Transcript for Lorenzo Hill Hatch, Lorenzo Hill Hatch Journal (Provo: Brigham Young University, Adult Education and Extension Services, Extension Publications,1958), 12-13

We worked with Brother List three months, after which I bought him out and sent for Jeremiah. He came. We worked through the fall and winter of 1849-50. All that we made was divided between the three of us. We made some fifty wagons in ten and a half months and sold them for $26.50 each. Then we gathered clothes, tools, and provisions for our outfit; three yoke of steers, fourteen cows and all necessary things for our journey, repaired to the Bluffs, fitted our wagons up and on the 12th of June 1850, we crossed the Missouri River with three wagons, five yoke of oxen and seventeen cows.

My brother Jeremiah and his family consisted of his wife [Louisa Pool Alexander Hatch], two children and Elizabeth (our sister). My family consisted of Abram, Adeline (our sister) and myself. Thus my anticipations were more than realized. We had gathered much around us in this year and through the blessings of God whom we praise for ever and ever. We traveled in the Company of Captain David Evans. We had some cases of cholera and buried five or six of our numbers. However the trip was a pleasant one and we arrived the 17th of September 1850. Jeremiah was very sick when we arrived but he soon recovered.