Transcript for "Local News: News From the Plains," The Mountaineer, 11 August 1860, 2

NEWS FROM THE PLAINS.—Messrs. Judson Stoddard and G. H. Van Schoonhoven arrived in this city from the east on Thursday last. These gentlemen left Florence, N. T., on July 12th. They state that the last hand-cart train crossed the Loup Fork at Genoa July 14. They passed B. H. Young's train at Eagle Island on the 15th, and Taylor's train on the 16th. They passed James D. Ross' and Jno. Smith's trains, at Fort Laramie, on the 27th; both trains were together, and numbered 80 waggons. All were well and getting along finely. Messrs. Stoddard and Van Schoonhoven passed Murphy's train on the 28th, twelve miles below Deer Creek; and Kimball & Lawrence's merchant train on the 29th. They passed two trains, one of which was Franklin Brown's, on the 30th of July Captain D. Robison's hand-cart company was just in advance of Capt. Brown's train, about 12 miles below Rashaw's Bridge on the Platte. Hooper's mule train and H., Haight's train were to leave Florence on the 16th. Stoddard's merchant train arrived at Farmington on Wednesday last.