Transcript for McCune, Elizabeth G., Autobiography, in McCune, Henry Frederick, Autobiography and diaries, 1919-1924, fd. 1, 20-21

We finally arrived at St. Louis, where my Father [Isaac Grace] bought his Wagons, and we took Steamer for Kanesville. the outfitting point at that time for the Saints, and now called Council Bluff[s]. We remained here several days, getting ready for the long journey across the Plains. My Fathers Sister, Mrs. Margaret, Davis, and her two Children[.] Also his aged Mother, Grandma [Margaret Abbott] Grace, were with us, all the way from Liverpool. I was very young, and do not remember much of the details of our journey across the plains. My Father had two yoke of Cattle, one yoke were Cows, and they were Milking, and one evening we stopped at a Camp, and before Father got the Cattle unhitched from the Wagon, I crept in between them, and was milking one of the Cows. My Father was very angry, and said I might have been kicked to death, I did not try it again, My Mother [Elizabeth Williams Grace] made me a large Apron, and I used to walk ahead of the Wagons and gather Buffaloe Chips, for our fire, Buffaloes were very plentiful, the Prairies were black with them, must have been Millions, We arrived in Salt Lake Valley soon after the October Conference, and Camped in what was known, as the Big Field