Transcript for Madsen, Peter, Autobiography [ca. 1908], 5

On May 1st we started for Keokuk, the day after all our things was hauled about a mile from the City, where we now had to be untill our Oxen and Wagons, and privisions was gathered, now some got ready and started on the 18th others the 21st of May, I had got 2 yoke Oxen and a Wagon, but I had to take 5 more persons, so we was 7 persons and our goods and proviant [provisions] to my wagon, some had more some less to a wagon, our travel was slow, some days it rained to [so] we lay still, and most of the Sundays we lay still so we had publec meetings, we came Kanesville June 25th the call it now 300 mile we had traveled in 5 weeks, here we shayed [stayed] 6 days, we got more provisions, which was now calculated to last us to the end, or Salt Lake City, we had some big rivers to cross and many small streams of water, and some other dangerous plases to pass, some accident happened though not very serious,

on August the 9th the first Indians came to us, but they came peasable [peaceable], but begged for bread and sugar, Indians came to us many days in that manner,

Aug 20 we crossed the Platte river,

Sptbr 13th I had a accident, I had some kind of harness on one par of Oxen, and that broke, and while I was mendent it, an Ox got scared and some rop[e] came around my one foot, the Ox run and draged me for some time, I was hurt so much so I had to be in the wagon in 10 days, after that time I could walk again, the road got more dangerous and in the last days before we reached Salt Lak city, here we came to Sptbr 30th.