Transcript for "Mary Lee Bland history."

How happy we were to be reunited and for William to see his year-old son for the first time. His health improved some he was home and we were happy. Then privations in that terrible winter of 1848 caused a relapse, and after a promise exacted from me that I would take the family and go with the Saints to Zion, he passed from this life in my arms. Leaving me grief stricken, I faced maternity again with Mammy Chloe my only attendant. Little Mary Jane was born (5 Feb. 1849) four months after her father's [William Fletcher Ewell] death.

We then set about to keep our pledge to go to Salt Lake, the Zion of the mountains. Oh, how I missed him, always so faithful to the church, so kind and true. I could have gone back to luxury at home by repudiating our faith, but was not tempted, even in the face of poverty. So in a few years my faithful Mammy Chloe helped me bring my family to Salt Lake.