Transcript for Martina Thompson, Biographical information relating to Mormon pioneer overland travel database, 2003-2017

They [the Thompson family] bought hand carts but when they reached starting point, the church wagons were waiting, money returned for which father bought a cow to take on journey over plains. Father and youngest brother were sick nearly all the way.

Mother would go out to milk her cow and so many people or Saints, would come running for milk. Some had a sick mother, others sister, brother or child. After dividing out the milk she hardly had any left for her own sick husband or child.

Once night my brother was taken very sick. Our teamster took the captains horse and traveled many, many miles to get medicine for mother to use. Mother said she had the best teamster on the road. He would walk behind the oxen and take one of the children out to walk until it was tired and then he would put the child in the wagon and take out one of the other children.

We came in John Murdock's company. We reached Salt Lake City, Sept. 12, 1861. A team came from Mill Creek, took us out there.