Transcript for Missionary reports, 1831-1900, Church History Library

[index] [1] November 16th Returned [to Kirtland] from land of Zion with Renolds Cahoon Took my journey with W’m McClelin To Nelson, Garrettsvill, Brother Cowens Braiesvile, Village of Waein Wesport, Br/Mr Barnam Brasville Friday 25th Village of Warrin Next day Brasville 27th Brasville reubin fields and his wife were Baptized Daughter of mr Barns would have been Baptized but he would not let her [2] 29th left Braseville 30th Weathersfield 2 Dec at house of Daniel Eaton Sun 4th at John Edwards James St Johns Mr. Cherry James Heaton 13th [December] [3] Mrs St John and Mrs Reed baptized Samuel Burwell and Elizabeth Ever 17th & 18th meeting in town of Orson and Youngs [Mr.] Edwards in weathersfield 24th Brother W’m [McClellen] took cold 27th back to fathers home in Kirtland