Transcript for McAllister, John Daniel Thompson. Journal

Friday, March 21, 1856 A.M. Went on board and assisted in serving out provisions. P.M. Went to Brother Perks along with Brother McArthur. Took tea. Evening attended meeting at 36 Islington. Brother Franklin presided. Present of Brethren from Zion. James Ferguson, Cyrus J. Wheelock, W.C. Dunbar, Jesse Haven, E. [Edmund] L. Ellsworth, L. D. Rudd, J. [John] A. Hunt, T. [Truman] O. Leonard, G. Martin, [-] Spicer W. Crandall, and Nathan T. Porter. James Ferguson was unanimously chosen to preside over the Saints on the Enoch Train. Edmund Ellsworth and Daniel D. McArthur, his counselors. The brethren felt well and spoke their feelings which were good. Brothers Franklin and Wheelock blessed us in the name of the Lord. The Holy Ghost was with us and we rejoiced exceedingly after partaking of wine and cake prepared by President Richards. We separated at midnight. Brother McArthur and I slept at Brother Perks. On board the ship at past 9 o'clock. Sister Thomas Lyon was delivered of a daughter named Christina Enoch. She was waited upon by Sister Janet Hardie from Edinborough. [p.104]