Transcript for McBride, Reuben A., Journals, 1860-1862; 1867, vol. 1, 9 p

[August] 5
Busy preparing to start[.] went to Omaha. Br. Eldrige [Eldredge] came up on the Wood Eagle. Her priott house roof wass full of ball holes the be afsionsts made while cuming up the River.

Florance [Florence]


florance Mooved camp to the Paunee [Pawnee] Springs

Florance went to Big Pappea tiped over wagon broke one tung.

Went to the Big Pappea tiped over wagon

Camped on the Elk horn[.] rote to illegible Wife for her to sind me 2 horses

Tuesday, August the 12 th /62 Camped at a small lake close to the Platt[e]

3 1/2 miles from Fremont. a nice camp/<ground>

traveled 13 miles. Camped on the Banks of the Platt[e] Island in the River had a thunder storm, lightning struck me and others lightly

prsed on up the Platt, teams traveling very well

came to wood River Camped at Johnsons Ranch. J.W Young came during the night.

Brs. Lyman, Rich, and Others came, stoped with us after noon went 7 miles. I went and seen Sisters Oens who had stoped at Sister Oliver's, All from Manchester, the girls are sick.

Went to the Platt, opisit fort Kerney[.] Stoped in to one Br. Lyman & Rich. Spoke to the camp

23, Sunday
Brs. Lyman & Rich went on for utah. I would have went with them if Bro. Dames he[a]lth had permitted me leaving the freight train, as all of the Brethren appeared anxious that I should go home with them[.] it would have been mor plesant to me but duty forbid me[.] we camped on a illegible

passed at Elm Creek came to Buffalo Creek, Br. Bats over took us. Br. Allferd [Alfred] Betz took his mules and took them on to his train[.] we in camped on Buffalo Creek.

in the morning saw plenty of Buffalo. passed on up the creek found some plums but went out Buffalo hunting[.] one of the Swiss shot one just as the Buffalo wer[e] coming clos[e] whair [where] I lay in wait for them. we dressed them and took him to camp.

come to the Platt[e.] plenty of wood and grass[.] Sister Surage [Ann Surridge or Surrage] was killed

up Platt[e].

pawnee Springs, time passed on, nothing of note traveling very slow

September [18]62

6 th Camped 4 miles from Woolf Creek, a man came to our camp after dark, sayed he had come from utah, stayed all night had two horses, one [illegible]

7 th came to Woolf Creek. Large sand hill did not keep the old Road went a Round about way. Detained all day[.] camped on Platt.

[illegible page]

Oct. 10
left head of sweet watter. Crossed the south Pass. Met Br. H. Newell with cattle to asist us.

Stoped on the Pacific Creek aranged our loading.

Came to the little Sandy

Big Sandy Crossed Green River on the 15 or 16

good crossing stoped thier all Day

Passed John Youngs train erley[.] they had lost theire cattle[.] at 9 a.m. Met J. W. Young[.] I Wen[t] over to Bri[d]ger. Send a telegraph dispach to Press. Young. Camped on Muddy

Came from Mud[d]y Station hard Road and up hill cattle [illegible]

Started from Quaking Asp[en] Hill met many teams from utah loaded with grain goin to diferant mail Stations on the Road at Bair [Bear] River[.] Met 4 teams for us[.] camped at illegibleCreek.

Started from the ox train at. 10. AM. With Br Lees for GSL City, Morning rather cool little rain, Met stage, traveled lively all day[.] camped in Echo Kanion [Canyon]

Starte 5 miles from the Mouth of Echo kanion came to the Weber[.] Met Br. S.P. Hoit [Hoyt] and Bennett[.] hert [heard] from home[.] father not yet returned from Calliforniah [California.] came up Silver Creek kanion. Dugway nearly 5 miles. Mules ran away tiped over wagon and [illegible]

Saturday October 25/[18]62
Started from Silver creek came By parlies [Parley's] park and down parlies Kanion[.] very Bad road. was with Josiah Lee’s 4 mule team[.] arived in Great Salt Lake City at 5. PM.