Transcript for Martin, Ezra Francis, Reminiscences and diary, 1862 Jan.-1895 May

[August] Rolled out 6th at Day Break. The Horn was Blown, at Seven all ready[.] Prayers was Said, of[f] we go towards the Valleys of the Mountains[.]

8th Still at Elk horn Bridge[.] My Self weak Suffering from a cold & Pleuresey, Wife [Sophia Packer Martin] & children Very ill.

9 Arrived at Kash Bend.

10 Traveled 10 miles campt[.] Capt. Miller sick[,] Says he wants to cross Loup[e] Forke & this crosses the Forks. the River here is about 300 yards wide[,] crossed by means of a Boat. This landed its contents in the River on the Land from this point the water being only ancle deep[.] we all got over Safe.

20th Reached Wood River[.] Loaded up with Flour.

21st Traveled 15 miles.

22nd All well we are now on the open Prairie. Saw Some Buffilos [buffaloes] could not Shoot any.


24th Little girl very ill.

25 Traveled on through Sand & fine Seenery.


27th Traveled fast & lost Some Oxen[.] hindered us.


29th bad Roads Hot weather.

September 2 campt opisite Ash Hollow. Roads good, weather hot[.] My wife & child very sick[.] A child died.

3rd Crossed the Sand Hills.

4th Blowing & Stormy cold no fire no Supper.

5th Sophia very ill full of pain.

6th another child buried.

8th Esther Jane near Death no food suted for her. Starveing Dying.


10th Boy Albert Ezra Better.

11th—about nine o clock in the morning Esther Jane returned home after much Suffering[.] She Left quiet with Slight convultions about 20 miles East of Larimie. [When] this occurred the Waggons Stop. The Teamster allowing us time to Lay her out, Traveled out to Raw Hide Creek. Here we burred her the best we could under the circumstances[.] She was aged one yeer nine month and 11 Days[.] this is about 12 miles East of Fort Laramie.

12th persued our Journey[.] cold & wet past the Fort Larimie. campt 4 miles west uncomfortable weather. Two childeen were Buried here, the food not suteable for Sick folks.

13th Traveld in the rain[.] here we see a change in the apearance of the country[.] we are fairly in the Hills doted with cedar Wood.

14th crossed the river a very Amusing Time. Some would Strip Naked & wade. Some would Hold onto the waggons, all of females crossed on waggons.


16th all calm.

17th Buried another child.

20th reached the Big La Bonte late in the night an acident occurred. Broke a young womans leg by the tiping over a waggon & Severly hurt a child.


22nd a[ll] well.

23 Crossed the River on a Bridge. Took in Some Flour which had been left here when the Teams came down.

24th camped on Willow Creek. Roads bad plenty of Bufilo Berries. here Mrs. [Martha] Entwistle died, aged 41 years.

25th arrived at Devils gate[.]. This is an opening in a Rock about 50 feet wide & 200 feet High perpendicular on the Sides. here the clear, cold Stream flows through as though nature had given way to acomodate.

26th I went Hunting in company Wm Elders [Charles] Drable & [James] Rice, got lost & we nighted.

27th campt near the 3 crossing. here Oswell Owen Ragge [Oswald Owen] died aged 22 years. Left a young Wife [Sarah Hannah Taberer Owen] & child [Joseph Hyrum Owen]. This Journey is very cruel on the Sick folks.



30th weather fine.

October 1st camped on the River called Sweetwater for the last time.

2nd arrived at the South pass the Back Bone of the American continent. Drank at the Pacific Springs[.] Now the water runs Westward. Here is a Grand Sight as curious as it is Grand, Majestic & awefull looking Hills to the Right. Hand [and] away in the distance the Tops of the Wind River mountains to the Left also Rugged Black Looking Hills.

3rd During the Night a fall of Snow about 3 inches deep caused the cattle to Stray of[f] thus we lay all the rest [of the] day.

4th Got a good Start Roads good. Buried another child campt on Little Sandy many foot Sore & Some Sick.

5th past corral Hollow was Informed this was the place where Lot Smith & a few men performed Like a Mericle in Surprising & captureing a company of U.S. Troops belong to the Johnsten army Sent out to destroy the Mormons.

6th Arrived at Green River crossed all safe. The women of course rode over in the waggon.

7th Arrived at Hams fork here we saw 3 Bridges & a Road about a quarter of mile made by the men comeing down in the Spring when the waters was out. here we Buried a child a Son [Joseph Hyrum] of Oswald & Sarah H. Owens or Wragg.

8th reached the Muddy.

9th came to the Road 13 miles from Bridger.

Oct 11th campt on Yellow creek. We are now in the mountains.

12th weather fine plenty of dust women & men & Teams all desighted with dust. Buried one woman & two children.

12th Crossed Bear River a Rapid Stream about 20 yards wide we now asend a high Hill & another[.] now we have a View of a Rugged mountain <country> impassable to all appearances. To the South is a Valley to the South west another. Down we go to the right then to the Left then to the right again to Left & we are in Echo Canyon & curious & very very wonderfull casam or opening throug[h] the Mountains as if nature had forced an inlet & tore away the rocks & Earth in unseemly manner. Here are Springs gushing out in all derections all leading downward to one channel that is called a creek, this creek increases in power & voulume as it rolls down the Kanyon & gathers the nemerous Streams gushing out from the mountain Sides.

13th Traveled down this Kanyon.

14th crossed the Weber River & campt at chalk creek a Small Settlement on the of the Latter day Saints.

15th arrived at Parleys Park & campt.

16th campt in Emigration Kanyon.

17th arrived in Salt Lake city. Mrs. Emma Morris my wifes Sister & Mrs. Emly Morris met us in the Kanyon received us Kindly.