Transcript for Martin Henderson Harris, A Utah Pioneer: His Life, Labors, and Posterity (1952), 17

Started from Father’s [Emer Harris] for the Valley on the 14th of June in company with Mother and Alma, Joseph having started already with Uncle Ezekiel leaving Father with Dennison and Charles to come when they should get ready. Traveled this day six or eight miles to the place for organizing the companies. In a few days were organized into William Snow’s Hundred, Bishop Snow’s Fifty, and Truman Leonards Ten. Pres. Joseph Young Chaplain in our Fifty.

June 20th crossed the Missouri river 15 or 20 miles below Kanesville, just a few miles below the mouth of the Platte River.

June 21st traveled ten miles.

June 29 reached Salt River. About this time or shortly after the company was divided in order to facilitate travel, it being our lot to travel in company with Captain Herman Persons [Harmon Pierson] and his Ten. Several cases of cholera were in the company about this time and some deaths from the same.

July 4th reached the Platte Bottom 100 miles from the Missouri River, it having taken 14 days to travel that distance on account of the delay occasioned by sickness rain and mud. From this time on we made good progress.

July 7th reached Platte River.

July 13th reached Fort Kearney. Colonel Jansen died here he being one of our Ten. At this place…had a heavy rain which was the last until we reached Deer Creek.

July 27th. Crossed the South Fork of the Platte. For the last few days been in sight of hundreds of buffalo at a time. Hunters killed some.

Aug. 2nd passed Chimney Rock.

Aug. 9th passed Fort Laramie.

Aug. 22nd crossed the North Fork of the Platte 127 miles from Fort Laramie according to guide book. Since leaving Laramie we travel the same road as that traveled by the pioneers in 1847 and measured by Roadometer.

Aug. 28th passed Independence Rock 50 miles from ferry on Platte.

Sept. 6th passed the South Pass 101 miles from Independence Rock.

Sept. 18th reached Fort Bridger 118 miles from the South Pass.

Sept. 23rd. reached Great Salt Lake City 113 Miles from Fort Bridger