Transcript for Margetts, Lucy Marie Canfield, Diary, 1862 July-Oct

July 26 th Sat
Worked all day packing[.] we have got to get another wagon. All of our things are ready as soon as the rest are ready

July 27th Sun
Rained last night Damy [Deidamia] Stickney and I stayed in her tent. Travelled a bout 2 miles and camped

July 28th Mon
Stayed all day here only 2 miles out of town[.] Our Co was orginized [organized] this af[t]ernoon. All seem to feel well[.] Rained some to day

July 29th Tues
Started a bout 2 Oclock and travelled a bout a mile. found a pleasant camping place 8 miles from Florence

July 30th Wednsday
Stayed in camp all day, lost some of the cattle but found them. Some boys from Ogden camped near us. All [Albert William Stickney] was up twice to day. his Co[.] is 2 miles from us

July 31st Thurs
Traveled 8 miles to day. lost two chains

Aug 1st Fri
Nothing of importance transpired to day.

Aug 2d Sat
Travelled a bout 8 miles. brake [broke] an axel tree had to stop to fix it[.] Rained some in the afternoon. Had a splendid camping place on the Elk Horn

Aug 3th Sun
We had a very hard thunder storm last night but it is pleasant this morning[.] Travelled 4 miles had a splendid sermon in the afternoon by Elder McNight [McKnight]

Aug 4th Mon
Travelled a bout 12 miles in the forenoon. All [Albert] overtook us just as we were ready to start out in the afternoon. Rose stayed with them all night

Aug 5th Tues
Travelled a bout 15 miles. Saw some Indians camped on the Platte

Aug 6th Wed
Some rain to day but cleared off quite pleasant[.] Made 15 miles to day

Aug 7th Thurs
10 miles to day. Crossed the Platte river[.] Church train close behind[.] Thermometre 108[.] See Hampton[.] Did not rid[e] the poney

Aug 8 Fri
Got started a bout 10 Oclock camped a bout 4 having travelled a bout 12 miles. This is a very pleasant valley indeed

Aug 9th Sat
Had breakfast before six Oclock Travelled about 15 miles to day & camped on the Platte again

Aug 10 Sun
Does not seem much like Sun[day] Travelled a bout 15½ miles to day without stoping[.] camped at lone tree, a very pleasant camping place. Church train close behind.

Aug 11th Mon
I walked a bout 5 miles in the morning, rode a while with Mr. McNight [McKnight]. Made 15 miles to day without stoping. Camped on Wood river. a very good camping ground. did some washing in the evening

Aug 12th Tues
I had <had> a ride with Mrs. Neal a bout 5 miles[.] Crossed wood river and had an awful night with the muskeetoes [mosquitoes]. got up a bout midnight and slept on the ground. Don’t like wood river Muskeetoes much. Church train passed us to day

Aug 13th Wed
Got up and started a bout sunrise and camped for breakfast about 9 Oclock[.] mad[e] 7 miles. Church train passed us while we were eating breakfast, we passed them while they were eating dinner. Made 19 miles to day

Aug 14th Thurs
Travelled 10 miles in the forenoon & 10 in the afternoon. Bade ad[i]eu to settlement till[.] we reach Larremy [Laramie]. McNight[McKnight] & Minkler went to Kearrney [Kearney]. Camped on the bank of the Platte again

Aug 15 Fri
McNight & Minkler did not get back untill noon & we waited for them. Did not start till a bout 3 Oclock[.] mad[e] about 5 miles

Aus 16th Sat
Travelled a bout 18 miles. crossed several bad sloughs. Camped near buffalos [Buffalo] creek. No feed wood, nor watter of any account

Aug 17th Sun
Started early this morning made 15 mil[e]s got a good camping place

Aug 18th Mon
Travelled a vout [about] 18 miles and camped near the Platte [.] Quite warm. Went down to the river & washed

Aug 19 Tues
Travelled a bout 18 miles. Thought we saw a Buffalo but it was a horse

Aug. 20th Wed
Rained a little afternoon. we have had no rain to speak off [of] since we started. made 16 miles lonesome camping place

Aug 21st Thurs
Ruth & Mary rode with us 7 miles in the afternoon. Camped near a fine spring. made 12 miles

Aug 22d Fri
10 miles in the forenoon & camped in the afternoon to get wood. Two boys from Church train stayed all night with us

Aug 23d
Saw some Indians on horse back gave them some flour & meet [meat]. Did not build fire. Bell was quite sick

Aug 24th Sun
Started before breakfast travelled about a mile and stop[p]ed for breakfast[.] Very bad road in the afternoon. Camped on Buffalow creek a very romantic camping place

Aug 25 Mon
A very pleasant morning, made 12 miles to day. Dalton broke an axealtree [axletree]. All's [Al's] wagon got stuck

Aug 26th Tues
Camped just [at] dark. 13 miles to day Mr Tucker gave us a fish

Aug 27 Wed
11 miles to day.

