas Stelfox and son, Fanny Stelfox, John Barnett and family, Margarett [Margaret] Lang, Jane Thomas, Joseph [William] Ovard, Nahima Holder [Nahum Cole Holden] and family, Elam Meecham and wife, Salsbury [Salisburg] Cummings, Sarah Jane Cummings, Mary Henchett, Wesley Norton, Benjamin P. Browa [Brown] and family, Wm. Johnson, Emerett Sawyer and family, Margaret Denny and family, Edward Blair and family, Joseph Brown and wife, James Collins, Catherine Collins, Wm. H. Hunt and family, Jane Burden, George [Franklin] Jarvis and family, W. C. [William Cook] Reamer and family, Margaret Hardle [Hardy], Jamesh [James Lippcot] Wilbert, Charles M. Webb and family, Wm. Lark and family, Robt. Clarkson and family George Spiers and family Rose Anna West, Eliza Smith, Anne Sherriger [Sherregan], George Ostler, John Crisholm and family, Thomas [Benjamin] Davis and family, James Collins and family, Mahonri M. Cumer [Collings], Robt. E. Hurtlett and wife, John Eardley and family, Josiah Eardley, W. L. [Lot] Webster and wife, Eliza Williams, Thomas Overd and family, Thomas Smith and family, Isabella Reid, Joel H. [S.] Campbell and family, John W. Jenks and wife, More [Moroni] Campbell and wife, Dorthea Clark and family, John Kynaston and wife, Wm. [William Windsor] Jones and family, Frances [Francis] Sprowl and family, Lewis Taft and wife, Benj. N. Gavitt [Benjamin N. Gavitte], Alonza D. Gavitt [Gavitte], Samuel Bee and family, M. [Mannery] Hulmes and family, Joseph Warburton and family, David [Giles] Roberts, Henry Hug and wife, Henry Buz [Benz] and family, Margaretta Wamftler [Wampfler], George Bouelle [Bonelli], Elizabeth Fankhausen, John Uluck Stucken [John Ulrich Stucki] and wife, Henry Hafter and wife, Babetia Kunzel [Barbara Kunzle], George Deitheim [Diethelm] and wife, Frederick Theuser [Theurer], Hendrick [Heinrich] Gubler and family, Maria Bonelli, Mary Hockstrasser [Hichstrasser] and family, John Gubler and family, Ulrich Traber and family, Maria Rutschi, Jacob Graf and family, Maria Stahl, Gottileb Herschi [Gottlieb Hirschi], Ulrich Auer and family, Paul A. Schettler, Allretoo Bischef [Charles Albrecht Bischoff] and family, Wm. Ostler and wife, Elizabeth Schneider, Edward Haber [Huber] and family, Domitille Henriod [Domitilo Henroid], Richard Morris and family, Lettice Thomas and daughter Martha McCreery, Charles Miles, Joseph Morris and family, Christina Elliot, Caroline Goswold.

This company when organized consisted of 279 persons, 38 wagons 164 oxen and 39 cows and left Florence on the 19th of June.

We are indebted to the kindness of President Brigham Young for the following list of emigrants names:




Carl J. [Johan Ellersen] Fjeld and family, Gustav Nilson and wife, Gunil [Gunild] Larsen, Lorentz Goesh [Gvesh], Igubor Fredericsen [Ingeborg Frederickson], Lars Anderson and wife, Dorthea Petersen, Angette Ukermaun [Ukermann], Neils Sorenson and family, Nils Bordenson [Bonderson] and family, Jens Jensen, Lars Larsen, Anders Rasmussen and family, Nella Petersen, Hikael [Hekael] Olsen and wife, Lars Haborsen [Halvorsen] and family, David Fisher and Family, Zebedee Hallam, William [Henry] Horn and family, Margaret Howard, Samuel Ashton and wife, Henry Jackson and wife, Stephen [King] Taylor and family, Francis Kerley [Kerby] and family, Rasmus Rasmussen and family, James Fisher and family, John Hirshe [Hirschi], James Buhler, Maria [Anna Maria Dietschweiler] Hess and family, Samuel Stucke [Stucki] and family, Konrad Alder and wife, Michael Roston and wife, Louise Chatloin [Chatelain], Anders Christensen, Soren Jensen, Rasmus Mohler [Rasmus S. Moller], Allen Olsen, J. [Johannes] G. Anderson, C. F. Anderson, A. C. [Ane Chris] Sorenson, Ane Anderson, Moroni Petersen, Ane Petersen, Bent Sorenson, Ane Sorenson, Bengt Bengtsen [Bengtson], Ane C. Olsen, Bent [Bengt] Bensen, C. [Christen] Christensen, G. [Gotfredine] M. Jensen, M. K. Mohler [Matt K. Moller], S. [Soren] Christensen and family, P. [Peter] Sorenson and family, N. [Neil] Andersen, D. [Dorthea] Petersen, M. [Maren Thomasen] Olsen and family, A. [Anders] Petersen.

There are 126 persons, 22 hand-carts, and 6 waggons.




