Transcript for Missionary reports, 1831-1900, Church History Library

[page 1] Big Cottonwood, Dec 27 1878. Elder Orsen Pratt Dear Brother According to request, I will give an outline of My Mission to the United States, I was called on the 7 of Feb 1877 and started on the 12 of Feb 1877 (only 5 day notice) arived at Omaha the 14 Febry Met Elder J. A. Little then President of the North Western States, and was apointed to travel in company with Bro A. Frantzen of S.L. City in Nebraska & Iowa. The 31 Day of March I was apointed to Travel with Bro J. T. Mortensen of S L City in Neb[raska] making our head Quarters at Fremont I Babtized before leaving Omaha 3 Persons, Elder Morten sen & I Labored together til July the 17,/ 1878 1877 When He was released to Return Home And I was left alone. We Babtized 11 Persons Blessed some Chil- dren & Organized one Branch called the Fremont Branch, We had a good time together felt that God was with us, and where we where called upon to administer to the Sick the desired effect was always produced/ About that time nearly all the Elders that come down with me had left for home So I was left all alone [ blank-back of page 1] [page 2] I consequently had a Large field to travel over a Branch had in the maen time been organized in Omaha and One in Saunders Co Neb by Elders Pierce & Young Wich it became my dutie to visit for these reasons I had not so much [many] op- pertunities to visite new Places [as] I would have liked but I [k]no[w] a good deal of Good was accomplished amongst the Saints, On the 23 & 24 of Feb we held a Conference at Omaha [and] organised the three Branches into A Conference, I Babtized in conection with my Brethen 26 Persons and traveled tils the 14 of May 1878 when I was released of [by] Elder C H W[h]eelock to Return Home I can truly say that the Lord was with me, and his Spirit directed me to do his will Dreams have Been Given me to fore tell me what was coming to Pass the next Day insomuch that I was confident of the effects of the day Procedings. I gained a great expurunce for wich I am ever thank= full to my heavendly father I had many [conversations] a talk with Priests or Ministers of the Gospel of the World and found them as in different as have been statted at many times by the Elders. Sept the 19 [18]77 I had a conversation with Joseph Smith Pres of the Reorganized Church in wich He stated that His Father had never ordained him a Succesor or Prophet, But that He had Blessed him twice [page 3] But Sayd He had been ordained to that office by W. Marks, Zenor H Gurley, & He though W W Blair [but] he was not sure, He refuse to try to show any evidence from the Book of Doctrine & Covenant as to these men having athority to ordain a Prophet Seer & Revalator, & ended by saying that if his Father had Practised Polygamy he aught to be killed Thus I have Returned from my Mission feeling Well And Happy to no that God Gave me Grace to fulfill my mis= sion faithfull to the Best of my knowledge and feel Willing always to respond when called upon to do the Best I can Govern myself to Do. Your Brother in the Gospel F F Hintze P.S. I traveled About 3000 miles on R.[ail] R.[oad] & 2000 on foot And held about 140 Meetings from time I left Salt Lake City till I returned Ferdinand F Hintze [24 Dec. 1878] [Ferdinand F. Hintze] [to] [Orson Pratt]