Aug 30th Sat
10 miles in the fore noon camped at the Bluffs for dinner. Joseph's Youngs train camped with us[.] Had a good meeting in the evening

Aug 31st Sun
Travelled a bout 10 miles this for[e]noon Stop[p]ed for dinner opposite Court house [Courthouse] Bluffs

Sep 1st Mon
17 miles and camped opposite chimney rock. Tis a wild & romantic country round this rock. There is a stage station near it. the first house we have seen for a long time

Sep 2d Tues
Mr McFarlin broke a single tree[.] Drove 14 miles and camped near Scotts Bluffs they are very romantic looking Bluffs

Sep 3d Wed
Travelled some 8 miles camped for dinner. Stoped untill about 5 O[c]lock and then went about 2 or 3 miles[.] Rose and I had a horseback ride

Sep 4th Thurs
Travelled 9 miles comenced raining did not go any farther, had a duck for supper

Sep 5th Fri
Raining this morning did not get started till 11 Oclock

Sept 6th Sat
Fogy and cold this morning but cleared off and had a fine day for traveling[.] Made 20 miles

Sept 7th Sun
Had some currants this morning[.] Came by Laramie. A much pleasanter place then I had expected to see [.] Recived 3 letters. Camped 5 miles above the fort

Sep 8th Mon
Did quite a washing. Crossed the river. Had very good luck[.] Camped near a very high rock

Sep 9th Tues
Discovered a dead Indian in a tree in the morning. went upon the rocks. Very romantic place[.] Saw two squaws.

Sep 10th Wed
Went with Mr. and Mrs. Neal up in the canyon. Most romantic place I ever saw. 20 miles today

Sep 11th Thurs
Quit[e] cold to day. Crossed the river again. Travelled 25 miles Dammy rode with us. Camped rather late

Sep 12th Fri
Not as cold to day as it was yesterday morning. Started a bout 8 Oclock[.] Crossed the river 10 miles to day.

Sep 13thSat
Rainy this morning did not start untill afternoon. Hamptons train crossed the river before we started[.] Made 10 miles to day

Sep 14th Sun
Rainy again this morning. Travelled all day. Pretty cold[.] Did not get out of the wagon all day, com[m]enced raining about 5 Oclock

Sep 15th Mon
Rained all night. started out a bout ½ past 9[.] Stoped for dinner at a deserted stage station. Snow 4 miles ahead[.] All swam the river

Sep 16th Tues
Had to go over the river in the morning for some of the cattle. Did not get started till 8 Oclock. Camped near the bridge

Sep 17th Wed
From 5 to 7 miles to day. Crossed the bridge had to repair it before crossing. Sandy road. Camped just a bove the upper bridge. Some Soldiers in camp

Sep 18th Thurs
Started 6 O[c]lock 12 miles before dinner. Bates Co[.] camped near us for dinner. Did not get in camp till 8 Oclock 12 miles this afternoon

Sept 19 Fri
Some of the cattle missing. did <not> find them untill afternoon. Made another Buffalo pie

Sep 20th Sat
All [Albert] went out hunting, shot an Antelope but did not get it[.] Hamptons & Bates Co[.] passed us this morning. Did not get started till a bout 10 Oclock

Sep 21st Sun
Started ½ past 4 O[c]lock. Came by the Devils Gate[.] Went up on the rocks and looked down in the river. Crossed the Sweet water [Sweetwater]. Camped about 10 Oclock. F.A. Brown & Mr. Merrick met us, did not go any further to day

Sep 22dMon
Almond & Merrick went down to the station, did not get back. made 10 miles to day

Sep 28 Tues
Almon & Merrick came back last night a bout mid night[.] 13 miles to day, camped near lone tree crossing. Some Soldiers came down to camp

Sep 24 Wed
Crossed sweet water four times[.] Camped in sight of snow capped mountains. Kept the cattle in correll all night. Had a fine fire mad[e] of sage brush.

Sep 25 Thurs
Travelled 10 miles before breakfast[.] Did not get up till we got [al]most to a camping place. Some of the men went out hunting. Mr Merrick shot an Antelope. & we had some for dinner. Went 5 miles

Sept 26 Fri
Stayed in camp all the fore noon, did some washing. Passed rocky ridge station. Rose got supper all alone. I fell asleep just before we camped

Sept 27th Sat
Travelled 6 miles to day. Wind blew & it was pretty cold. Rose took some meal over to Mr Broury [Brewer] and got some beans. Made some sling of Salt Lake Whiskey

Sep 28th Sun
Travelled 10 miles. Camped near a millatary station, some of the girls took dinner with the soldiers

Sep 29th Mon
Crossed the sweet water this morning. Went through the South pass. Camped for dinner at the Pacific springs[.] mad[e] 12 miles to day

Sep 30th Fri Tues
Expected to go to little[Little] Sandy but camped 6 miles this side[.] Rode with Dammy some