C. F. [Charles Frederick] Jones and family, Enoch Williams, David [W.] Evans, Ann Lewis, Elizabeth Staples, John McComie [McOmie] and family, Joseph Bennett and and family, Sarah Drakeford, John Drakeford, John R. Eardley and family; Sarah W. Overd, Elizabeth Armstrong, William Herbert and family, Francis P. Pascoe and family, Anne Shackelton, Thos. J. Jordon [Jordan], Isaac [Wilson] Fox and family, Thomas Williams and family, Alexander Eckford and family, Isabella Gibbs and family, Martha Moore, Fanny McComie [McOmie], John Croston, Joseph Colledge and family, James Davies [Davis], Isaac Chilton and family, Nephi Johnson, William Budge and family, Eliza Stratford, Eliza Jones, Thomas [Scott] Budge and family, John Hamilton, James Wood, Jane M. Buckley, Amelia A. E. Taylor, John Bourne and family, Joseph Humphreys and family, John Stock and family, Thomas Garbuit [Garbutt], Thomas [Charles] Shirley and family, Thomas P. [Phillip] White and family, Charles Wood and family, Robert Bodily and family, Thomas Sandall and family, Harry Stringer and family, Clara [Wilhelmina] Huey and family, Samuel N. [Nathaniel] Slaughter, George Prince and family, Nicholas Paul and family, Elizabeth Hold [Kold] and family, Wm. Cooley and son, John Keller and family, James Haffter [Hafter], Maria [Anna] Traber, Gottleb Enz [Ence], Henry Reiser and wife, Marianna [Mariana] Rupp, Ana Muiler [Muller], Christian Staffer [Stauffer], John Diethelm [Dietschweiler] and family, Joachim Dietshwigler [Dietchweiler], John Alder and family, Frederic Kruse and wife, Kathrina Naf, Henry Bar and family, Anna Abderhalden [Alderhalden], Arnold Neeser, Christian Wittwer and family, John Reidal [Ridell], Katherina Stuki [Stucki] and family, Peter Pfister and wife, Charles Widerborg and wife, Anna B. [Bolette] Thomussen [Thomassen] and daughter, Thomas T. [Frederick] Trane, Soren Madsen and family, Jens Larsen and wife, Maren Olsen and wife, Niels Larsen and family, Jorgen Merkensen [Mortensen] and family, Peter Junl [Juul] and family, Lars Williamsen and wife, Anders Rasmunsen, Kirsten Knunsen [Knudsen], Lars Ericksen and family, Stina Nielsen, Jens Nielsen and family, Ola Peterson, Mads Paulsen [Poulsen] and family, Anna Wardshore [Wardstrom], Lars Marson [Larsen] and family, Peter Fredericksen and wife, Anna M. Jorgensen, Maria Madsen, Hans Pedersen and wife, Peter Petersen and family, Christen Hensen and wife, Karen M. Sorensen, Jens Larsen and family, Peter [Madsen] Jensen and family, Jens Jorgensen, Hans M. Nisson, Jens Knudsen and wife, Bodil Rasmussen, Maren Mortensen, Maren Christensen, Anna Johnson, Ignwart Hansen and family, Anna M. Kraiberg, Soren Christensen [Christiansen] and family, Adolph A. Nickels [Nichols] and wife, Johanna Stephansen [Stephenson], Anna [Anne] K. Madsen, Anna Hansen, Ingri Borg, Christian Jensen and wife, Hans Jensen and family, Maren Peterson [Petersen], Elizabeth C. Madsen, Hans P. Madsen and wife, Anna M. Sorensen, Eloa [Else] Madsen and family, Christian Lilholdt, Christian P. [Peter] Larsen, Hans C. Hiselt [Heiselt] and wife, Niels Christensen, Jens Petersen and family, Anna Bentson and daughter, Jens P. Adgaard [Jens Pedersen Aagard] and family, Susenna [Susanna] Petersen, Swan M. [Sven Monson] Lovendahl and family, Soren [Rasmussen] Moller, Anna Nielsdutter [Neilsdotter], Jeppe Olson [Olsson] and wife, Niels Christarsen [Christensen] and family, Dorothea C. [Kirstine] Johansen, Johan F. [Frederik] Carlsen and wife, Anna Gottfredsen [Anna Grethe Gotfredsen], Niels C. Christensen and family, Ola O. [Ole Olsen] Gaarder and family, Lars Larsen, Eric Eliasson and wife, Swain [Sven] Carlson and family, Jons Jonsson, and wife, Elna Grouball [Gronvall], Pear [Pehr] Anderson and family, Andreas Anderson and family, Benta Swainson [Swenson], Elsa Neilsson, Peter Petersen and family.

394 persons, 55 waggons, 215 oxen, and 77 cows.




John Taylor and family, Ann Taylor, Sarah Falkner, Mary [Taylor] Maddock and family, Stephen Taylor and family, Levi B. Jones and family, William Hall and wife, Joseph Dickerson and wife, James Camp and wife, John Isaacs, Naomi [T.] Brett, William Owen and family, Thomas Fisher and wife, George Weaver and family, Charles Call, Edward Jefford and wife, Kilberg [Hilberg] Christensen, Frederick Holst and family, Rasmus Rasmussen and family, Line [Sine] Madsen, M. C. [Mads Christian] Andersen and family, Marie Wogn and daughter, Soren Wilson and family, Jens Peter Christensen and family, Johanne Margrethe Kofod [Kofoed], Anker Agust Kofod [Anker August Kofoed], Anders Larsen and family, Soren Jensen and wife, Stine Larsen, Lars Jacobsen and family, Ana Elisine Kofod [Anna Elsina Kofoed], Marius Jansen [Marcus Jensen] and family, Poul Nielsen and family, Christian Jensen and wife, Hans Kofod [Hans Ancher Kofoed] and family, Hanne [Hannah Hemmert] Wilhelmsen and daughter, Christian Peter Nielsen and family, Andreas Hammer [Homer] and family, Jens Hansen Kofod [Kofoed], Jens Svendsen and family, Anders Bloomdale [Blumdoll] and family, Ane Svaale.

123 persons, 26 waggons, 61 oxen and 32 cows.