Transcript for Milo Andrus, "Correspondence," St. Louis Luminary, 25 August 1855, 158

ANY NEWS from the Emigration upon the Plains, will be interesting to our readers; we therefore present the following items from Elder Milo Andrus:
Thirty miles from MORMON GROVE, Aug. 6, '55.
DEAR BROTH. HART: After the toil of the day, I take a leisure moment to write you a few lines, to let you know our whereabouts, and progress. In the first place, I will say that we started from the Grove on the 3rd, and on the 4th we overtook brother [Isaac] Allred's company on Big Grasshopper. We are both now encamped on Walnut, with barely team enough to roll us on agreeable.

I have in my company, the tail end of the Emigration, and a scanty number of experienced men, which causes the burthen of the camp to rest upon me, with an almost insupportable weight. My health is worn down with fatigue, but still, my spirit is determined to take the camp intrusted to my care, safely to the home of the Saints.—We have health in our midst—our progress has bettered itself every day, which causes me to feel grateful to our heavenly Father, and my soul to rejoice in that paternal aid, which is ever ready to render assistance, and support us in time of need.

The season is late to start to the mountains, but we trust in the arm of Jehovah to direct our movements, and we then have nothing to fear.

Remember me kindly to my brethren and sisters in St. Louis; ask them to remember me in their prayers, that I may accomplish the things the servants of the Lord hath placed upon me.

With love to yourself, I remain your friend and brother.