Oct 1st SatWed
Started this morning before breakfast. Camped a bout 10 Oclock and stayed untill nearly 3 Oclock, did some washing. Camped on big Sandy

Oct 2d Thurs
Travelled 15 miles camped on the big bend on the Sandy a bout 3 Oclock. had some snow last night[.] Had a good camping place

Oct 3d Fri
Crossed Green river. Camped 5 miles below. Almon & Merrick went down to a station & did not get back[.] Had the tents with them

Oct 4th Sat
Very pleasant morning indeed. Some new cattle[.] Mr. Perkins mule gone this morning[.] Almon has not got back at noon. Travelled till ½ past 10 stop[p]ed to have the cattle eat. All [Albert] broke his wagon reach[.] Russell ran over by him

Oct 5th Sun
Stayed in camp all the forenoon[.] Saw a stage. Met Almon & Merrick at the station. Rode with Dammie all the afternoon

Oct 6th Mon
Met some of the Ogden folks gave Merrick some beef[.] Camped a bout 3 O[c]lock

Oct 7th Tues
Passed Millers Hill. Crossed Blacks Forks 3 times. Camped at Bridger[.] It is a much larger place than I expected

Oct 8th Wed
Went over to the station. Saw there a tame bear. Mr Stickney had some oxen get away there[.] had to wait untill they went after them. did not get started untill after 9 Oclock[.] Came 10 miles. Joseph W[.] sent us some peaches by Mr. Dicksons [Dixon] brothernlaw

Oct 9th Thurs
Very pleasant day[.] Mr. McNight [McKnight] came back from Bridger this morning[.] Went on the summit Quakenasp ridge and had a most beautiful view of the surrounding country

Oct 10th Fri
Camped a bout noon[.] One of Eltons [Beckstead] mules died[.] It seemed wrather [rather] bad he thought so much of them. Had some soup for supper it was first rate. Ground some Coffee[.] Crossed Bear river

Oct 11 Sat
Took dinner at Cache Cave[.] It is quite a cave. Mr Blackmins [Blackham's] wagon tounge [tongue] broke and we camped a bout 5 P.M. Camped apisite [opposite] some very high bluffs[.] Went up on them & the boys rolled some rocks down. Came by Needle rocks to day. Hatties Father came to night[.] Camped in Echo Canyon

Oct 12 Sun
Came 20 miles[.] Camped for night opposite some very high rocks at the mouth of Echo Canyon. Met some of the boys from the City with Flour. Met the stage which was drawn by four white horses[.] Saw the Mormon Fortifications in Echo Canyon

Oct 13th Mon
A very beautiful morning[.] Got all ready to start and some of the cattle were gone. Our Co[.] sepperated & we went down the Weber Canyon[.] Croosed [crossed] the Weber 5 times. Crossed Lost Fork a number of times and had wrather bad road. Camped in a valley surounded by mountains

Oct 14th Tues
A very pleasant day[.] Got started ½ past 8 Oclock. Most romantic road we have had yet. Would not have missed coming this way for anything. I never saw such rocks they beat all that I saw in Echo Kanyon[.] Camped at Mr Merrels they gave us some butter. Went down there in the evening

Oct 15th Wed
Started this morning in quite good season. Forded the Weber 3 times[.] Pretty good road in the fore noon[.] Stoped Mr. Kemptons and took dinner. Had some peaches to eat, had a first rate dinner. Liked her very well. Got started about 3 Oclock[.] Had a pretty rough & rocky road. did not get out of the Kanyon till after dark[.] We crossed the Weber and the oxen swam a cross, and we camped just the other side.

Oct 16 Thurs
Started this morning without breakfast. Left one of Fathers oxen this morning. Got to Aunt Hatties a bout 10 Oclock. Hattie looks just as natural as can be. Had to empty all the trunks they were all wet. Mr. McGaw & wife came up in the evening.

Mr Stickney's people eat supper with us

Oct 17th Fri
Helped Martha sew a little. Went down to see Mr Bittles people in the afternoon[.] Went visiting in the evening

Oct 18th Sat
Did not go to meeting in the forenoon[.] I thought I could not stand it to go two whole days[.] Went in the afternoon, had a good meeting. H[e]ard Brigham Young speak

Oct 19th Sunday
Went to meeting with Damie & All [Albert] stayed to meeting in the afternoon[.] Lizzie came up in the afternoon[.] Mr Hide and wife stayed all night with us. Went to meeting in the evening. Had pleasant walk

Oct 20th Mon
Did quite a large washing[.] Damie came in the evening wanted I should stay all night with her

Oct 21st Tues
Did some ironing before dinner[.] After dinner we went down to Mrs. McGaws had a nice visit[.] Mary came up home with us[.] Father came a bout 3 Oclock[.] he took the rest of the Co[.] down through Emigration Canyon to Salt Lake