Transcript for Marriott, Trezer Southwick, Autobiographical sketch, in Genealogical Charts and Biographical Sketches of Members of the L.D.S. Church, Ogden Stake, 26 vols., 16:64

I wanted to come to Salt Lake Valley to my brother[.] I met Bishop Wharley [Worley] who was the first Bishop that was ordained in St. Louis, he told me he with his family were moving west, if I would help his wife with the work while coming across the plains, he wold bring me with them, we started 1855 in Captain John Hin[d]ley Company, the first company to arrive in Salt Lake that year, we had (forty Six) wagons and (two Hundred) souls, their were quiet [quite] a number of young folks of my age, before we started the Captain gave orders for no one to go a head or stay back of the company, as the Indians and mountaineers had been known to steal the women and Girls, their were lots of Currents and plums along the road, we use[d] to pick a great many, I never would stay back of the company never got as many as some of the other Girls, so got a good scolding for it, one day I got where the Currints [currants] were thick[.] I was going to get my bucket full, I looked up, the company was way up the road, just at that time a big Mountaineer sprung up in front of me, I was so frightened I could not speak, I seen the captain coming back to see if eny one was lift[.] I waved my hand, he seen me come riding up, took us both to camp[,] gave the mountaineer his supper and a bed, he was gone before morning, the captain give us a good lecturing, he saved me from being captured, their was one Old Gentleman lift [left] out all night, I walked most of the way barefooted, I started with two pairs of shoes, wore one pair out keep the other as I did not want to arrive in Salt Lake barefooted where I expected to meet my brother, we only wrode when it was stormy or crossing rivers, I enjoyed my Jurney, we had no deaths very little sickness, my Brother was going back to St. Louis after me if I had not come that year

we arrived in Salt Lake Sept 3th [3rd]