Transcript for Millen Atwood autobiographical sketch in 14th Quorum biographies in Seventies Quorum records, 1844-1975

--- I went to work helping to make wagons for the Saints to come West with, untill Feb 6th 1846. We then received orders to leave Nauvoo immediately. I among the first crossed the Mississippi River, and remained untill the 1st of March. Meantime the weather was so cold that the vast and mighty river froze from shore to shore, to that depth that a loaded wagon with three yoke of oxen passed over in safety.

We then took our march through cold and wet to the Missouri River. It being to late to reach the Rockey [Rocky] Mountains, we took up Winter Quarters. At this time I was living at Pres. B[righam]. Youngs. I made two trips to the state of Missouri for provisions which was accompanied with many hardships. In Feb 1847 I went to Pisgah after Elder G.G. Reich another cold [illegible.] Having been called upon to accompany my brethern as Pioneers [blank space] to search out a location for the Saints, we left Winter Quarters on April 8th and journeyed Westward 1031 miles. We arrived in the Valley of the Great Salt [Lake] July 24th --