Transcript for Mariah Pulsipher Burgess in Pulsipher Family History Book (1963), compiled by Terry Lund and Nora Lund, 45

In the spring we got ready and left Winter Quarters. Most all the Saints left that spring. President Young and the "Twelve" all started. They organized in companies of hundreds. My father, Zerah Pulsipher was Captain of our Hundred.

We enjoyed ourselves, although I was not able to leave my wagon much. We camped one night on a sand hill without feed and water. I was taken sick. As soon as daylight came we went about six miles, found water and feed and stopped. There my first son was born, after dinner we traveled on. I kept in bed about two weeks, then was able to get around. I felt able and willing to go through suffering to find a resting place where the Saints could worship the Lord with none to molest.

When we got to Salt Lake we camped out.

[A variant of this autobiographical sketch is also in James Albert Jones, comp., Some Early Pioneers of Huntington, Utah and Surrounding Area [1980], 30.]