Transcript for Mark H. Forscutt letter to Brigham Young, 3 August 1860


Sweet Water Crossing August 3rd 1860


President B Young

Dear Brother.

Should you not have received 2 letters which I have already sent to you, I write that you may understand our condition, hoping—if you have received them—that you will pardon me for again writing on the same subject, as the only apology I can offer is my anxiety for the welfare of this people.

The Hand Cart train under the command of Captain Daniel Robison with which I am travelling have received the following amount of provisions, and as that quantity is not sufficient to supply their wants I have drawn out the table contained in this letter, that you may see at one glance our true condition.

Before entering the table however I wish to say that I do not enter every item because I consider every item needed but <simply> to show the deficiency.

The Camp numbers about 270 souls, and I have supplied them with rations according to the table written. I have purchased 11 sacks of Flour & 4 of Corn Meal & Shorts—& Have borrowed 9 sacks of Flour—I have also purchased 2 or 3 extra articles for the sick


Description of Article


Amt Necessary lbs

Flour 33075
Meat 4725
Sugar 945
Tea 236
Soap 708 3/4

Supplied by GQ Cannon

Flour 12700
Meat 3705
Sugar 500
Tea 135
Soap 502

by JW Young

Flour 10700

Purchased & borrd.

Flour 2400

Ida Defo

Flour 25800
Meat 3705
Sugar 500
Tea 135
Soap 502


Flour 7275
Meat 1020
Sugar 445
Tea 101
Soap 206 3/4

The above includes provisions of the articles named for 14 weeks at the following rates

Flour 1 1/4 lb per day

Meat 1 1/4 lb per week

Tea 1 oz per week

Sugar 4 oz per week

Soap 1 lb per week for every 6 persons.

This—especially the flour—is not sufficient to supply the people but it is all we have been able to allow.

Part of the amount of Flour named above under the heading "purchased & borrd." has been given out to those who having eat their rations, had none to eat until the time for serving again arrived. Not having been authorized however to allow more than the quantity left for us on the way I have taken notes of hand from all persons receiving more at the prices charged for the flour which I had to purchase. At the 3d crossing of Sweet Water we have 35 sacks left subject to our order—We consume—with what we have to allow to those who cannot make a pound and a quarter a day suffice—about 27 sacks of Flour per week. There is none subject to our order after the 35 sacks above named have been received. There is 10 sacks of Flour left subject to our order at Green River, but this order we have transferred to Captain browns Independent Team Company for 10 sacks borrowed of them not included under the heading "purchased and borrowed"

From this you will learn that we shall be out of provisions long before we reach Salt Lake City and hope that you will do your utmost to send us out provisions that none may sicken and die from want.

With Kind love and sentiments of the highest esteem I have the honour to remain—

Your humble servant in the gospel


Mark H Forscutt
Commissary of the Hand Cart Comp'y


Daniel Robison Captain
Charles Webb Chaplain
W B Corbutt [Corbitt] Sergeant of guard
Witnesses to the correctness of the above statements