Transcript for Missionary reports, 1831-1900, Church History Library

Oct. 6, 1841 to Sept. 15, 1872. Report of Five Missions of Nathan T. Porter Portt Porter, Nathan T. Centerville Davis Co. Oct 11th 1874 Jensen’s Bio. Ency. In persuence to instructions I prosede to set forth the various Missions to which I have ben set apart – up to the present date. 1st at the fall conference held in Nauvoo – Oct 6th 1841. I was called with others to take a Mission throu gh the Eastern States. I set out on the 20th inst in company with Elder Henry Mowerry – was absent 13 months being 21 years of age. 2nd in June 1844 I took a mission to the Eastern States in companey with Elder John Cooper (since apo- statised), on an electioneering tour in behalf of Joseph the Prophet as President of the U.S. Government. Returned home at the inst of his martyrdom. 2 3rd on the 15th September 1852 – I Set out from Salt Lake City on on a Mission to Europe – in compan ey with Elder Edward Stevenson, destined for the Rock of Giberatler Arrived there on the 8th of March the following Spring. We were reject ed by the Governer & Chief Magistrat es of that place, and I being an American Subject, was cast out. While Elder Stevenson was permitted to stay by virtue of his Birth-right, having been born on the Rock – and there his feet was made fast. ___ I returned to England where I labou red untill the first of January 1856 when I was released by Elder Frakelin D Richards – then President of that mission to return home. Arriving on the 20th of December of that same year having parti sipated with the Emigrating Saints in their toilsum journey across the plains by way 3 hand-carts &c. having ben absent four years and 3 months. 4th on the 19th Nov, 1869. I Set out on a Mission to the States in companey with Elders Edward Stevenson and Ezra T Clark and others – Returned on the 25 of March following. 5th on the 10th of June 1872 – I went foarth on a Mission to the States in companey with Elder E Stevenson having ben called and set a part at the April confer ence, preceding. Returned on the 15th of September following. From your fellow servent. Nathan Tanner Porter.