Transcript for Madsen, Peter, Autobiography, 1898-1909, 21-22

. . here we stayed 6 days, we got more provisions, which was now calculated to last us to the end, or Salt Lake City,--we had some big rivers to cross and many small streams of water, and some other dangerous plases to pass,--some accident happened though not very serious,--

on August the 9th. the first Indians came to us, but the[y] came peasable, but begged for bread and sugar,--Indians came to us many days in that manner,--

Aug 20 we crossed the Platte river,--

Sptr 13th I had a accident, I had some kind of harness on one pa[i]r of Oxen, and that broke, and while I was mendent [mending] it, an Ox got scared and some rob [rope], came round my one foot,--the Ox run and drag[g]ed my [me] for some time, I was hurt so much so I had to be in the wagon in 10 days,--after that time I could walk again,--the road get more dangerous and in the last days before we reached Salt Lak[e] City, here we came to Sptbr 30th.